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Jersey Family Fun Junior Blogger Series


Our first Jersey Family Fun Junior Blogger contribution is from Abbie B. about the book, They Never Came Back.


From Abbie B., junior blogger


As a teenager, I know that finding a good book to read can be difficult. Especially if you are the type of person to want a book that is both thrilling and knowledgable. Because why read a book if you don’t get both enjoyment and a few new vocabulary words out of it, right? I personally have trouble finding interesting books to read. I am the type of person that doesn’t like anything supernatural in a book. I want to read something that has the possibility of being a real life situation, since I love to learn life lessons while reading a good book. Today, I will be telling you about a book that I read this summer. I will give you a summary of it, as I would not want to spoil it for you. It has quite an interesting ending.


The name of the book is They Never Came Back. It is written by Caroline B. Cooney. It starts off with a little girl named Murielle. She is the child of two very wealthy people, Rory and Cade Lyman. Her parents owned a business, but inside this business, they were stealing millions of dollars from all their clients. When they knew they were caught, Rory and Cade Lyman tried to get away with the help of family. But, when the family members that were helping them escape trial and persecution backed away at the last second, Murielle got left behind in the USA, and her parents flew to a different country. Her parents were never heard from again.


They Never Came Back Book


Murielle had been taken by social services and placed with foster homes before being adopted a short time later. Fast forward five years, and there is a girl in a cafeteria eating lunch while attending a highly selective summer program where you completely learn a new language in just a couple months. This girl is eating her lunch when she realizes that a boy is staring at her from across the room. She tries to ignore it, but he continues staring. He finally walks up to her and tells her that she has a big resemblance to his cousin, Murielle, that was taken by social services five years ago. He even gets his parents involved, and they both agree that there is an uncanny resemblance. Soon, there is an FBI agent involved, and he wants to use this girl Cathy as bait to get Rory and Cade back to the USA so they can be prosecuted. When you read this book, you will learn if Cathy really is Murielle, and if Rory and Cade fall for the trap and come running back for who everyone thinks is their daughter. You will also get more in-depth details of what I summarized above.


I really enjoyed the They Never Came Back book. I think that it is the perfect read for someone interested in a great mystery book. If you have to do summer reading for school, it is also a great option since it only took a few hours to read (it is about 200 pages long), and another hour or so to complete my summer reading with it. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!



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