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Recently, I read The Hobbit with my school’s book and movie club and loved it. This weekend our club went to see the movie. I was so excited! The Hobbit was a great movie. Anyone my age and older that likes action, adventure, and fantasy creatures would enjoy The Hobbit. I liked that the director of the movie brought the characters to life exactly how I would have envisioned them.

There will be three parts to The Hobbit movies. Part one is currently in theaters and tells the tale of Bilbo Biggins, who goes on a journey to help the dwarves protect their land and their treasure within the land. The dwarves, Bilbo and his friend Gandalf all form a strong bond. When one of the elves almost dies, Gandalf uses magic to save him. I thought that was very nice.

Earlier I had said that the director did a great job with the characters. My favorite character is Gollum. He is so funny. I love his voice and ran around my house all weekend saying “my precious” just like him.

Do you have a favorite character? Which one?

I found the movie to be exciting and it really held my attention even though it was about 3 hours long. I think its great for kids age 11 (that’s my age) and older. Younger kids may get scared because there are a few violent scenes. At one point an elf loses his arm!! There is a really cool battle scene that my friends and I really enjoyed but I think it would scare someone younger than me.

If you have a chance I think you should go see The Hobbit.



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