The Lego Movie: The Characters, The Universes, and our Review

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We received tickets to The Lego Movie advanced screening at no charge, to review
from Allied Integrated Marketing. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families movies we think their family may enjoy.

Lego Movie


The moment was finally here!

This past week my family and I had a chance to go see a screening of The Lego Movie. I can’t begin to express how excited we were. The boys have had countdowns on their electronics, have drawn countless pictures, and have taken a few trips to our local Lego store just to play with the figures. I have to admit while I was excited for the movie I was expecting to just see the little blocks animated and playing without much of a storyline, I can happily announce I was dead wrong. Not only was The Lego Movie completely action packed and full of excitement but, it also had a message. As a parent it pulled at my heartstrings in ways I wasn’t expecting. The boys loved seeing all of their favorite Lego playsets come to life, and loved the new characters. Emmet quickly became a family favorite. The kids could really relate to his emotional struggles, wanting to fit in, and found themselves rooting for him through The Lego Movie.


The Lego Movie

LEGO minifigure Emmet (voiced by CHRIS PRATT) in the 3D computer animated adventure “The Lego Movie”, from Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, and Lego Systems A/S. A Warner Bros. Pictures release. | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

I asked my boys what they loved about The Lego Movie and they said the action and the animation was awesome actually, Everything is Awesome!! The action starts within seconds and is nonstop through the movie. The animation is done brilliantly. It makes you feel like you are in each of the worlds in the Lego universe playing with your kid.  The animation is so good in fact that you can actually see the blocks locking together. The action comes into play as Emmet and ordinary Lego minifigure, is chosen as the special one. Emmet with the help of the Master Builders have to devise a plan to destroy the Kragle and knock the villian President Business/Lord Business down a few blocks all while saving the Lego universe. The characters have to battle their way through different worlds while working as a team. They are able to work together to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. I love how it shows that everyone is special in their own way and if they believe in themselves they can achieve great things.


There is some expected violence in The Lego Movie with fights between the villains and the master builders, characters losing some of their parts and even one being erased with nail polish remover. My kids weren’t fazed by it and the kids around me seemed unfazed as well. I heard lots of giggles and woohoo Emmet from the kids around me. There is some  humor that may go over their heads but it isn’t vulgar humor. For example the Kragle that is meant to destroy all man kind is something that is horrible and needs to be destroyed, when in fact it’s just a bottle of Krazy Glue that some of the letters have worn off of. Any parent can tell you that when that stuff gets stuck to your fingers it is a weapon!

Lego Movie

(clockwise l-r) LEGO Characters Unikitty (voiced by ALISON BRIE), Benny (CHARLIE DAY), Metalbeard (NICK OFFERMAN), Vitruvius (MORGAN FREEMAN), Batman (WILL ARNETT), Wyldstyle (ELIZABETH BANKS), Emmet (CHRIS PRATT) and President Busines (WILL FERRELL) in the 3D computer animated adventure “The LEGO Movie”, from Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, and Lego Systems A/S. A Warner Bros. Pictures Release | Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


Meet The Lego Movie Characters

The Lego Movie features and all star cast and many of our favorite themed Lego characters make cameos in the film. You will get to see Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, our favorites from Lego City and even a few Marvel superheroes. The main plot of of The Lego Movie focuses on the following cast.

  • Emmet – Voiced by Chris Pratt. Emmet is your normal everyday average Lego. He follows all the rules and doesn’t sway from the instructions. His average Lego life takes a turn and he surprises himself and the other Lego’s on his journey.
  • WyldStyle – Voiced by Elizabeth Banks. WyldStyle is a creative Lego. Her ideas are limitless and she pushed the boundaries as far as she can. She is tough on the exterior but deep down she is a special girl. She holds some special qualities.
  • Batman – Voiced by Will Arnett. Batman is not much of a team player. He prefers to work alone, however when the group really needs him he surprises them all and comes through for the team. Just when you think he is overly confident and maybe even arrogant he surprises you.
  • Vitruvius – Voiced by Morgan Freeman. Vitruvius is an ancient wizard. He has passed down the tale of the prophecy for years and show the other Legos that if they believe they will succeed.
  • President Business – Voiced by Will Ferrell. He is a uptight, likes to micromanage, and doesn’t handle disorder very well. His alter ego is Lord Business the villain of the movie who wants to destroy the Lego Universe.
  • Benny – Voiced by Charlie Day. Benny is a nostalgic Lego. He loves spaceships and always wants to help his fellow Legos in whatever way he can.
  • Unikitty – Voiced by Alison Brie. Unikitty is found on Cloud Cuckoo land, she is half unicorn and half kitty. She believes the world should always be looked at in a positive upbeat way and that you should never focus on anything negative. While she does her best to do this, sometimes it isn’t as easy as she would like.
  • Good Cop/Bad Cop –Voiced by Liam Neeson He is Lord Business’s right hand Lego. He is quite loyal to Lord Business when his bad cop side is showing. That loyalty will be tested though when he has to make some tough choices.


Lego Movie

WILL FERRELL, Voice of LEGO minifigure President/Lord Business in the 3D computer animated adventure “The LEGO Movie”, from Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, and Lego Systems A/S. A Warner Bros. Pictures Release | Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures


Explore the Lego Universe from The Lego Movie

  • Bricksburg – The main city in the universe. This is where Emmet lives and where President Business is in control. Everything in this town is run in a perfectly organized manner by following instructions. Their favorite song in Bricksburg is “Everything is Awesome!”
  • Wild Wild West – You will have to don a cowboy hat and a poncho to fit in here. Its a great place to hideout. This tiny brick town offers everything you would expect in the wild west a saloon, horse chases, poker playing cowboys, sheriffs etc.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Land – Hidden high up in the sky, where you must know the secret knock to enter. Cloud Cuckoo land is full of joy and happiness. There are no rules, no bedtimes, and no sad faces. If it can be imagined it can be built in Cloud Cuckoo Land. This is where the Lego Master Builders meet up to figure out a plan to stop President Business from destroying the universe.
  • President Business Lair – Located in Bricksburg on the infitieth floor of the Octan Tower. In his lair President Business holds the Kragle which he will use to control the entire world. This is also where Lord Business also keeps any master builders that he has captured in a think tank. If Lord Business can dream it the master builders can help him build it, however they are not allowed to have any of their own creative ideas.


My final thoughts on The Lego Movie is that kids and kids at heart will love the Lego movie. The all star cast of voices for the characters, the fantastic animation, the familiarity of all our favorite Lego mini figures and the emotional twist at the end have me wanting to take the kids to see the movie for a second time. I can assure you the moment it comes out on DVD it will be on repeat in our house. The first thing my boys asked when we left the movie was if we could run to the Lego store to pick up a new building kit!


Take a look at this Lego Movie trailer.


Lego movie

Having fun pretending to be a mini figure | Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Our 12 year old junior writer’s thoughts on The Lego Movie

I thought The Lego Movie was a great movie. It had action, adventure and comedy. The storyline was about an ordinary guy like me going on and extraordinary adventure to save the world. I would recommend The Lego Movie to anyone who loves Lego products. I found it hilarious and the graphics really cool.


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In full disclosure, we were provided with tickets to the advanced screening of The Lego Movie to make our review possible. As always, our opinions are honest and based on our own experiences with the movie.

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