14 Family Movie Night Activities inspired by The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD

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I was honored to be invited to the #PixarCocoEvent, a Disney Pixar press junket for Disney Pixar Coco and THE LION KING Blu-ray/Digital HD release. As a guest, my expenses were covered in return for a series of articles about my experiences.


The Lion King Family Movie Night Activities inspired by The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD


The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD is being released today, August 29, 2017. While we were away this past weekend, I was sent a pre-release of the Disney Moana Blu-Ray DVD with bonus features. You can get yours now through our affiliate link on Amazon. Once we were home we couldn’t wait to watch it. It was my chance to bring some classic Disney movie magic to my kids and enjoy a few more summer moments before we’re back to the school and sports routine.


As I was watching The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD with bonus features I couldn’t help but think how all the bonus features on The Lion King DVD could make for an extra special family movie night.


The Lion King Family Movie Night Activities inspired by The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD

You can get yours now through our affiliate link on Amazon.

  • The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD

    Sing and dance along to the Disney The Lion King movie. The Disney The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD gives viewers the option of watching the movie in the original theatrical edition or as a sing-along feature. Plus you can watch it on DVD, Blu-Ray, or digitally with an enclosed code.

  • Paint or sketch along with performance artist David Garibaldi as he gets inspired by the song “Be Prepared”. As the music plays he creates a painting while dancers dance around him in Visualizing a Villian part of The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD bonus features. The resulting artwork is quite fantastic.
  • Discover just how Disney animators work to match voices with facial movements in The Recording Session, another one of the bonus features. While doing so you can take another look at some popular scenes with the voice actors sharing the screen. Can you make the same facial movements the characters do?
  • Go inside the movie with co-directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff and find out which stories fascinate your kids. In Inside the Story Room, another bonus feature, the directors share videos showing the storyboards and creation of 5 The Lion King scenes:
    • Circle of Life – Understand how colors played into the opening scene.
    • Simba & Nala – See how the length of a female’s tongue added a playful fun element to The Lion King.
    • Simba Takes Nala Out To Play – We witness how screenwriters hash out a character’s personality.
    • Hakuna Matata – The directors sing out the tune as they pitch the song to the movie production team.
    • Rafiki And The Reflecting Pool – The directors show how they teamed up to present the storyboards for this scene.
  • Uncover fascinating facts in Nathan and Matthew: The extended Lion King Conversation. In 2011, Producer Tom Schumacher, Nathan Lane, and Matthew Broderick got together to film a conversation for the documentary, “Pride of the Lion King.” For The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD bonus features, we get to see the longer conversation between these two fine actors. It’s a great way to discover how Nathan and Matthew fell into their roles in The Lion King and what the original The Lion King storyline was going to look like.


The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD


  • Have lots of laughs watching TLK bloopers and outtakes in the bonus features. Yes, even animated movies have bloopers. My favorite was hearing the lions get tongue-tied.
  • Listen to new music you may have never heard before. When The Lion King was adapted for live musicals, several new songs were written. The Morning Report is one of those songs and you can see it in an extended scene selection of the bonus features. With The Lion King DVD, filmmakers created all-new animation to go with the song. That’s included as part of The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD bonus features.
  • Imagine how the movie would have been different if the directors would have included the 5 deleted and alternate scenes they included in The Lion King bonus features.
  • Rewatch some of your favorite The Lion King scenes with the scene selection option. You can choose from The Circle of Life, Scar, Father and Son, Uncle Scar, I Just Can’t Wait to be King, Elephant Graveyard and more. There are 23 different scenes you can select on The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD.


The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD


  • Have your own lip sync competition using the song selection option of the bonus features. Which song will you choose? There are 5 The Lion King songs to choose from.
  • Get even more details about The Lion King by enabling audio commentary from co-directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff as well as producer Don Hahn as you watch the movie. What interesting pieces of trivia can your older kids pull out from the movie? Create your own family The Lion King trivial game.
  • Learn an animal-themed alphabet in the sneak peeks section of The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD.
  • Meet Dante from Disney Pixar’s Coco in a short and hilarious preview in the sneak peeks section.
  • Print out these The Lion King printables to entertain your kids either before, after, or during your The Lion King family movie night.


The Lion King Blu-Ray DVD


Want more information about The Lion King?

During my time in San Francisco for the #PixarCocoEvent I also had the opportunity to learn about Andreas Deja. He was the Disney animator behind The Lion King’s Scar. Read about him and the Walt Disney Family Museum exhibit in his honor in this article, Deja View: The Art of Andreas Deja Can Inspire Young Artists.


You can also learn more about The Lion King at these social media channels and sites.


Keep following along or click on #PixarCocoEvent to read any of the articles from our series.


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