Explore, Create, and Eat Turkey Hill Ice Cream at the Turkey Hill Experience

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In full disclosure, we were given admission to learn about Turkey Hill ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience to make this Turkey Hill Experience review possible. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to tell our readers about things to do in Pennsylvania. As always all opinions are our own.


Turkey Hill ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience


The weather is turning cold but for our family, Turkey Hill ice cream is a year round treat! It is one of our favorite brands of ice cream so when we were heading to Pennsylvania for the night we decided to check out Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia. Jersey Family Fun has visited before but my family hadn’t. It was cold that day but once we got inside we definitely were in the mood for ice cream!



The Turkey Hill Experience takes up two floors in a converted silk mill right off Route 30. The Turkey Hill ice cream isn’t made there but you sure can eat it while you learn about the process of ice cream production. Our whole family stopped by just after lunch on a weekday and it was busy with ice cream lovers. We had reservations for a 1:45 pm Turkey Hill ice cream making session and started off touring the exhibits about an hour before.


Turkey Hill ice cream is made from milk from Lancaster County cows, and that’s where the Experience begins. Meet the Frey family who started the Turkey Hill Dairy and then milk one of the mechanical cows. Ice cream might be yummy, but it can be hard work! The Experience does a great job of educating visitors about all the technical processes that go into those cartons without being boring. Big words like pasteurization and homogenization are explained in fun ways with video games and and displays.


Turkey Hill ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience


The creative aspect of Turkey Hill ice cream making is available to you too! With virtual ice cream making you create your own flavor (chocolate covered grasshoppers anyone?), design an ice cream carton label and even make a commercial. There’s a lot to consider so this can take a while when you have artistic kids like I do! This isn’t connected to your Taste Lab experience though, so don’t worry about tasting those creations. Make them crazy! You can access them from home through the Turkey Hill Experience website.


Turkey Hill ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience


For the little ones who need to get energy out, Turkey Hill has a great ball pit and slides. There’s some seating throughout the displays but tables are available in the Turkey Hill ice cream sampling area. Did we mention samples are unlimited? But don’t fill up because you’re going to want to eat all you get at Taste Lab!


The Turkey Hill Ice Cream Taste Lab is available by reservation (walk in is first come first serve but we recommend reservations as it was really busy when we visited) for an extra fee. You’re definitely going to want to do this! When you check in you’ll get a ticket to show at the Taste Lab at your assigned time. We had a great instructor, Jean, who led our large group on our journey of mixing our own Turkey Hill ice cream flavors. Each participant starts with a pint of vanilla ice cream and a spatula, and we all ended up with our own unique creations! With extracts and swirls in front of us and inclusions (add ins) lining the walls around us it was an ice cream lovers dream. We enjoyed our blends even the mint/strawberry/marshmallow blend (well one of us did).  You can take the ice cream out of the Taste Lab but it won’t stay frozen so plan to eat it all – or as much as you can.


Turkey Hill ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience


We hadn’t finished all of the second floor so we went back after the Taste Lab to explore some more. One great feature of Turkey Hill Experience is the photo ops everywhere!  Don’t forget that Turkey Hill makes delicious iced teas as well. Taste 8 different flavors of Turkey Hill iced tea and learn about how it’s made as well. After just over 3 hours we were ready to travel to our next stop but we had a lot of fun at Turkey Hill Experience! Any day with a pint of custom made ice cream is a GOOD day!


Turkey Hill ice cream at the Turkey Hill Experience


For more photos of our visit to Turkey Hill Experience and Turkey Hill ice cream visit our Facebook Album.



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