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In full disclosure, this blog post about a Storybook Land giveaway was sponsored by Storybook Land.


A longtime family favorite – Storybook Land!!

New Jersey families turn to Jersey Family Fun for information on fun places to take kids of all ages. Our listing of New Jersey Amusement Parks is a popular one, and one of the most loved places is South Jersey’s Storybook Land! Since 1955, nursery rhymes have come to life in this charming and non intimidating amusement park that is a favorite for the little ones.


Enjoy a Storybook Land roller coaster in Egg Harbor Township New Jersey



Check out these Storybook Land rides

  • Out on a Limb
  • Bubbles Coaster
  • The Rockin’ Tug
  • Zip Zap Racers
  • Work Zone
  • Tick Tock Clock Drop
  • Beanstalk Bounce
  • Rock Spin Roll
  • Tea Time
  • Carousel
  • Happy Dragon
  • Old Tymers
  • Whirly-Bug
  • Turtle Twirl
  • J&J Railroad
  • Jumping Jumbos


Storybook Land is a fairy tale themed amusement park in South Jersey.



4 Things to Know Before You Visit Storybook Land

  • Tickets are $24.50 and include all rides and admission. Get Tickets Here  for your visit! Children under 2 do not need a ticket. You can also enter to win tickets below.
  • Parking is FREE at Storybook Land!
  • Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the picnic area, or buy food on site.
  • Hours vary but summer is 10 AM – 5:30 PM weekdays and 11 AM – 5:30 PM weekends. Check here for the most updated information.


Storybook Land is a fairy tale themed amusement park in South Jersey.


Ready to win 4 tickets to Storybook Land? We are picking 1 winner for 5 tickets!


WIn your family tickets to Storybook Land in Egg Harbor Township NJ


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After you’ve entered here be sure to check out our other current giveaways.


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86 thoughts on “WIN Tickets to Storybook Land in South Jersey!

  1. Becky says:

    My kids love it!!!

  2. Mirian says:

    My kids have never been. Would love to take them!

  3. Amy McMahon says:

    My son has never been. We would love to be able to take him. I have great memories of visiting on field trips when I was in elementary school.

  4. Heather says:

    Love this park. Always clean and well shaded.

  5. Tara Smith-Bixler says:

    My daughters favorite fairytale is Cinderella because she gets to live in a beautiful castle and my son loves Snow White because he thinks the dwarfs are silly.

  6. Michele Braida says:

    My children would love to go to Storybook Land just to have a day where they could enjoy being kids. No pressures, no real world experience just a day of family fun with their favorite storybook characters going back to a time where things where simple.

  7. Ilona t says:

    My kids would love to go. Never been!

  8. Jennifer says:

    We’ve never been but have always wanted to go.

  9. Christina Miller says:

    We love Storybook Land!

  10. Carla Hahn says:

    We always habe so much fun whenever we get a chance to visit!

  11. Carla Hahn says:

    My kids favorite is Snow White They can just watch it over and over

  12. Susan Querstret says:

    My daughter’s favorite fairy tale is Rapunzel because we all have long hair!!

  13. Susan Querstret says:

    My daughter’s favorite fairy tale is Rapunzel because we all have long hair!!

  14. Susan Querstret says:

    My children would love to win tickets to Storybook Land because there are so many things there for them to do. It is so accessible for getting to and makes the perfect day trip for the summer because there is shade and not too much noise!!!!

  15. Mary H. says:

    Would love to check out Storybook Land for the first time!

  16. Missy says:

    One of the fist places I visited when I moved to NJ. My children love this clean and family friendly outing.

  17. Danielle says:

    Sound like a fun day! Have never been to storybook land yet! Thanks for opportunity chance!

  18. Jenny says:

    My kids’ favorite fairytale is Little Red Riding Hood because well… grandma gets eaten my the wolf. ?

  19. Jenny says:

    My kids’ favorite fairytale is definitely Little Red Riding Hood

  20. Jenny says:

    My kids would love to win tickets to Storybook land because while they have been once before and remember how much fun they had, their youngest brother was just a baby and they want to go back so Josh can experience all the “amazing fun”.

  21. Kimberly Long says:

    My oldest daughter just loves the fairytale Rapunzel and dreaming of all of her adventures.

  22. Kimberly Long says:

    We’d love to visit this park because we’ve never been before and we love fairytales! Our daughters love all things princess.

  23. Melissa says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ we love going to Storybook Land

  24. Michelle Brackin says:

    Little Red Riding Hood! She loves the dress and beating up the wolf. :)

  25. Michelle Brackin says:

    I haven’t had a chance to take my little kids, but I know they would love all of it!

  26. Heba Koheil says:

    My son loves everything about Story Book Land

  27. Stacey says:

    Thanks for chance to win. My kids have never been. I know they it if we win.

  28. Denise Newell says:

    Storybook Land is the Best…

  29. Larry says:

    My son loves amusement parks.

  30. Larry says:

    My favorite is Aladdin.

  31. Chantae Brabham says:

    My child would love to win because he has never been.

  32. Chantae Brabham says:

    My child’s favorite is Beauty and the Beast

  33. Jenn says:

    Would love to take my 5 yr old! Will be in lbi so its cose!

  34. Amy Brooks says:

    I’ve been wanting to take our children there and it is on our summer “bucket list”!

  35. CJ Marzan says:

    I haven’t been to Storybook Land since I wasn’t little and my son has only gone once on a school field trip (sadly I couldn’t come because I also have a 6mo old). I’d love to go with both my kids, now that the baby is a little older ?

  36. Mike says:

    My daughter loved storybook land she still talks about it a year after going

  37. ADAM NICIEWSKI says:

    I really think the kids would LOVE this place! Would be such a nice treat for the family!

  38. Wendy Flanigan says:

    My 10 year old’s favorite fairy tale is Pinnochio. He loves all the adventures and troubles Pinnochio gets himself into. My 6 year old’s current favorite is Tangled/Rapunzel. He loves Max the horse and the part about the frying pans.

  39. Wendy Flanigan says:

    I would love to win this for my family. My 6 year old has autism and has never been there before. I think the park is more autism friendly than other parks and he would have a great time!

  40. Rochel S says:

    My kids have never gone and i Know they would love it! THey love fairy tales and are obsessed with going on rides!

  41. Jeremy McLaughlin says:

    Would love to be able to take my nephew and cousin, they would have a great time.

  42. Jason Pates says:

    Have lived in Jersey three years and have never visited! Hope to win!

    • Sarah Marie Izbicki says:

      I went as a kid.? Ive when i was pregnant with my son, i dreamed of taking him here. ?And now that he is old enough..this summer is the time?

  43. JG says:

    My daughter likes Cinderella. She loves her dress and when she finds her Prince Charming.

  44. JG says:

    We love it at Storybook Land…its not crowded and the rides are just right!

  45. Debi Moss says:

    Mum Mum of 3, on a very fixed income, would have so much fun taking the grandkids to a beautiful amusement park like Storybook Land!

  46. elizabeth miller says:

    My grandson really does not have a favorite but my one granddaughter loves rapunzel with the hair and says she is going to let her hair get that long. The other granddaughter loves the typical princess stories like sleeping beauty, etc. She loves to dress up like them.

  47. elizabeth miller says:

    This would be amazing for us to take our 3 grandkids to aged 3,4, and 4. Most places are too big for them and they are all in love with rides and stuff and really want to do them.

  48. Chris Talbot says:

    All of my grandkids love Storybookland. The youngest are now ready to enjoy all the FUN! The rollercoaster is always a favorite. And, of course the trucks and other vehicles. We are looking forward to our visit this year. It has been our tradition for 16 years and 7 grands.

  49. Christina McElroy says:

    We love Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair! We would love to go to Storybook Land and have a lot of fun as a family. The rides look super cute and we’ve never been

  50. Lisa R says:

    My child has never been to this park, but I think she would love to go. A whole park dedicated to the imaginations of little kids sounds perfect for her.

  51. Rebecca Motto says:

    Our kids ask every time we past there when can we go to the Castle, great family place to go & create memories that last a lifetime!!!

  52. Shannon says:

    My children Love Story Book land they go every year.would love to bring their friends to share the experience

  53. Nidhi Chauhan says:

    My son loves princess and the frog fairy tale. He would be thrilled. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Nidhi Chauhan says:

    My son enjoy riding. This would be so much fun.

  55. adina says:

    cinderella because of the princess!

  56. adina says:

    theyve never been there and I think they would love it

  57. Cindi mago says:

    My children love Storybook Labd! We visited for the first time last year and can’t wait to go back:) thank you

  58. Fani says:

    Best amusement park! We love it here!

  59. Kimberly Mastro says:

    My kids would love to win this one because it’s one of our favorite places to visit in the summer!

  60. Geri says:

    I would love to re visit my childhood memory.

  61. Geri says:

    I would love to win

  62. Rachel Kuser says:

    Haven’t been to storybook land since 2nd grade! I’d love to return with my boys this summer!

  63. Claire Quaile says:

    I’d love to win tickets for my 4 year old. She wasn’t able to come with us on my older daughters field trip so winning this would be a super fun treat for her. Both my girls love jack and the beanstalk, they love how jack gets away from the giant.

  64. Lisa Corduan says:

    Love StoryBook Land! Brought my son & nieces there many times. My brother & I visited StoryBook Land on Rt.66 Neptune many times years ago

  65. Layna Dias says:

    My kids love the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and Hansel & Gretel.

  66. Layna Dias says:

    My kids would love to visit Storybook Land because the rides look super fun. It’s also close enough to home that we could make it a great day trip and plan to have lunch there.

  67. Jessica says:

    My son has never been but I think he will love it!

  68. Jessica says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  69. Sharon says:

    The girls love any princess fairytale – Snow White, sleeping beauty, Cinderella, even Alice in wonderland.

  70. Sharon says:

    My girls are the perfect age for storybook land. At 5 and 7 they can go on every ride and enjoy it!!

  71. Kim kopecky says:

    My kids love princess and the frog! The love when they turn into frogs

  72. Tash says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  73. Jennifer says:

    My daughter’s favorite fairy tale is Cinderella. Ever since she was a little girls. She loves the glass shoe ?

  74. Jennifer says:

    We would love to win tickets because I have never been there with my daughter. But I remember going as a kid. Would love to take her.

  75. Danielle D. says:

    My daughter favorite story is Rumplestiltskin because it teaches her a lessons about being greedy and she realize that you should not be greedy..always wanting more, instead to be grateful and thankful for what you have!

  76. Dan DeAntonellis says:

    Noelle favorite old time character is Snow White because the prince comes and kiss her and wakes up. The new character is Elena from Avalor. She is a teenager and a fighter. She takes everything head on.

  77. Danielle D. says:

    My kids would love to win tickets to Storybook Land because we love nursery rhymes and to see them come to life and a fun place seems like sooo much fun!

  78. Elizabeth says:

    My kids would love to
    Go to storybookland because we used to get passes every year , but didn’t get this year. Tick tick click is our favorite ride

  79. Dana says:

    My sons favorite fairy tale is ‘the three little pigs’ because he loves to pretend to be the big bad wolf and huff and puff and blow their houses down!

  80. Dana says:

    My kids would love to visit storybook Land because all the rides are just their size! So much fun for little ones!

  81. Dan DeAntonellis says:

    Noelle has couple of books of nursery rhymes and she reads them to me every night before she goes to bed. She would love to go there. She loves every ride that you have. We will be the first one in and the last one to leave.

  82. Kristy rizzo says:

    We LOVE Storybook land!!! It’s so much better than a day at the boardwalk … so much cheaper too!!!!

  83. Patty H says:

    I gotta be honest. I want to win to go with my sibings and relive our childhood.

    • Jennifer says:

      If you have pictures from when you all went you should redo them again adults. That could be so cool.

  84. Melissa Rebel says:

    My children have never been to Storybook Land we were planning to go this summer! They are going to be too big soon and it would be perfect time for the baby.

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