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The Ultimate List of Fun Things to do in Wildwood With Kids

Wildwood… it’s the vacation destination for many New Jersey families and even families visiting New Jersey from out of the area. For so many, including our own Melanie, traveling every year to Wildwood for a family vacation has become a yearly tradition. I can’t blame her or them. I mean there are so many wonderful fun things to do in Wildwood with kids how could it not be great. There’s free concerts and movies on the beach, bike trails, an incredible boardwalk, playgrounds, Morey’s Piers, Splashzone Waterpark, and more. You and the kids definitely won’t be bored.

But can you relax in Wildwood with kids?

Iconic wildwoods sign with boys

We were recently invited to visit Wildwood on a press trip. We were provided with some complimentary places to experience Wildwood family activities, places to eat in Wildwood with kids, and even family-friendly places to stay in Wildwood. Looking over all the possible activities for our 3 night 4 day stay, I felt a bit overwhelmed. Would we be able to get to everything and still have fun? Would it feel too rushed?

In a quick, weekend stay you can’t get to all the things to do in Wildwood that exist. We didn’t. But, that’s okay. At the end of your family vacation you should be able to come away from it knowing ONE you had some great experiences with your family and TWO that you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. That’s exactly what I felt leaving Wildwood. Okay… I was a bit sad that I was having to leave and come back to reality. It might have been a working vacation for me, but we had plenty of moments where it didn’t feel like work.

boys in wildwood adironack chair on Wildwood beach

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Our Wildwood Family Vacation Itinerary

Our original itinerary included more activities, but due to the possibility of a thunderstorms we had to move some activities to a future trip to Wildwood. We also had some prescheduled meetings and tours added into our schedule to help us learn more about Wildwood. So you’ll likely have time to do more, if you want. Use our schedule or our ideas below to help you plan your things to do in Wildwood with kids.

Day 1 in Wildwood

We arrived later in the afternoon.

  • Check into a great place to stay. We recommend the Adventurer Oceanfront Inn. We’ll have more details about them in a separate blog post. But you can watch our video of the accommodations here.
  • Enjoy dinner, music, games and the view at Seaport Pier. More details about them below.
  • Treat yourself to dessert as you walk the Wildwood Boardwalk.
  • Put the kids to bed and sit on the balcony and breathe in the fresh beach air.
night View from adventurer oceanfront inn in Wildwood Crest

Night view from the balcony.

Day 2 in Wildwood

  • Eat breakfast at the Adventurer Oceanfront Inn’s on property restaurant, Pancake House and Family Restaurant. The food is delicious and super quick. The serving sizes were huge! It was a great way to fuel up without taking too much time away from our schedule. Plus the view of the water was a wonderful added bonus.

Wildwood Adventurer Oceanfront Inn Pancake House and family restaurant strawberry french toast

  • Bike the boardwalk. Crest Bike Rentals provided us with a complimentary bike rental. We used it to pedal a 4-person surrey up and down a portion of the Wildwood Boardwalk and bike path.
  • Stretch the muscles some more with playground time at the East Heather Avenue playground behind Crest Bike Rentals.
flying airplane ride at Morey's Piers in Wildwood.

At Morey’s Piers

  • Swing the rope across the water or tube down a water slide in the waterpark at Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks. We spent the later morning there and had a late lunch/early dinner at the Jumbos Boardwalk Grille and Eatery. It was outside of the waterpark, but still within the Morey’s Piers area. Read more about it below.
  • Ride the Wildwood Tram Car back to your hotel room. Take some time to rest before heading back to Morey’s Piers to enjoy the amusement park rides.

Morey's Piers Swing Ride at sunset on the boardwalk in Wildwood

  • Buy a bucket of balls and have some fun shooting at the targets at Boat Tag.
  • Bellies still full from lunch? Skip dinner and have some ice cream off the boardwalk at one of the mom and pop ice cream shops.
  • Put the kids to bed… get back to the balcony. I loved sitting out there at night, breathing in the fresh air, and watching the other Wildwood visitors on the boardwalk.

boy on Wildwood beach

Day 3 in Wildwood

  • Sleep in a little and had breakfast at the Doo Wop Diner. We loved the fifties, Doo Wop feel with the modern day breakfast items like gluten-free pancakes.
  • Up for more Widlwood waterpark fun? Head over to Splash Zone Water Park. More details below.
Splash Zone Water Park in Wildwood

Splash Zone Water Park

  • Keep the fun going with a a late lunch at the Flowhouse Bar & Grille, Splash Zone’s on property cafe.
  • Eager to check out the hotel pool? Head back to the Adventurer Oceanfront Inn for some swimming time.

outdoor hotel pool at Adventurer Oceanfront Inn in wildwood

  • Don’t let cancelled plans ruin your fun. We initially planned to do the whale watching and dolphin cruise with Big Blue Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises. When that was cancelled, due to bad weather, we looked for something else to do and found the Albert J. Allen Memorial Park playground in Wildwood.
  • Enjoy dinner with an incredible view. With our hunger growing we headed over to the Surfing pig for dinner and watched the sun set over the marina.
  • Walk the boardwalk. Take some more pictures. Play minigolf.

Boy on wildwood beach ball statue on Wildwood boardwalk

Day 4 in Wildwood

Our hotel check out was at 11 am. We stayed busy in Wildwood till about 2 pm.

  • Pick a spot and have breakfast on the Boardwalk.
  • Walk up the Wildwood Boardwalk to get some those pictures you might have missed like with the iconic Wildwood sign, the photo cut out boards, the Adirondack chairs on the beach, and more.

Wildwood photo opp adironack chairs on the beach

  • Spend some time playing on the Wildwood beaches.
  • Meet up with friends, like we did, and enjoy the Fox Park playground.

Fox Park Playground in Wildwood

Which ones did we miss? Let us know which Wildwood attractions you’d recommend and we’ll add it to our list!

Free Things to do in Wildwood with Kids

Walk the Wildwood Boardwalk

The Wildwood Boardwalk is an attraction in itself. At 2 miles long, it’s a fun and easy way to get your steps in. Yes, the tram car is available, but I encourage you to walk as far as you can on the Wildwood Boardwalk at least once. It’s how we discovered so many of the additional Wildwood family attractions that you’ll find listed in this post. There’s also multiple spots along the boardwalk with unique and iconic photo opportunities. Read this article and check out the new things to do in Wildwood with the kids as you walk the boardwalk before you decide where to spend your vacation dollars. Many activities and shops offer discount, sales, and specials. Definitely shop around.

Viewfinder on the Wildwood Boardwalk

Bike the Wildwood boardwalk and bike paths.

Bikers are allowed on the Wildwood Boardwalk each day until 11 am. The Wildwood Boardwalk is just a part of a FREE bike route that runs nearly the entire length of the five-mile island, beginning at Rambler Road in Wildwood Crest. The 12-mile round-trip bike path stretches from the Wildwood Crest Dunes Bike Path, up onto the Wildwoods Boardwalk to North Wildwood’s Mulberry Bike Path and to the North Wildwood Sea Wall. You can make your family bike ride in Wildwood either a leisurely activity with stops for fun activities or make it part of your daily exercise routine. Don’t have a bike? You can rent one at various bike shops up and down the boardwalk. Most open at 6 am.

Large Bike Sign at Crest Bike Rentals in Wildwood

Play with your dog at the Wildwood Dog Beach and Park

Yes, you can bring your dog on your Wildwood family vacation. We didn’t set out looking for this dog park in Wildwood, but if you walk far enough down the Wildwood Boardwalk (3000 Boardwalk) you can’t miss it. This Wildwood dog park welcomes furry guests with this larger than life-size 30 foot high fire hydrant. On each side of the hydrant is a fenced in dog play area. Dogs are separated by size with one area for smaller dogs. The other area is for larger dogs. You can see more pictures of the Wildwood dog park in this Facebook post.

Wildwood dog beach

Dogs can enjoy the area adjacent to the dog park as a dog beach. The entire area from Glenwood to Maple Avenues welcomes dogs to play in the sand and water. Did you know the Wildwood Dog Beach is the largest dog beach in the world? The park and beach is open all day, year round and is a FREE attraction.

There is a second dog beach in North Wildwood that is available for members.

Skateboarding at Albert J. Allen Memorial Park.

Do your kids skateboard? Pack the boards with your luggage. While visiting at Albert J. Allen Memorial Park we discovered an area that’s been designated as a skateboarding park. You can see more pictures here. Read more about this playground including what playground equipment and sports courts it has here.

Wildwood Skateboarding Park at the at Albert J. Allen Memorial Park

Play at the Wildwood Playgrounds and Parks.

When we got our tour of the Wildwoods, I couldn’t help but notice how many beautiful playgrounds they had. I was determined to get to all of them. Unfortunately, we ran out of time, but we did get to these three Wildwood playgrounds.

  • East Heather Avenue Playground – The first one we stopped to play at is this one, in Wildwood Crest before the boardwalk starts, right off the beach, and behind Crest Bike Rental. See more pictures of this Wildwood Crest Park here.

Wildwood crest playground

  • Fox Park and Playground – Here’s a look at Fox Park/Playground, that’s right in front of the The Wildwoods Convention Center and behind the Doo Wop Museum. It feels like it’s right in the center of the Wildwoods and easy to get to regardless of where you are staying in Wildwood with kids. The park has fabulous equipment, basketball courts, and a fitness area. During the summer the ampitheater runs outdoor concerts. Bathrooms are available. We walked over from our hotel, but parking is available in the Convention Center parking lot and on the street with parking meters. See more pictures of the Fox Park in Wildwood here.

Wildwood Fox Park and Playground

  • Albert J. Allen Memorial Park – We stumbled upon this Wildwood park by pure luck. We were traveling between our hotel and The Surfing Pig where we had dinner reservations. As soon as we saw it we knew we needed to stop. Since our other plans had been cancelled due to potential storms, we didn’t just have to stop and look. We had time to play. There’s lots of unique playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts, bathrooms, and free parking right in front. See more pictures of the Albert J. Allen Memorial Park in North Wildwood here or read about the Albert J. Allen Memorial Park playround here.

Albert J. Allen Memorial Park in North Wildwood

Here’s a few more Wildwood playgrounds that we’ve blogged about in the past.

Bill Henfey Park – Cape May County Parks & Playgrounds

Sunrise Park – Cape May County County Parks & Playgrounds

Climb the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is a working lighthouse as well as a museum. Visitors will learn about the history of Hereford and get a glimpse of the life of a lighthouse keeper in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Lighthouse is open March through December and admission is free. It’s located just 5-minutes away from the Wildwood Convention Center! If you can make the time, go visit. We missed it on our recent visit, but definitely want to get back to Wildwood to visit it.

What you will see at the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse? You can watch a 15-minute video of the history of the Lighthouse, look at different bedrooms in the lighthouse, see how a lighthouse keeper lives and learn how a lighthouse lantern works. Make sure you climb to the top to get a beautiful view of the shore below and the garden around the Lighthouse. There’s a park surrounding the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse designed with many different garden areas containing over 200 plant varieties. Learn more at

FREE Wildwood events for kids

Here are some great free Wildwood events for kids.

Friday Night Fireworks in Wildwood

Cheap Things to do in Wildwood with Kids

The following Wildwood family-friendly activities are $5 or less per person.

  • “Watch the tram car please.” NO! Ride the Wildwood Tram Car!

    • The Wildwood Tram Car travels up and down the two miles of the Wildwoods Boardwalk from 16th Street in North Wildwood to Cresse Avenue at the Wildwood/Wildwood Crest end during the summer season. You can purchase tickets when you get on or buy all day passes and ticket books at 5308 Boardwalk (Cresse and Boardwalk).

Boys on Wildwood Tram Car on Wildwood Boardwalk

    • You can’t visit Wildwood without seeing the sightseeing tram cars passing you on the boardwalk. It’s one of the most popular ways to do Wildwood. While we certainly enjoyed walking along the boardwalk, the tram cars provide you another unique way to experience Wildwood. It’s been a part of Wildwood family vacations since 1949.  Today, the cars might look the same but they are much more eight cco-friendly as they are all-electric. A typical ride from start to stop is about 30 minutes, but you can get on and off at any point along the route.
      annually along the Wildwoods Boardwalk.
    • You can learn more at their website,

Wildwood Tram Car on Wildwood Boardwalk at night

  • Launch missiles at Boat Tag

    • Located at Morey’s Adventure Amusement Pier at Spencer Avenue and the Boardwalk. Though this is a part of Morey’s Piers Boat Tag sits on the Wildwood Boardwalk before you step back into where the other activities are.

launching missles at Boat Tag on the Wildwood Boardwalk

    • On one night of our Wildwood family vacation we made a fun discovery as we walked along the boardwalk heading back from Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks to the Adventurer Oceanfront Inn. At Boat Tag for $6 you get a bucket full of balls that you can launch at targets and moving tank boats. The BEST part is there are so MANY balls in the bucket! A family can share one bucket. You don’t need to buy a separate bucket for each person. For a few dollars more the kids can even ride inside the minisub and launch balls.
    • You can see more of our pictures in this Facebook post or learn more at their website,

Tank at Boat Tag on the Wildwood Boardwalk

  • Throw Axes at Flying Hatchets

    • Located at 4004 Boardwalk on the Boardwalk.
    • Take your chance throwing hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bullseye and score points based on where on the target they stick the axe. While the website lists a starting price of $15 for 30 minutes, we saw signage on the boardwalk offering deals of
      • 5 Hatchets for $5
      • 12 Hatchets for $10
    • You can learn more at their website,
Flying Hatchets axe throwing activity in Wildwood

Throw axes!

  • Pick Your Own at the Downtown Wildwood Farmer’s Market

    • Located at Byrne Plaza, Oak and Pacific Avenues in Wildwood.
    • The Downtown Wildwood Farmer’s Market takes place every Saturday from 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., rain or shine. The market features farm fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, homemade baked goods, honey, wine, guacamole, herbs, nuts, organic tea, jams, jellies, jewelry, soaps, handmade non-food items and more! FREE parking is available.

More Fun Things to do in Wildwood with Kids

Museums for kids in Wildwood

  • The Doo Wop Preservation League Museum

    • Located at 4500 Ocean Avenue in Wildwood.
    • More details coming soon.
    • You can learn more at their website,
  • Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum

    • Located at 500 Forrestal Road in Rio Grande.
    • More details coming soon.
    • You can learn more at their website,
  • George F. Boyer Historical Museum

Our favorite family attractions in Wildwood

  • Morey’s Piers Amusement Parks

Riptide ride at Morey's Piers in Wildwood

    • Can you fit all of Morey’s Piers Amusement Park rides into one day? Probably not, but you can have fun trying. Morey’s Piers offers 3 piers of amusement park rides and boardwalk games: Surfside Amusement Pier, Mariner’s Amusement Pier, and Adventure Amusement Pier. My suggestion, enjoy one of the waterparks early in the day and then use the afternoon and night to ride the rides. The waterparks close early while the amusement rides stay open late. I remember on our visit my boys complaining they were tired after spending the morning in the waterpark. I fed them, they rested. Then I got them to try 2 or 3 Morey’s Piers amusement park rides. Next thing you know they were riding Moby Dick, Riptide, the swings, Rollies, Music Express, and Super Scooters all within an hour time span. Sometimes all our kids and teens need is a little break from the action before they are ready to start again.
    • You can see more of our pictures in this Facebook post, read our What’s the Difference Between the Morey’s Piers Piers? or learn more at their website,

Ride at Morey's Piers in Wildwood

  • Raging Waters at Morey’s Piers

    • Located at 3501 Boardwalk in Wildwood at the end of Mariner’s Pier.
    • Raging Waters is the larger of the two Morey’s Piers water parks. It offers something fun for everyone in your family. Younger ones will enjoy the Shipwreck Shoals, an interactive pirate ship and Camp KidTastrophe water play areas. While daredevils can get their adrenaline flowing with the Rope Swing and Shotgun Falls. Of course, everyone will enjoy the water slides and activity pool.
Aerial view of Raging Waters at Moreys Piers in Wildwood

View of Raging Waters from a ride at Moreys Piers.


Shotgun falls at Raging Waters at Moreys Piers in Wildwood.

  • Splash Zone Waterpark

    • Located at 3500 Boardwalk in Wildwood.
    • Don’t let Splash Zone’s size fool you. It may look small from the outside but inside there’s more than enough waterslides and play areas to fill your kids’ day. Splash Zone offers a lazy river, a sprayground with a giant bucket water drop, surfing activity, ten plus water slides, a toddler area and more. Our favorite, The Beast of the East, is the only 5-person raft ride on the east coast, a bonus for families like ours that always want to ride the raft ride together.

Hurricane Island splash ground at Splash Zone Waterpark in Wildwood

    • Stick around for a dinner and fun at the Flowhouse Bar & Grill. Most nights there are kids activities and specials on the kids’ menu.

Hurricane Island splash ground at Splash Zone Waterpark in Wildwood

  • Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club at Morey’s Piers

    • Located at 2501 Boardwalk in Wildwood, on the beach, behind Morey’s Piers’ Surfside Pier
    • We didn’t have a chance to experience Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club during our visit because it wasn’t open daily just yet. It did however look like a fun place, a tropical island getaway.  Melanie, who has been there had this to share.
Ocean Oasis has a similar activity pool and lazy river to Raging Waters as well as Shotgun Falls, but overall offers more of a low key, beach club feel. One side of the park has a swim up bar and hammocks. There are also firepits near the cabanas and more live music playing nearby. The kids area (Bonsai Beach) also had small slides and structures to climb on in shallow water. Kids could easily spend extended time there while parents rest on a nearby chair. Ocean Oasis might be the more low key water park, but the most intense ride was there! There are also 5 slides at Ocean Oasis, but none like Cliff Dive, where you drop 5 stories … none of us was brave enough! We enjoyed Bonsai Beach and the Puddle (a small pool just for swimming), and then headed back to the hotel for a rest. – Melanie of Jersey Family Fun.
Ocean Oasis Water Park at Morey's Piers

Ocean Oasis offers all kinds of fun too!

  • Seaport Aquarium

    • Located at 3400 Boardwalk at Oak Avenue in Wildwood.
    • Family-friendly boardwalk aquarium featuring hundreds of fish and sharks, snakes, marmoset monkeys, moray eels, alligators and an interactive touch pool.
    • You can learn more at their website,

Seaport Aquarium on the Wildwood Boardwalk in Wildwood

  • The Big Blue Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises

    • Located at 4500 Park Boulevard in Wildwood.
    • Three times a day, weather permitting, The Big Blue Sightseer takes guests on a 2 – 3 hour tour to seek out dolphins, whales, and other wildlife. While cruising Captain Schumann shares his knowledge of whales, dolphins and other wildlife. Cruises are offered at 10 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. While we missed our chance due to weather we are hopeful to return soon for another try. Advanced reservations can be made by calling 800-2GO-WHALEWATCHING.
    • Learn more at their website,

Big Blue Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises in Wildwood

More Wildwood family activities on the Wildwood Boardwalk

  • Hold on for Monster Truck Rides in Wildwood

    • Located at 4101 Boardwalk in Wildwood on the other side of Adventure Pier.
    • Quite possibly the only place to RIDE in a monster truck is in Wildwood. Monster Truck Rides are available 7 days a week (weather and track conditions permitting) during the regular summer season (mid-June through August), and weekends in the spring and fall. There’s no dome or arena to limit the range of these monster trucks. With mile after mile of Wildwood beach drivers can go as HIGH as they want, as FAST as they want, and-most importantly-as LOUD as they want! It’s a high-thrill family activity in Wildwood. Rides are $10 per person. Riders will either go for a spin in the “AmeriCrush” or “ZombieCrusher.” The height requirement is 30 inches; any riders shorter than that must ride with an adult. Guests are also welcome to pose for pictures with the Monster Trucks.
    • You can learn more at their website,

Monster Truck Rides in Wildwood

  • Try to escape in the Cloak & Dagger Escape Rooms

    • Located at 4008 Boardwalk in Wildwood.
    • In these Wildwood escape rooms, you and your team are “locked” in a themed room and are faced with a series of challenging riddles, clues and puzzles. Solving them will allow you to escape! Their escape rooms are for people of all skill levels with no special knowledge needed to solve the room and have a great experience. You will have 30 minutes to overcome the challenges. There are 3 escape room themes to choose from.
    • You can learn more at their website,

Cloak and Dagger Escape Rooms in Wildwood

  • Go for a wild ride at XD Dark Rides

    • Located at 4006 Boardwalk in Wildwood.
    • We didn’t try this but you and your teens might want to. XD Rides says, “The XD Darkride Experience is a thrilling interactive movie and immersive video game experience. It’s a unique and fun attraction unlike anything else.”
    • You can learn more at their website,

XD Dark Rides in Wildwood

  • Carnival Games
  • Arcades

More Wildwood family activities off the Wildwood Boardwalk

  • Experience a bike ride in a whole new way. Rent a surrey with Crest Bike Rentals.

    • Located at 500 East Heather Road in Wildwood.
    • We biked with surreys down the Wildwood boardwalk and bike paths. Thanks to Crest Bike Rental for the complimentary ride. They offer traditional bikes, low rider bikes, and surreys for 2-9 people. I believe we had a 1.5 hours. Bikes are only allowed on the boardwalk till noon, but after that you can ride them on the bike paths or streets. We had a blast with the three of us rotating who got to be the main driver. It was a fun experience, that I definitely would do again. Surrey rentals start at $30 and other bike rentals start at $10.
    • You can see more of our pictures in this Facebook post or learn more at their website,

In a Surrey from Crest Bike Rentals in Wildwood

  • Play Mini Golf – The are plenty of places to play mini golf along the main roadways of Wildwood, just blocks from the boardwalk.

Our favorite places to eat in Wildwood with kids

  • Doo Wop Diner

    • Located at 4010 Boardwalk in Wildwood.
    • My favorite kind of diner are the ones with a 50’s decor and the Doo Wop Diner does not disappoint.  Betty Boop greets you at the door. There’s a soda shop style counter and a jukebox in the back. Enjoy a menu of burgers, milkshakes and other American favorites. Bonus points for this diner that’s up-to-date on what today’s diners need like gluten-free options. The GLUTEN FREE pancakes were delicious and left me so stuffed. The Doo Wop Diner is such a fun atmosphere with great service. Breakfast is available until noon. Then they start serving lunch.
    • You can see more of our pictures in this Facebook post or learn more at their website,

betty Boop statue at doo Wop diner on the wildwood boardwalk in Wildwood.

  • Seaport Pier
    • Located at 2201 Boardwalk in North Wildwood.
    • Games to play, outdoor seating that overlooks the beach, roller coasters and waterslides to watch in the distance, a kids’ menu to choose from, music to dance to, room to let the kids run, Seaport Pier knows how to do family dining right. It was so relaxing to let the kids play Jenga and cornhole while I sat listening to the music and enjoying the views. You don’t mind waiting for your food because the kids can actually be kids and the grown ups can enjoy the atmosphere.
    • See more of our pictures from our dinner at the Seaport Pier and their kids’ menu here. You can learn more about their menu and restaurant at their website,

The Seaport Pier restaurant in Wildwood offers kids activities like connect four.

  • Adventurer Oceanfront Inn on property restaurant, Pancake House & Family Restaurant
    • Located at 5401 Ocean Avenue in Wildwood Crest. You do not need to be a hotel guest to have a meal at the restaurant.
    • As we shared above we could not have asked for a better restaurant than the Pancake House and Family Restaurant. The boys ordered french toast with fruit and I had a spinach and cheese omelette. Look how big these serving sizes were. A breakfast here can keep the kids’ and your bellies filled way past lunch. It’s also an affordable option for breakfast with most, if not all breakfast entrees priced $9 or less. Most lunch options were around $10 with kids menu items around $5.
    • You can see more of our pictures in this Facebook post or learn more at their website, .

Wildwood Adventurer Oceanfront inn Pancake House and Family Restaurant spinach and cheese omelette.

  • Jumbos Boardwalk Grille and Eatery at Morey’s Piers

    • Located at 3501 Boardwalk in Wildwood on Morey’s Mariner’s Pier.
    • This is where we ate for our late lunch when we visited Morey’s Piers. Jumbo’s Boardwalk Grille and Eatery is located in the heart of the amusement park. It’s so close to the action that as we waited for our food I could let my kids go squeeze in some extra rides and I could watch them from my seat. Jumbo’s offers full-service dining that features seafood, steaks, gourmet pizza, sandwiches and more. More importantly, they offer gluten-free options which I certainly appreciated.
    • You can see more of our pictures in this Facebook post or learn more and see their menus at their website,

gluten free hamburger at Jumbo's at Morey's Piers in Wildwood

  • Stubborn Brothers Beach Bar and Grille

    • Located at 2501 Boardwalk in Wildwood on the Surfside Amusement Pier.
    • Stubborn Brothers offers a laid-back mood, tropical drinks, oversized Adirondack chairs and beach-influenced fare. Enjoy a meal as you look over the beach and you just might catch some views of the dolphins jumping out of the Atlantic.
    • You can learn more at their website, Their kids’ menu can be viewed online here.
  • Flow House at Splash Zone Water Park

    • Located at 3500 Boardwalk in Wildwood, the lower level of Splash Zone Waterpark.
    • For families that want to get away from the action and have a space to relax without leaving Splash Zone, the Flow House is a great option for lunch. During the summer season, the Flow Zone will be OPEN even after the waterpark closes, but that doesn’t mean the kids need to go back to the hotel. Most nights there will be kid friendly entertainment that includes magic shows, trivia nights, kids karaoke, balloon artists, face painting, family game night, and more. Kids $5 meal specials will be available. BONUS kids meals come with a bucket and a shovel.
    • You can see more of our pictures in this Facebook post or learn more at their website,

Splash Zone Water Park in Wildwood.

  • The Surfing Pig

    • Located at 231 West 10th Avenue, North Wildwood
    • Our last night in Wildwood we ate at the Surfing Pig. Never have I ever had such a hard time picking something to eat for dinner. There were so many delicious sounding options. And the views from our seat were incredible. (Take a look.) The only thing that would’ve made it better is if the clouds had not been hiding the sun as it was setting on the water. The Surfing Pig menu includes BBQ plates, burgers, seafood and more. The kids menu even includes options like ribs, coconut shrimp, and fish tacos.
    • You can see more of our pictures in this Facebook post or learn more at their website,

View from The Surfing Pig restaurant in Wildwood

  • Uncle Bill’s Pancake House

    •  Located at 4601 Pacific Avenue in Wildwood
    • Unfortunately, we ran out of time to visit Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. The word from residents is that not only is the food incredible but they offer a delicous gluten-free french toast. Just beware that they close midday, so get their for breakfast or an early lunch.
    • You can learn more at their website,

Wildwood events for kids

Here are some great Wildwood events for kids, that may not be free but are still pretty fun.

  • Coming soon.

Click over to see our complete Wildwood Calendar of Events for kids and families.

Our favorite places to stay in Wildwood with kids

  • Adventurer Oceanfront Inn – With 2 queen beds and a sofa sleeper this room sleeps 6 and has a kitchenette with a full size fridge. There’s even a pool that stays open till 10 pm and an on property restaurant. What more can you ask for in a Wildwood hotel for families. See pictures of the our accommodation here and the video tour of our hotel room here. Read more about our experience in this article, Adventurer Oceanfront Inn, Places to Stay in Wildwood with Kids. You can also visit the hotel’s website at

The Adventurer Oceanfront Inn family suite offers 2 spacious rooms. One has a sleepaway couch.

View our complete photo album of Wildwood pictures in our Facebook album.

Coming soon to Wildwood

New family attractions coming to Wildwood

  • Coming soon

Coming soon to Wildwood family attractions and museums

  • Coming soon

New Wildwood restaurants for families

  • Coming soon

Upcoming Wildwood events for kids

We’re excited for these upcoming great Wildwood events for kids.

  • Coming soon

Wildwood is the perfect spot for a day trip or a family vacation with the kids. If there are things to do in Wildwood with kids that you think we should add to the list, leave a comment below and let us know!

For more help planning your family vacation to the Wildwoods, please visit our series about Wildwood family vacations or

Wildwood Iconic Sign

To arrange a feature on your location please contact Jennifer Auer at [email protected].

Why not book a stay in Wildwood with the kids at an Airbnb?

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