The Secret Life of Pets Movie Review

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The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets


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Our The Secret Life of Pets movie review

My family and I enjoyed the movie The Secret Life of Pets. We had been looking forward to this animated film since we saw the previews in the theater several months ahead of the release date. The Secret Life of Pets was not exactly what we expected based on those previews, including a lot more of an involved plot than we anticipated. Max, the main character, is a spoiled dog living with his owner Katie in a New York City high rise.


He seems to be happily enjoying the day to day when one day Katie brings home Duke, an unwelcome guest, as far as Max is concerned. After attempting to sabotage Duke and encourage Katie to get rid of him, the two end up having to work together to save themselves when they encounter a group of alley cats and wind up in a dog catcher’s truck on its way to the pound. Snowball, a wayward bunny steps in to help the duo, but in return expects them to join his band of abandoned pets, known as the Flushed Pets, who are out to punish the humans who have done them wrong. Realizing that they need to fit in, Max and Duke play along, pretending that they are out to get humans as well. After realizing that Max and Duke are not who they claimed to be, a war is waged between the two dogs and the entire Flushed Pets gang. By the end of the movie, Max and Duke have become best friends and are able to live happily together with their beloved Katie. Even the hard-hearted Snowball ends up finding happiness when he gets adopted again.


The Secret Life of Pets


The Secret Life of Pets was not only entertaining, but also conveyed the idea that “bad” people (pets) sometimes have a reason for acting the way they do, and that they can change their behavior for the better when situations change. The loveable characters in this movie are sure to win hearts with their antics as well as their sweet faces. My 7 year old loved Gidget, the white pomeranian with a crush on Max, while my 5 year old loved the white bunny, Snowball, with his constant one liners and serious attitude problem. From the viewpoint of a parent, I felt that this movie was a good one for the whole family, with the exception of a few scary scenes involving a one toothed viper, who planned to initiate new members into the Flushed Pets gang by biting them. These scenes were early on in the movie though, so by the time it was over, my kids had forgotten about it anyway.


The Secret Life of Pets is rated PG. Run time is 1:27 and is available on DVD/Blu Ray.


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