5 Tips for a Great Beach Day With Kids

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It’s summertime at the Jersey Shore and nothing says summer like a day at the beach. We’re so fortunate in New Jersey that families have so many beach options. We have beaches along the shorelines, beaches at the bay, beaches on lakes, and beaches at nature centers and state parks. There really is no reason not to do a beach day with kids. I know, being the mom of three boys, it’s one thing to know and to feel like we should get to the beach. It’s another thing to figure out the logistics of getting there and having a great beach day with the kids. With that in mind, I created these 5 Tips for a Great Beach Day with Kids. I know I’ve been there. I’ve survived beach days with my kids when they were little and I know you can too. Even though my boys are getting older, I still live by these beach day tips.


5 Tips for a Great Beach Day With Kids


5 Tips for a Great Beach Day With Kids

  • Do your research. When I plan our first visit to the beach for the summer or to visit a new beach for the first time, there’s always 5 things I want to know
      • Beach Tags – Does the beach require beach tags? If so, how much are they and at what age do guests need them. In New Jersey, we have beaches were no tags are required and you can visit the beach for free. At other beaches, kids get in free but adults do have to pay. We also have a few towns where even the kids must have a beach tag. If you’re looking to visit a New Jersey beach you can find out more information in New Jersey Beaches and Beach Tag Information guide. Regardless of which beach you visit, always find out about beach tags first to avoid any costly surprises. You may even find that there are special days when the beach is free to all.
    beach tags

    Keep your beach tags organized!


    • Speaking of costs, find out about parking. You’ll want to know about parking rates as well as how close the parking is to the access to the beach. Some nature centers with beaches have their own lots. But in shore towns, visitors will need to search out lots or metered street parking. Make some calls or ask around so that you can go prepared with a few ideas about where to park.
    • Bathrooms – Bathrooms at the beach can be hard to find. Again, this may be something you need to ask around or call directly to get more information. Towns aren’t always great about listing bathroom information on their websites. Most beaches will have a bathroom pavilion right at the entrance to the beach, but not all do. Bathrooms also tend to be situated a great distance from each other. If you have young children, you may want to make your beach spot in a location that gives you easy access to a bathroom.
    • Lifeguards – Not all beaches are staffed with lifeguards. It’s best to know ahead of time if yours will have a lifeguard, where lifeguards are stationed, and what hours they work. That information is usually available online.
    • What does your family need? – Before you pick a beach to visit, think about your own kids. What are their ages? How much can they keep themselves busy? Not all beaches are created equal. Some beaches have awesome playgrounds to keep kids busy after building all those sandcastles. Other beaches have boardwalks full of arcades, ice cream shops, or gift shops. For the teen that wants some me-time on a beach day that can help.


  • Always have a grab and go bag ready. On beach days it can be hectic to get kids dressed, ready, and out the door. We’ve also been known to alter our plans mid-day and head for the beach. To make beach fun happen, I keep two grab-and-go bags ready in my car at all times. One is packed with towels and a change of clothes. The other is packed with sunscreen, quarters for parking, beach tags, goggles, a few beach toys, and nonperishable snacks and bottles of water. That reduces my stress and means any day can be a great beach day with kids.


Tent at the Beach

Usually we travel light to the beach, but sometimes we let the kids bring along something extra, like this tent.


  • Only bring what you can carry. Even since my boys were little I have always traveled light to the beach. I never brought a chair because as moms we’re never usually sitting for very long. We’re in the sand building castles with our kids. Or we’re in the water splashing with them in the waves. Or we’re walking down the shoreline collecting shells to bring home. I bring the basics. Those two grab-and-go bags are all I need. With long shoulder straps or back-pack type bags, I could easily carry them and hold a child’s hand in each hand. Now that my kids are older, they are able to help carry things down to the beach. We still keep it light. But if they want extra toys or boogie boards, my boys know they will need to carry it themselves.


teen on beach eating pizza

Teenagers get hungry. It was so convenient to order my teenager his own pizza with Domino’s Hotspots.


  • Decide ahead of time your lunch plan. – We just shared the tip for a great beach day with kids by recommending you travel light. That comes to packing lunch too. While we will pack drinks and snacks, it can be a hassle to pack lunches. It means having to carry extra bags, getting up early to make lunches, and then hoping your kids won’t change their mind about what they want for lunch. This year I’ve noticed there is a new option for eating on the go that comes in handy on beach days. With Domino’s Hotspots I can now order pizza, salads, and even dessert to be delivered right on the beach.

When we visited the Ventnor Beach earlier this summer I was able to order Domino’s pizzas for the kids and a salad for me using the Domino’s app. Our order was delivered at the base of the beach entrance in the Ventnor Beach Library. I left my teen at the beach to safely watch our stuff while I took the younger boys down to meet the Domino’s delivery driver with me. Ordering Domino’s to a Domino’s Hotspot may end up being my new favorite beach day tip because it saved me the time and trouble of preparing and bringing food to the beach.


Domino’s Hotspots pizza on the beach Domino's Hand Made Pan Pizza


  • Arrive early, leave early – As the day progresses, beaches tend to get crowded. I always found I had the best luck when we arrive early. When I can get to the beach between 8 am and 10 am, I have the best selection of parking spots and where to park our beach blanket on the beach. My kids still can’t last a full day on the beach. By the time the beach starts getting really crowded by kids are ready to call it a day.


How to order Domino’s for lunch using the Domino’s Hotspots

Download and open the Domino’s app.
Click on the Domino’s Hotspots button.
Click to find nearby Domino’s Hotspots. They are located in community public places like beaches, parks, lakes, sports fields, etc.
Select and click on the red pin closest to your location (the blue dot). (You can zoom in to make it easier.)
Click on ‘Choose this Domino’s Hotspot’.
Then after reviewing the pop up, click to continue.
You’ll then be able to start ordering your items from the menu and with their coupons. (Helpful tip… Domino’s does offer pizza on a gluten-free crust.)


Order Domino's pizza to be delivered to the beach with Domino's Hotspots

When you are ready to check out and have made your payment, you’ll get a confirmation screen with the expected delivery time and the ability to track your order.

We also got text messages when the delivery driver was about 10 minutes away.

It was the easiest lunch at the beach that we’ve ever had. As a bonus, because our pizza lunch was delivered, it was fresh and sand-free.

We hope our tips for a great beach day with kids helps with the beach days you’re planning. You can do this! You CAN have a great beach day with kids!

Who is ready for the beach?

Auer boys on the beach

The Auer boys have enjoyed the beach since they were little. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Domino’s.

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