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The Playroom – Brigantine’s Best Kept Secret

Tucked away in a little building, at the corner of Brigantine Avenue and 15th Street South, is Brigantine’s best kept secret for families. It is the Playroom.

The Playroom is an indoor playground for children up to age 5. But perhaps it’s better than most playgrounds. At the Brigantine Playroom, your child never has to worry about the weather or temperature. Inside, the temperature is always just right. Parents, have no worry about your child running off. The building is fully enclosed and while the room size may be small, don’t let it fool you. There is plenty of fun to be had.

One of my kid’s favorite areas of the Playroom is the ball pit. Over and over, my children will climb up the slide and slide down into a sea of balls. The ball pit can easily accommodate 8 – 10 children.

Another favorite area is the Merry – Go- Round. It runs on human power. Up to five children can ride at one time. They can pedal the horses or a parent can push to make the carousel spin at a speed comfortable for everyone.

In addition to those areas, there is plenty more fun to be had at the Playroom. There is also a children’s puppet theater, a playhouse, 2 play kitchens, several ride on toys, shelves lined with toys and more. There really is something for every child.

The Brigantine Playroom is staffed entirely by volunteers. They generally try to be open Monday – Friday from 10 am – 2 pm. Some days they are open from 4 – 6 pm as well. But understand that because it is volunteer run, sometimes they can’t be open during all those hours; if there is not a volunteer to open the Playroom, then it stays closed. :( {If you’re a local to the area consider volunteering, it will be something you and your child can enjoy together. My youngest and I just completed our first shift together today. He had a blast.}

Admission is $2 a child and is well worth it. You are welcome to bring your lunch or a snack and eat it with your child at one of the tables. The Brigantine Playroom also hosts affordable birthday parties. For under $100 you can host a birthday party for your child. It’s a great alternative to the playground during the chillier months.

Now is the perfect time to visit the Playroom. The Playroom is open from September to May (when beach passes go on sale.) During the summer months, the Playroom is closed in order to allow Brigantine to sell beach passes from the same location.

For more information or to become a volunteer call Toni at (609) 705-0221.

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