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11 Tips for Visiting a Sunflower Field

It is sunflower season! I am totally ready to visit a sunflower field. I remember the year we couldn’t really go anywhere. After weeks of feeling like there wasn’t a lot we could do and seeing the same scene day after day, I was so ready for a change of pace. I was ready to go see the beauty that is a field of sunflowers.

We’ve been visiting sunflower farms in New Jersey for years. The first few times, we had fun but I definitely made some rookie mistakes. Now, I’ve learned and I wanted to share what I’ve learned with you. Here are my 10 tips to visiting a sunflower field with or without kids. May our tips help you have the best experience whether you want to pick sunflowers or just get some incredible sunflower photos.

sign pointing in the direction of the sunflower field

11 Tips for Visiting a Sunflower Field

Special note: This guide to tips for visiting sunflower fields and farms includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase using the link, we earn a small commission. It never affects your price but is a way to show your support for Jersey Family Fun. We definitely appreciate it.

If you’re looking for sunflower farms in New Jersey, click over to our listing of NJ sunflower farms after you read our tips.

woman poses at Sunflower field

Pack gardening shears

If you are planning to pick from a field of sunflowers to bring back home you’ll need gardening sheers. Many sunflower farms will not have them and even if they did it’s best to bring your own. In a pinch you could use scissors but gardening sheers will create a better cut. I like this 3 pack of gardening sheers on Amazon. This way everyone can have their own pair to use.

Bring along a wide mouthed water bottle

After you pick your own sunflowers, you want to help them stay hydrated. Bring along a partially-filled wide mouthed water bottle to act as a temporary vase until you can get your handpicked sunflowers home.

a butterfly lands on a sunflower in a sunflower exhibit

Grab a stool to sit on for pictures

A Sunflower field can be one of the best places to take family pictures. But sitting on the ground may or may not work for your family. It may be muddy or a little dirtier than you like.

Depending on when you go in the season and the sunflower varieties you look at your child may tower over the field of sunflowers or the sunflowers over him/her. Consider how tall sunflowers can grow. Bring along a small stool so you have options for your family pictures, sitting or standing.

If everyone is going to be in your sunflower photos, consider bringing a tripod. Selfies are great but it can be hard to fit everyone and the sunflowers in one picture. A self-standing tripod will allow you more photo angles and you’ll be able to capture the flowers and your kids.

Think about other photo props that will make for extra special photos: a tricycle, wagon, bike.

a sunflower in front of a house

Coordinate what you’ll wear

Think about what is everyone wearing BEFORE you going. Even if you think maybe you won’t take photos, it’s best to be prepared. Dress in solid colors that complement sunflowers. Busy prints or clothing designs will distract from the beauty of the flowers.

a very tall sunflower

Come up with a plan with your kids

Are you picking sunflowers from a field or farm? How many will you pick? Does everyone get to pick their own? Will you take pictures? Will you stay to have a picnic or do you just have a short time to visit?

Come up with a plan for your visit to the sunflower field and communicate it with your family. Perhaps take your pictures first while everyone is fresh and clean. Then let everyone take turns picking sunflowers.

woman takes selfie in sunflower field
I can’t turn down a chance to take a selfie in a sunflower field.

Not all bees are the same

One of the cool things about visiting sunflower farms is seeing nature in progress. We can learn about how flowers get pollinated and the role bees play in that.

Probably one of our most important tips for visiting a sunflower field with kids is to let your kids know they probably will see bees while walking among the sunflowers, but that if they see chunky and super-fuzzy body bumble bees those bees are not interested in them. They would rather hang on the flowers than buzz about your kids. Bumble bees also don’t sting as often as the bees your kids might be afraid of.

tips for visiting sunflower farms - teach your kids about bees that land on sunflowers

Attend early in the season if you are bringing home flowers

Visit sunflower fields early in the season when you may have the chance for the best variety and the fields will be fuller. After time sunflowers start to lose their petals. While still pretty, they may not be as appealing to you.

As the weeks go on sunflowers also start to droop.

a field of droopy sunflowers - tips for visiting sunflower farms
Still beautiful, but towards the end of the season sunflowers get droopy.

Avoid windy days

Windy days can make it hard to get good pictures with sunflowers. Stems will sway back and forth in the sunflower fields. Some may lean over. Petals may fall. Plan a visit for when it’s partly shady but not too windy.

Bring a bag to carry purchases

You’ve visited the sunflower field. You’ve picked a lot of sunflowers, but did you think about a way to bring them home. In addition, to placing your picked stems in a temporary vase, you still need a way to bring them home safely. Bring a long a deep bag. Sunflower stems can be very long. If your bag is too shallow your sunflowers will fall to the side and out of the bag.

If you aren’t using a vase or water bottle consider a wide bag that will allow you to lay the sunflowers down on their side or at a slight angle. I like this Canvas Utility Tote on Amazon.

A bag of sunflowers near a sunflower sign in a sunflower field - tips for visiting sunflower farms

Wear comfortable closed toe shoes

We mentioned a sunflower field can be muddy. Even if the grounds aren’t wet they could be sandy. Sandals and flip flops can be pretty but are better left at home. Wear shoes that you won’t mind getting dirty. Remember, it’s the sunflowers you are there to enjoy. Even if you’re taking pictures, you are probably focusing on the flowers and your family, not on what kind of shoes everyone is wearing.

Tip for visiting sunflower farms. sunflower field with rows of sunflowers with mud between them.

Check the sunflower field’s rules & plan accordingly

Some sunflower farms allow you to pick your own sunflowers. Other sunflower fields won’t. Most will allow you to take family pictures. Some may not or may require photographers to pay a fee before allowing pictures in their field of sunflowers. Some charge an admission fee to enter and others will let you stay all day for free. It’s important you know what to expect before you visit.

Expect that even if you have a favorite sunflower field that you’ve been to every year, this year the rules may be different. You may need to schedule an appointment for your visit or tickets might only be available online.


Do you love visiting sunflower fields? What would you add to our tips for visiting sunflower farms.

Where to find a Sunflower Field

Now that we’ve shared our tips for visiting sunflower farms, let’s help you find a local sunflower farm.

More Sunflower Fun

If you love sunflowers like we do you want to extend the sunflower fun as much as we do. Here’s a few ideas to do that.

Transform your sunflower photos into something special

  • Custom photo puzzles
  • Canvas prints
  • Tote bag for grandma (Grandparent’s Day is coming.)
  • Kitchen Floor mats
  • Pillows
Field of sunflowers

Plant your own sunflower seeds

Mask up with sunflower neck gaiters or masks.

Cuddle up with the kids in a sunflower blanket.

Build a sunflower puzzle together.


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