The Day It Rained Hearts Book Review

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The Day It Rained Hearts

The Day It Rained Hearts

By Felicia Bond

This adorable book is written by the same author that wrote the popular book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. This cute and inspiring book is about a little rabbit named Cornelia who catches hearts that are falling from the sky. She takes each heart home and decides which one would be just right for all of her friends in her life and creates unique Valentines out of each one. Cornelia’s personal tradition then continues year after year.


The Day It Rained Hearts book is best for children ages 3-8.


 Why I enjoyed The Day It Rained Hearts book

  • The illustrations are colorful and cute.
  • The words are simple enough for young children to understand and follow.
  • It taught a lesson of inspiration by providing an example of how children can create their own unique valentines for the special people in their lives.


Why my kids enjoyed The Day It Rained Hearts book

  • My twin boys got a kick out of the fact that it was raining hearts!
  • The first time that we read it together, my kids really enjoyed guessing who Cornelia was making each heart Valentine for. We were all pleasantly surprised to find out who the Valentines ended up being given to.
  • The Day It Rained Hearts book is short enough that we always have time to read it two or three times in a row!


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