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The Loop Playground in Mountainside NJ (with Photos)

The Loop Playground is another one of those playgrounds that we accidently discovered back in 2019. We were visiting the Trailside Nature Center and as we explored the property and the hiking trails, we stumbled upon the Loop Playground in Mountainside, New Jersey.

We couldn’t help ourselves. We had to stop and play. As it turned out Melanie had visited this Mountainside playground first and blogged about it here in 2014. With our visit we decided to take more pictures, create a video, and expand on what we had to say about this amazing and fun North Jersey playground. Now, we’re updating our Mountainside playground review again in 2022 with those pictures and more to help you see how fun this area can be.

Horizontal image of the Loop Playground in Mountainside New Jersey

The Loop is tucked away in the Watchung Reservation which is a great place to spend a day! With Trailside Nature Center a short walk away, lots of trails and things to discover at the Reservation you can easily spend a whole day here.

10 Things to Know About Loop Playground in Mountainside NJ

As part of our challenge to write about 100 New Jersey playgrounds in 100 days we bring you the details about Loop Playground, a playground in Mountainside NJ.

Where is Loop Playground located?

The Loop Playground is located, at Watchung Reservation, behind the Trailside Nature Center, at West R Tracy Drive in Mountainside, New Jersey in Union County. The park is part of the Union County park system.

What kind of playground equipment does the Loop Playground have?

We know parents want to know what kind of playground equipment the Loop Playground offers. From swings to climbing structures, slides to benches, we help you get to know the Loop Playground through our details, pictures and video below. 

The Loop Playground equipment includes 2 playground structures and multiple ways for kids to climb, play, and spin. The entire playground area is not fenced in.

The first playground area is geared towards kids ages 5-12 years old, though my teenagers did enjoy it too.

One of two playground structures at the Loop Playground.

The second play area is primarily for toddlers, preschoolers and younger kids.

The preschool playground at The Loop in Mountainside.

The playground structures are new, plastic and offer a lot of opportunity to climb and crawl. The designers put some thought into making the structures with a nature theme, to better blend into the surroundings. They look like they were carved from wood.

Are there swings?

At the playground for older children there is a swing structure with 6 traditional swings.

traditional swings at the Lopp Playground in Mountainside NJ

At the toddler and preschool playground there is a swing structure with 4 baby swings and 2 accessible swings.

The Loop Playground offers 4 baby swings and 2 special needs swings.

Are there slides?

Yes! Both playground areas offer slides. In the older kids area there are sliding tunnels, 2 straight slides, and 1 twisting slide and 2 side-by-side slides.

Loop Playground sliding tubes

The preschool area has a twisting open slide and two side-by-side slides.

One of two treehouses with slides at the Loop Playground in Union County.

What special features does the playground offer?

There are features that make both Loop Playgrounds pretty special. For starters both have a treehouse component, stepping pods, climbing walls, and nature-themed decorative elements like owls and squirrels.

  • Rock formation for climbing
  • Climbing ladders
  • Rope climbing wall
  • Bridges
  • Rope bridge
The backside view of a playground structure at the Loop Playground in North Jersey.

The toddler/preschool playground equipment offers

  • Steering wheels
  • O-Rings climbers
  • Monkey bar rings
The Loop Playground has orings to climb through and a treehouse in the preschool area.

What kind of ground cover does the playground have?

The ground cover underneath the playground equipment and swings is wood mulch. There are brick pavers between the two playgrounds and cement under the sprayground.

Loop Playground in Mountainside NJ rock formation

Is the playground at Loop Playground accessible?

The younger children’s playground has a wide wheelchair-accessible ramp with platforms that lead to sensory play areas. There are 2 accessible swings on its swingset.

Between the Trailside Nature Center and the Loop Playground is an entire sensory play area that is wheelchair accessible. There are musical instruments, a sensory garden, and a sensory trail.

Is there shade available at the Loop Playground? 

There is shade underneath the playground climbing structures, under the small canopies on the equipment, and in the treehouse areas of the playground. There is also some shade provided by the trees that are on outside of the playground area and a nearby gazebo.

Where is parking for the Loop Playground? 

Free street parking for this Union County playground is available right along the street in front of the playgrounds.

Are there restrooms at Loop Playground?

Yes, there are restrooms available.

What else is there to do at Loop Playground?

In addition to the playground at Loop Playground, there are additional amenities available for visitors.


Too hot to play long? Between the two playgrounds children can cool off on the sprayground. There are two large flowers that spray a mist of water to help kids cool off. They are activated by pushing a button.

The Loop Playground offers two flowers that mist water.

Are there walking trails?

The entire playground area is surrounded by open grassy fields for the kids to run, and also has a paved path that winds around the whole park. There’s a boardwalk trail between the Loop Playground and the Trailside Nature Center. A sensory trail is also located behind the Trailside Nature Center. It offers those who are visually-impaired a way to safely take a short hike.

Are there fields or courts for sports? 

There are grassy areas to play a pick up game of sports but there are no sports fields or courts.

Bonus information we want you to know about Loop Playground 

At this time, we’re unable to find any information about the Loop Playground hours. We believe, like most parks, it’s open from dawn to dusk.

There is a pavilion at the Loop Playground with several tables. There are also benches around the playgrounds.

See more Loop Playground photos in our Facebook Gallery.

Who do I contact about having a birthday party or event at Loop Playground?

We provide these details about Loop Playground as a service to our readers and the park. However, Jersey Family Fun is not directly involved with this park. To reserve Loop Playground for a birthday party or private event, please contact them directly by calling (908)527-4000, emailing [email protected], or visiting their website.

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