The Amazon Fire Tablet Makes Learning While Traveling Possible

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I remember a few years back, I won my first tablet at a blogger event. It was a Amazon Fire Tablet. Truth be told I didn’t expect I would get to use it too much and I was fine with that. I was happy to have a tablet for my kids’ use while we travel. I wanted to make it easier for my boys to read while we traveled. Now years later, my boys’ love for reading continues (proud mamma), and having one tablet just isn’t enough.


I have three active boys and y’all know I’m a busy family travel blogger. Between driving across counties to traveling soccer games or up and down the coast for family travel stories, we spend a lot of time in the car. Three boys shoulder to shoulder in a car, can test their ability to get along and keep themselves from being bored. My husband and I would not keep our sanity without some solutions.


Our Amazon Fire Tablet is one of our solutions. It has been the perfect tablet for my boys especially while traveling. I don’t need to pack individual bags of books for each boy and I can find many reasons to support their Amazon Fire Tablet screen time.  Yes, the tablet has gaming options that kids will love but it also has tools in place so parents can balance gaming time with education time. Using the Amazon Fire in conjunction with the Amazon FreeTime app, has helped me set up a tablet environment that I can feel comfortable with. It supports my desire to put learning first and to set up reasonable limits for screen time.


Amazon Fire Tablet



When Influence Central and Amazon Fire asked if I would like an additional Amazon Fire Tablet and to talk about our experiences using the Amazon Fire to learn while traveling, I of course, said yes. Three boys, one tablet, everyone always wants their turn. Mom does too. Our new tablet gives us another Amazon Fire Tablet to share and more ways to take advantage of the Amazon FreeTime app and to learn while traveling.


7 Ways We are Using a Amazon Fire Tablet to Learn While Traveling

  • Amazon Kindle Fire

    Research ~ Ever notice how when you are on the way somewhere kids seem to have a million questions about where are they going, what will there be to do there, how long will it take? With a Amazon Fire Tablet, kids can use the internet browser to download books or research sites of where you’ll be visiting. They can track where you are and the distance to your location. At night, when you’re in the hotel let them check out the websites for where you’re going. Let the kids decide the plan for the day.

  • Reading Time ~ Between regular Amazon ebooks and the ones available for kids with the Amazon FreeTime program kids can find books for their age and interests.
  • Improve their reading time ~ Word Runner is an app for the Amazon Fire that helps kids improve their reading speed by bringing the words to where your kids’ eyes focus on the tablet. The app has a dynamic pacing function that slows down for difficult works, punctuation, and paragraph breaks. The speed adjusts to the user’s reading speed.
  • Watch & Learn ~ Is there something your kids want to learn more about? Do they want to study a region, an animal, a person? Is there a new skill they want to learn? As you drive or fly kids can take advantage of educational videos to keep them occupied and learn.
  • Draw ~ Go beyond using a notepad for doodling. Download a drawing app. There’s apps for drawing animals, people, anime. You name it there’s an app that can help kids learn to draw during traveling or down time on your family vacation.
  • Build their problem solving skills ~ Challenge their brain by taking advantage of educational apps with brain teasers, activity pages, and word problems.
  • Develop their sense of humor ~ Plane rides and car rides can be boring… unless your kids know how to make you laugh. As I browsed through the Amazon’s FreeTime book titles with my boys, I found so many joke books that cracked my boys up. They are pretty excited for our next road trip when they can test those jokes out on my husband and I.


About the Amazon FreeTime app

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is an all-in-one subscription app and program for kids that offers unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games. The Amazon FreeTime app gives parents a simple way to manage how their kids use their Fire tablets. New users can take advantage of a free trial. After the trial, it’s $2.99 for one child. Higher rates are available for multiple children.


Amazon Kindle Fire


Amazon FreeTime Unlimited’s features parents will appreciate

  • The Amazon FreeTime app is shareable across all Amazon Fire devices. In other words, when I purchase Amazon ebooks they can be viewed on any Amazon device including e-readers, Fire tablets, and Amazon Fire TV. The app looks a little different from device to device but the idea is the same.
  • Parents can create individual profiles for each child and customize the content for each child. Kids and parents can work together to select an avatar for each child.
  • Time limits, within the Amazon FreeTime app, parents can set limits to how much time their children can spend reading, playing games, and watching videos. You can also set a schedule for when children are and are not allowed to have screen time. Set one schedule for weekdays and a different one for weekends. All of your children can be on the same schedule or have their own schedules. With an 8 year old, 10 year old, and an 11 year old, one schedule doesn’t fit all.
  • Learning before playing. I can use the Amazon FreeTime app to require that my children complete a designated about of educational time (reading or other activities) before being allowed to play other noneducational apps.
  • A parent-enabled password lock prevents my children from doing any of the activities they aren’t permitted to unless I override it by entering my password or changing the settings. Settings can’t be changed without the parental password.


Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Fire tablet turns any hotel room into a digital classroom for learning.


More benefits to taking your Amazon Fire Tablet when you travel

  • The Amazon Fire Tablet has up to 7 hours of battery life, meaning you can charge your Fire before your trip and go all day before needing a recharge.
  • You can use a microSD card to give you an additional 128 GB of additional storage for downloading books, music, and movies to your Fire.
  • While we talked about how your kids can learn while traveling with the Amazon Fire tablet, remember you and the kids can also use your Fire for watching shows and movies or playing music as you fly or drive.



What would you love about traveling with a Amazon Fire?


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