6 Things to do at the Whippany Railway Museum

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In full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post.


Whippany Railway Museum


Do you have a train lover in your family?


Are you looking for a unique way to spend a  Sunday afternoon?

If you answered yes to those questions then you definitely need to check out the Whippany Railway Museum. The museum is located at 1 Railroad Plaza in Whippany, New Jersey. You can stop by any time to look at the trains, but the museum is only open on Sunday afternoons from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  The cost to enter the museum is $1.00 for adults and $.50 for children. The admission fee helps fund the preservation of the antique train cars they operate.


A visit to the Whippany Railway Museum can provide a full afternoon of train fun!


Interacting with the model train at the museum.

Interacting with the model train at the museum.


5 Things to do at the Whippany Railway Museum

  • Watch the interactive model train. In the middle of the museum is a very large interactive model train. Kids can watch the train travel through a variety of villages. There are buttons all around the model for children to push. The buttons turn on aspects of the model or raise and lower train crossing bridges. The model train display even has stools on each side so smaller visitors can see easily.


  • Check out train memorabilia from different eras of New Jersey trains. The room has glass display cases full of train history. There are dishes used on train dining cars from 100 years ago. There are train schedules and photos from all the different lines that run in New Jersey. There is also a large collection of train bells and lights. It’s amazing to see what trains looked like long ago and how they have evolved over the years.


  • Learn about the history of the Whippany Railway Museum. There is also a wall in the museum dedicated to the history of the museum and train rides. The Whippany Railway Museum hosts a variety of special train rides throughout the year. The wall in the museum has pictures, flyers, and newspaper articles from all of those special rides.


  • Walk through a train yard full of antique railroad cars. The museum owns a variety of train cars from different eras. They work to restore those cars and make them a part of their display. While visiting the museum you are free to roam through the train yard and check them all out.


  • Watch the outdoor model train. No visit to the museum is complete without a visit to the outdoor model railroad. My son loved watching the Thomas train roll around the track. Both of my kids ran back and forth to get the best view of the train as it zoomed around the track.


Some of the display cases at the museum.

Some of the display cases at the museum.


#6 Attend a Whippany Railway Museum Event

  • Ride the excursion train. On select Sundays the museum sells tickets to ride on some of their restored trains. You can choose to ride in one of the restored cabooses or for a few extra dollars you can ride in the Jersey Coast club car. The excursion trains run at least once a month. In September, you can ride the trains on Sunday, September 6th and Sunday September 13th. The trains leave the station at 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM, and 4:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased on site or online.
  • Visit the Pumpkin Festival. On Sunday, October 4th from 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM the museum will hold their annual Pumpkin Festival. You can take a ride on the excursion train, visit a variety of vendors, and participate in Halloween crafts and games.
  • Ride the Santa Claus Special. On November 29th, December 5, 6, 12, and 13th Santa will visit the museum for a special train ride. Passengers can ride on the specially decorated trains and enjoy a visit with Santa and his elves on board. But, make sure to buy the tickets well in advance! They sell out early.
  • Ride the Easter Bunny Express. Each year on the weekends leading up to Easter the Easter Bunny Express pulls into the station. Visitors can ride the train and enjoy a special visit from the Easter bunny.


As you can see, there is something for everyone at the Whippany Railway Museum. It is definitely worth a trip.


In full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post.

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