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Our Amazing Adventure Going Tree to Tree in Cape May

This post was sponsored by Tree to Tree Cape May who provided us with passes to enjoy the park. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families family-friendly destinations we think your family may enjoy.


Tree to Tree Adventure Park in Cape May


When I saw that Cape May was going to have a Tree to Tree Adventure Park, I was so excited. This is the kind of thing that has been on my bucket list. When I found out that Tree to Tree Adventure Park in Cape May wanted to host us for the day, I knew my 10-year-old would be on board with it. Since he’s recently completed a smaller, indoor course he has been feeling pretty confident and ready for a bigger adventure.


Tree to Tree Adventure Park is located at the Cape May County Park and Zoo. The admission booth for the adventure park is located right near the zoo entrance. When we arrived, we followed the directions of the person at the gate and drove around to the back parking lot. As soon as we got out of the car, we could see parts of this local ropes course.


Tree to Tree Cape May


At the admission booth, the first thing they did was determine which course my son could use. There is a kids course and an adult course. To participate on the adult course, a child has to show that he or she can reach to 5’11”. This was done right on the post of the admission booth. He was thrilled that he would get to do the adult course.


Tree to Tree Cape May


We were fitted into our harnesses and then given a brief demonstration on how to attach the clickers. We were given a line of cable to practice on but were told there would also be more practice time once we were brought to the practice course.


Tree to Tree Cape May


The practice course was a smaller, much lower version of a course that showed us several different times of obstacles we’d encounter, as well as how to safely travel the course. We were shown how to do it and then each person had to go through the course. During the orientation, our guide told us that while we were on the course, there would be guides below to help us if needed.


Tree to Tree Cape May


Once we completed the practice course we were on our way. The park is made up of 5 different courses- 4 which were the ropes course, with an occasional zip line or swing, and 1 that was made up of 5 zip lines. We worked our way through the courses, as they got progressively harder.


Tree to Tree Cape MayTree to Tree Cape May


By the time we completed the third course, we had been at the park for almost 3 hours, including the orientation practice. We saw that the last course looked a lot harder and decided to skip it and head to the zip line course. We started up to the first of two platforms to get to the zip line, and my ten-year-old admitted he was just too tired and sore to continue, so we called it a day.


What We Loved about Tree to Tree Adventure Park

  • This course challenged us in so many ways- both physically and mentally. It was scary at times but we felt such a sense of accomplishment when we finished.
  • Our favorites were zip lines, standing swings, and bridges.
  • The guides were so helpful. Throughout the course they were constantly on the ground shouting encouragement, giving suggestions to make things easier, and just checking in with everyone.
  • In between each course you came back down from the trees. This was a good chance to breathe, sit and relax for a few minutes, and even to go get a drink if needed.


Important Skills my son learned while climbing with Tree to Tree Adventure Park

I found this to be such a good activity for my son. He can sometimes be impulsive and easily frustrated. I saw moments when normally those feelings would come out, but he had to control them. If his clicker wasn’t attaching correctly, he had to be persistent until he got it. No one else could do it for him. He had to be aware of the rules and procedures and he couldn’t just run off to something; he had to slow down and think about it. On one skateboard-like course, he got stuck in the middle. A guide, down on the ground, talked him through how to get back to the platform. And for each course that was a little hard or tricky, it seemed the next one was a confidence-boosting easy one, so we never felt completely defeated.


Click over to our Facebook album to see more of our Tree to Tree Adventure Park photos. Here is a preview.


Tree to Tree Adventure Park is located at 707 Route 9 North, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210. Reservations are recommended and you can call them at 609-388-8289.  They are open Monday through Sunday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

  • The adults course is $50 and includes 4 adventure courses plus a zipline course. You must be able to reach to 5’11”.
  • The kids course is $30 and includes 2 adventure courses. You must be able to reach to 4’7″.

For more information about Tree to Tree Adventure Park in Cape May, click over to their site.

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