10 Things to do at the Liberty Science Center This Summer

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In full disclosure, this visit to the Liberty Science Center was sponsored by the Liberty Science Center and MomTrends. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to share fun things to do in New Jersey with our readers.


Is there a budding scientist in your family?

Then the Liberty Science Center is the perfect thing to do on a summer day! The little scientists in my family can’t get enough of the science museum. What’s great about the Liberty Science Center is that they are always updating and changing exhibits. No matter how often you visit you can see something new. This summer there are 4 great exhibits to check out. The new Liberty Science Center exhibits include Jack Horner’s Dino Dig, Grossology (The IMPOLITE Science of the Human Body), Arthur’s World, and the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium in addition to all there other great exhibits. Check out our list of things to do at Liberty Science Center this summer.

10 Things to do at Liberty Science Center This Summer


10 Things to do at Liberty Science Center This Summer

3 Things to do in the Liberty Science Center’s Arthur’s World Exhibit

When you enter the Arthur’s World exhibit at the Liberty Art Center it’s like stepping right into the television show. There are different areas set up that are pulled right from the Arthur books and television show. Here are 3 things you can’t miss when visiting the exhibit.

  • Make sure you visit Arthur’s kitchen where you can pretend to make cookies by following the posted recipe or dress a life sized Arthur for the weather.
  • Don’t forget to visit Arthur’s library. You can read Arthur books or pretend to be a librarian. There’s even a spot to scan books to pretend to check them out.


Things to do in the Liberty Science Center's Arthur's World Exhibit

Pretend to check out a book at the librarian’s desk.


  • My kid’s favorite part of the Arthur’s World exhibit was the television studio. There is a big green screen that you can stand in front of and become part of the show. There were several scenes to choose from and then you can dance along with Arthur. My kids did not want to leave!


Green screen at Things to do in the Liberty Science Center's Arthur's World Exhibit


Arthur’s World is located on the 4th floor and will be open until September 16, 2018. Entrance to this Liberty Science Center exhibit is included with a regular admission ticket.


Things to do at Liberty Science Center's Arthur's World Exhibit


3 Things to do in the Liberty Science Center’s Grossology Exhibit

Grossology is the Liberty Science Center’s newest premium exhibit. It explores some of the grosser parts of the human body. From vomit to boogers this exhibit covers it all. The topics may be gross but the way they are presented in the exhibit are fun and very educational. These were 3 of our favorite parts and definitely should be part of your things to do at the Liberty Science Center this summer.

  • Be sure to play the giant Operation game. Growing up I loved playing Operation with my family and the Liberty Science Center has taken the game to the next level by making it life sized. You are able to use a set of tongs to remove various organs from the giant patient. If you touch the sides there is a giant light and buzzer that goes off.


Liberty Science Center's Grossology Exhibit giant operation game


  • Make sure you play “Urine The Game” In this game you get to transport yourself into a body and help clean the waste. You have to see whats coming down the urethra and either send it out with the waste or keep it for nutrients. It’s a lot of fun to play but it’s a great learning experience about waste products that come out in our urine.


Liberty Science Center's Grossology Exhibit

Walk through part of the human digestive system.


  • Don’t forget to climb through the Liberty Science Center’s giant 3D model of the digestive system. Children can take off their shoes and climb through the digestive system. The journey start by climbing into the stomach and sliding into the intestines. You can then continue your trip by climbing through the intestine tunnels.  It’s definitely gross, but a lot of fun.

The Liberty Science Center’s Grossology exhibit is located on the 4th floor and will be open until September 23rd. This exhibit is a premium exhibit so it is only accessible if you purchase a combination or premium pass.


3 things to do at the Liberty Science Center's Grossology Exhibit


4 More Things to do at the Liberty Science Center this summer

  • Become a paleontologist at Jack Horner’s Dino Dig Exhibit. This is the second summer that the Dino Dig Exhibit has been open and it’s still just as fun. When you enter the Dino Dig you are given a brush and a few directions on how to uncover the bones. Then you enter the dig and are free to explore. There are plenty of Liberty Science Center “paleontologists” to help you dig and talk about what you are finding. They are all very knowledgeable and my children learned quite a bit about dinosaurs. They even discreetly cover the bones up again when you leave so the next child can make a new discovery as well. My son got so excited when he uncovered some fossilized dinosaur eggs. The fossils in the exhibit are museum quality so the whole dig is very realistic. The Dino Dig is located outdoors and is open weather permitting until September 3, 2018. Entrance to the dig is included with a regular admission ticket. For more information about the Dino Dig exhibit check out our blog post.


Liberty Science Center's Jack Horner Dinisaur Dig Exhibit

You’re never too young to dig for fossils.


  • Visit Jennifer Chalsty’s Planetarium. A trip to Liberty Science Center is not complete without a visit to the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere. Seeing a show at the planetarium is an amazing and educational experience. We saw a show called “Wonders of the Night Sky” and we learned so much about what we can see by looking up into the sky from our own houses. For more information on the planetarium check out our blog post about the Liberty Science Center planetarium.


The NEW Liberty Science Center Planetarium _ The Region's Largest & Most Advanced Planetarium (1)


  • Conduct an experiment in the hands on laboratory. While visiting the Infection Connection exhibit on the 3rd floor, don’t forget to check out the hands on lab. You can conduct an age appropriate experiment with the help of a Liberty Science Center employee. My children got on their lab coats and goggles and explored the world of antibodies and how diseases are diagnosed. They were able to use antibody indicators to test three different samples and identify which person was sick. They learned all about positive and negative controls and cross contamination. The whole experiment took about 15 minutes but they learned so much in that time. There are several different experiments based on the age of the participants. Younger visitors can learn about germs and washing their hands properly.


Liberty Science Center's Infection Center Exhibit

Hard at work at the Infection Connection exhibit.


  • One last thing to do at the Liberty Science Center this summer. Explore the tall buildings in the Skyscraper exhibit and walk the 18 feet high beams. Located on the 1st floor of the museum is an exhibit that we have inadvertently walked past on previous visits, but it is worth exploring. The exhibit walks you through the history of skyscrapers, the science behind their design, and how they are made. But the best part of the exhibit is walking the beams. Visitors that are at least 48 inches tall can put on a harness and take their turn walking the beams that are 18 feet in the air. It’s just like being a construction worker building a sky scraper.


Liberty Science Center Skyscraper Exhibit


For more details about the all the great exhibits at the Liberty Science Center, please visit the Liberty Science Center website.


The Liberty Science Center is open from 9:30 AM -5:30 PM daily. Regular admission tickets are $22.75 for adults and $18.75 for children ages 2-12, combination and premium tickets are a few dollars more.


For more pictures from our visit to Liberty Science Center, see our Facebook Photo Gallery.



To learn more about the Liberty Science Center visit our Liberty Science Center series.


Liberty Science Center address

The Liberty Science Center is located at 222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City.


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  1. Nidhi Chauhan says:

    My son would do Dino dig first for sure!

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    I think my kids would love to walk through the digestive system

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    Grossology is what my kids would do first!

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    play the huge operation game!

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    There is so many fun things to do at Liberty Science Center. I know I would want to play operation, I always loved that game. Always a great time there.

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    We would do the skyscraper first!!!

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    What a great opportunity. Thanks for the giveaway chance. My grandsons would probably want to visit the Television Studio first and move on to the Dino Dig. Good Luck everyone.

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    They would most likely run to the operation game, that’s a big deal in our house so I image it being scaled so big we would all be winners lol

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