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So Many Things to Do at Woodloch Resort ~ No One Will Ever Get Bored!

We were provided with meals, accommodations, and activities at the Woodloch Resort in Lackawaxen Township, Pennsylvania to aid us in creating family travel stories to help you plan your family vacation to the Woodloch Pines at Woodloch Resort, a family-friendly Poconos area resort. This feature will focus on all the things to do at Woodloch Resort.


Can we talk about all the things to do at Woodloch Resort?

I mean, there are so many things to do at Woodloch Resort. When I say you will not get bored at Woodloch, I am serious. Woodloch Resort offers a plethora of indoor activities and outdoor activities for families. There are Woodloch activities for every age group and every interest. And even though our visit, was between the fall and winter season this Poconos resort for families offered plenty of things to do. What I loved most about these activities is that most of them are included as part of the all-inclusive experience at Woodloch Resort. Even better, the Woodloch Resort activities are scheduled around mealtimes. You never have to feel like you have to choose one over the other or that you’ll be late for an activity because of a meal or the other way around. Activities start after mealtimes have finished and end before the next mealtime. When you’re ready to learn about the lodging options at Woodloch Resort, visit our Woodloch Pines at Woodloch Resort in the Poconos story.


So Many Things to Do at Woodloch Resort _ No One Will Ever Get Bored!


Things to do at Woodloch Resort

Daily Activities at Woodloch Resort

Every morning Woodloch Resort publishes a list of the daily activities at Woodloch Resort. It is available at breakfast, at the front desk, and on the Woodloch Resort app. On the front side of this page is the schedule of things to do at Woodloch, the amenities included with your stay. These are activities that are available every day.  The Woodloch schedule also lists the meal dining times, and hours for the resort’s activities and restaurants. On the backside of the page, Woodloch Activities Schedule for the day’s activities are listed broken up by morning, afternoon, late afternoon and evening.


Outdoor Things to Do at Woodloch Resort

These are some of the Woodloch Resort outdoor activities that were available during our stay at the Woodloch Pines. During the on-season there are even more activities offered, but as you can see from below even staying between seasons we found plenty of things to do at Woodloch Resort.

  • Shuffleboard, Bocce, & Tennis Courts – We had never played Shuffleboard before but on a walk, with my 9 year old, he wanted to give it a try.


Shuffleboard is one of the Things to do at Woodloch Resort


  • Outdoor playgrounds – We found at least two playgrounds at Woodloch Resort. The first was located right in front of the Springbrook building. Another playground was located near the beach. You can find pictures from both in this Facebook album.


A Woodloch Resort playground outside the Springbrook building at Woodloch Pines

This playground was located right outside our building at Woodloch Pines.


  • Lake Mini Golf – On the beach side, behind the Woodloch Pines building, is a mini-golf course. Everything was there that was needed for a round of golf. While my 10 year old played on the playground, and I chatted with my teenager, my husband and tween enjoyed a round of golf.


Father and son enjoy a round of mini golf as a Woodloch Resort activities. - Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Father and son enjoy a round of mini golf at Woodloch Resort.


  • It was too cold for us to enjoy the beach, but from the beach area, Woodloch offers paddle boats, row boats, and boat tours.


Across the road, but still accessible with a short walk or a complimentary shuttle ride, are more Woodloch Resort outdoor activities.


  • Rock Climbing – For guests from 75 pounds to 230 pounds they can harness up and climb the climbing walls. My teenager, who is afraid of heights, pushed himself and made it to the top.


Rock climbing is one of the free Things to do at Woodloch Resort

My teenager made it to the top.


  • Viper & Junior Go-Carts – This was my boys’ favorite Woodloch Resort activity. My 10 year old offered his review of the go-cart. “You get to drive your own go-cart! You can double team which means drive with a partner. Your kid could get ready to drive in no time.” I’m not so sure about that, but I will say even with this being one of the most popular things to do at Woodloch, we waited almost no time between turns. The staff person was great rotating between the Junior Go-Carts for shorter drivers and Viper Go-Carts for teenagers and adults. During our stay, both styles of go-carts alternated using the track. There was a second larger track nearby. I imagine during the peak season one track is for Junior Go-Carts and the larger one is for Viper Go-Carts.


Ride the go-carts as a free Things to do at Woodloch Resort


  • Archery – Not too far from the Woodloch Go-Carts is the Woodloch Archery Range. Guests 10 and older can shoot at an archery range with a bullseye and assorted animal figurines.


Woodloch Resort Outdoor Activities

What will you aim for?


  • Ring toss – Throughout the Woodloch Resort you’ll notice vertical wooden beams with a hook attached. On another horizontal beam will be a string with a ring. It’s an old-fashioned ring toss. We dare you not to get addicted trying to toss the ring to land just right on the hook.


Woodloch Resort offers several ring tosses on the property.

Can you toss the ring onto the hook?


Indoor Things to Do at Woodloch Resort

Should you want a break from the outdoors or just want to know what there is to do indoor at Woodloch Resort take a look at these Woodloch Resort indoor activities. This isn’t a complete list but it represents a bit of what we either participated in or saw on the daily schedule.


Woodloch Activities inside the Woodloch Forest building

The Woodloch Forest building is a two-story building located near the end of the Woodloch Pines main building. You can get to it by walking along the trail, taking the complimentary shuttle, or driving. There is a convenient parking lot near the building. Check out our video tour of the Woodloch Forest below.


  • On the first floor of the Woodloch Forest
    • Kids can sign up for Woodloch Resort Kids Club activities
    • Enjoy the arcade, bring your quarters or use the change machine. There’s even a four-player air hockey game. The arcade is open till 1 am, perfect for teenagers who want to enjoy the Woodloch Resort activities after siblings have gone to bed or who just enjoy being up late.
    • There is a vending machine for beverages.


Woodloch Forest game room at Woodloch Resort


  • On the second floor enjoy these Woodloch Resort activities.
    • In the gymnasium, you can play basketball or participate in a scheduled group activity. My boys participated in the Wiffleball Homerun Derby. My tween even came in first place for his age and received a medal.
    • There’s a toddler play area.
    • Let the kids loose to climb, zip, and slide in the Woodloch Forest, a soft climbable playground at Woodloch Resort. No shoes are allowed. If your kids forget their socks you can buy a pair from the vending machine.
    • Parents and teens can play a game of air hockey or other video games while the younger kids climb in the forest.
    • Vending machines are available for snacks and beverages and there is seating with tables.


The Woodloch Forest has a soft indoor playground for indoor woodloch resort activities.


Woodloch Activities inside the Bumperpalooza, Bumper Car Complex building

Between the Woodloch Forest building and the Gigi’s Coffee House at Woodloch is the Bumperpalooza building. This is another great spot for indoor activities at Woodloch Resort.

  • Ride on toys
  • Bumper cars
  • 2 Arcade games
  • Air hockey

Bumper Cars is another one of the indoor Things to do at Woodloch Resort


Woodloch Activities inside the Woodloch Pines building

In addition to Woodloch Resort Kids Club activities, the Woodloch Pines building offers other activities.

  • In the bunker, open daily 8 am – 1 pm.
    • Play arcade games and air hockey in the Hershey Game Room
    • Try to bowl a strike in the Woodloch Lanes, a mini bowling alley inside the Woodloch Hershey Game Room. Games are $5 per person per game. You can buy tokens in a machine next to the lanes.


Play mini bowling in the bunker at Woodloch Pines, another one of the great Woodloch Resort indoor activities


  • In the York Room
    • PG movies are played nightly at 7:45 pm.
    • PG-13 movies begin nightly at 9:30 pm for the teens and adults.
  • In the Nightclub, shows began nightly at 7:45 pm and 8:30 pm. During our visit, there were nightly acts of magicians, jugglers, singers.


Woodloch Pines activities also include arts and crafts, trivia games, exercise classes, bingo, contests, and more.


Woodloch Activities inside the Woodloch Pines Springbrook building

Inside the Woodloch Pines Springbrook building where we stayed we found a few more indoor activities.

  • A Ping Pong Room – My boys loved that it was across the hall from our room. It was close enough that I could give my 11 year old and 13 year old some space to chill on their own without mom and dad nearby.


Ping pong at Woodloch Pines at Woodloch Resort

Having a ping pong room across the hall was a great way for my boys to avoid getting bored as we transitioned between activities.


  • Pool, Water Slide and Splash Pad
    • Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. This was a great way to end our days of Woodloch activities.
    • A lifeguard was on duty at all times.
    • Beverages and foods are available poolside.
    • Towels are provided for hotel guests.
    • The pool area also has 2 hot tubs, a sauna, a splash pad, and an epic water slide. One of my sons says the water slide is super fun and long. This amazing water slide was also a hit with the tween and teen.


Woodloch Pines water slide at the indoor pool at Woodloch Resort


The Woodloch Pines does have an indoor pool with an amazing water slide and splash pads.


Another great Woodloch Resort indoor activity is playing basketball at the indoor pool in Woodloch Pines.

How about a game fo basketball in the pool?


Woodloch also has these indoor activities available for an additional fee. I’m pretty sure my teen and tween will want to do these on our next visit.

  • Paintball Games
  • Segway Tours
  • Eagle Eye Zip Line
  • Shooting Barn & Paintball Range
  • Woodloch’s Escape Rooms


To learn more about the seasonal activities at Woodloch Resort visit their DO page at


Didn’t we tell you there were so many things to do at Woodloch Resort?!

Which of the Woodloch Resort activities would you do first?

We’d love to know. Comment below and then visit our Facebook album where you can find even more pictures of the Woodloch Resort activities.


Check it out, and when you do please tell them Jersey Family Fun sent you.


When you’re ready to learn about the lodging options at Woodloch Resort, visit our Woodloch Pines at Woodloch Resort in the Poconos story. When you’re ready to book your trip to Woodloch click here to visit their reservations page.

At anytime you can click over to see the rest of our Family Travel to Woodloch Resort series.


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To arrange a feature on your location contact Jennifer Auer, Jersey Family Fun publisher at [email protected].

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sheila Bieber

Sunday 25th of July 2021

I am consideing Woodlock Pines for my family - all adults. 30's to 60s .I am 87 years old. Your photos looks like a place that caters to YOUNG families...yes?

Jennifer Auer

Sunday 25th of July 2021

Not at all. What I especially love is that there is so much for all generations to do at Woodloch. For our articles we only focused on families with young children or tweens, but this is truly a family resort. Families can enjoy different activities during the day together or apart and then come together at meal time. There is a pool, a coffee shop, outdoor activities (shuffleboard, mini golf, bocce), and indoor crafts and entertainments. I've actually been really wanting to return with my inlaws or parents so we can experience a 3 generation family vacation. - Jenn

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