The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars, A Chapter Book that Makes Math TOTALly fun!

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We were hired by David Cole and Common Deer Press to read and promote The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars. All opinions are our own. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about books we think your family may enjoy.


The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars

By David Cole


The Math Kids The Prime-Time Burglar is a chapter book with a fun math twist.


About The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars

When Stephanie Lewis marches into their classroom, Jordan and Justin finally meet someone who’s as good with numbers as they are. Their shared interest in math quickly draws them together, and the three soon form The Math Kids. Now, a string of mysterious burglaries has the whole neighborhood on edge. Luckily, Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie soon learn that their new club may give them the skills they need to solve the crimes.


The story behind the story The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars

Through coaching elementary math teams and running summer math camps, David found kids really became excited about math when it was in a story format—no, not the dreaded word problem, but in a way that brought the math to life. The Math Kids series arose from these stories. When kids see math as something with real-life application, presented in an engaging manner, inspiring them to love math becomes easy.


I started reading this book curious to see how author, David Cole could create a story around math. What I didn’t realize was intertwined with the chapters would be math problems, brain teaser type of challenges that readers could solve along with the characters in the story. This book isn’t just a story written for kids who love math, this is a story that is written for all kids trying to find their place among their peers. The writing is so vivid and the situations so true to what fourth graders experience that kids will be able to picture themselves in the story. The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars book represents the good and bad of being in fourth grade and bringing in math adds a fun twist that will have kids rethinking how they think about math. I know I will never look at prime numbers again without thinking of this story. I feel like I need to get a copy of The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars for every elementary school math teacher.


About the author, David Cole

David pursued degrees in math and computer science and has shared this love of math at many levels, including teaching at the college level. He has also written a number of plays that have been performed. The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars is his first children’s novel.


The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars is best for students in elementary school.

The story in the book has something for everyone. From being the new kid at a school to being bullied, from still needing a babysitter to having a grouch for a math teacher, kids will enjoy reading The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars. For those not ready for a chapter book, this is an easy read for parents to read to kids. The descriptive text will help listeners picture the story in their heads.


Why I enjoyed The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars

  • The chapters are easy to read. Each one was about 8-12 pages long. You can read one chapter in just a few minutes so they are great for younger listeners with short attention spans or beginning readers.
  • The characters are easy to relate to Stephanie is the new girl who just moved into town. Jordan and Justin are 4th graders who love math and have been best buddies for years. Both are bullied by the same group of kids.
  • The characters use the logic and patterns of math to solve real life problems.


A page from The Math Kids - The Prime Time Burglars

A page from The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars


Why my kids enjoyed The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars

  • My children enjoyed the chapters because some involved a math brain teaser at the end. The solutions to the problems are at the end of the book.
  • My 4th grader felt just like Jordan, one of the main characters, because he too loves math and being challenged.
  • The vocabulary is not especially challenging. Each of them could read through the story without any difficulty.


Click over to the Common Deer Press site to learn more about their book.


Want to get inside the book for a preview of The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars?

Listen to Chapter 1 of The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars in this online story time I recorded. You can also visit this link to read chapter 1 with your kids.


For your own copy of

The Math Kids – The Prime Time Burglars

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