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Jersey Family Fun Junior Blogger Series


Our next Jersey Family Fun Junior Blogger contribution is from Abbie B. about the book, Trapped.


From Abbie B., junior blogger


Have you ever been in a blizzard? Maybe you  experienced a short snow storm where you got that day off of school. But, what if what was supposed to be a snow day or an early dismissal turned into one of the worst blizzards in history? What if what was supposed to be a few feet of snow turned into snow that piled up 18 feet? What if you had a ride that was supposed to come, but they never came?


This book is Trapped, and it is by Michael Northrop. The main character is a boy named Scotty. He has his typical group of friends, who are included in the story as they are also trapped. There is also some girls, with the rest of the characters being other boys, one boy being aggressive and good at making people fear him. They were all in school when an announcement was made that the school would be having an early dismissal because of the blizzard coming. Scotty and his friends, along with the other people waiting, were among the last left after everyone else at the school had gone home. They stayed because they wanted to work on a project for one of their classes, and they didn’t think it would be as bad as it turned out to be. But, the snow kept falling. The parents or rides never showed. The last adult they saw was a teacher who was with them for a short time, but decided he had to get home and braced himself to walk through the blizzard outside to get to his car. The teens never saw him again.


Trapped book cover


They all worked together to prepare themselves to spend the night at the school. They got food from the cafeteria, went to their lockers to get any clothes or coats they had in there (to make beds), and set themselves up. They thought it would only be one night, surely the snow would let up soon. But the snow went on and on, and the power and heat went out. The pipes froze, and the roof started to creak from all the snow piled up on top of it. Life or death decisions had to be made, and they even had to watch (a) close friend(s) or maybe people they didn’t even know or like, die. But, will they be rescued in time?


I loved the book, Trapped mostly because it provided a lot of suspense. I would recommend this book to those 14 years or older, as there are some tragic scenes in it that may not be handled well by a person younger than that age. There is also a bit of romance involved, but nothing that goes too far. That is also the reason I chose that age. It is definitely a book more for mature readers. Overall, it was a great read and I think that anyone who loves suspense and thrilling teen books, along with anyone who finds natural disaster books interesting, would find this to be a great book to read. I didn’t give away any big details to would give away the whole story and the ending, so the rest is for you to read and find out.


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