The Croods Movie Review

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In the new movie, The Croods, a prehistoric family faces family situations and challenges that ring true for today’s modern families.

Meet the Crood family

  • Grug – the father and protector of the group
  • Mom Ugga
  • Rebellious teenage daughter Eep
  • Preteen son Thunk
  • Baby Sandy
  • Grandmother


To avoid the dangers of their world the family spends their days and nights in a cave, venturing out only to hunt for food.  Eep quickly grows tired of the dark and her father’s constant protectiveness.  One night she sneaks out of the cave and meets a caveboy named Guy, who introduces her to fire.  When the Crood family cave is destroyed the next day, the family teams up with Guy to try to safely reach a new home – a place Guy has dubbed “Tomorrow”.  The group encounters all kinds of danger on their journey to Tomorrow, but learn and grow from their adventures. The Crood family’s love for one another is tested, but ultimately deepened by their experience.


The Croods is entertaining for everyone in the family.  My 6-year-old son was laughing hysterically at several points throughout the movie, as were the adults.  The movie is action packed, enough, so that my 3-year-old happily sat through the entire showing.  FYI … some of the action may be a bit scary (falling rocks, fire) for younger viewers. The film also has some advanced topics that will likely go over the heads of kids but hit home with parents. (So don’t forget the tissues!)


Want to turn watching The Croods into an educational experience for the kids? Visit our friend Barbara at Homeroom at Home for tips on just that.


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