Road Trip Must Haves ~ Terrific Travel Accessories for Families

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The travel games, kids suitcase, luggage, travel gear and the other products listed in our terrific travel accessories are based on ones we have experience with, were sent to us from brands for testing, or whose marketing team paid to be featured here. Where possible we have included online affiliate links to help make your gift buying process easier. When you make a purchase using those links Jersey Family Fun receives a small commission that helps us maintain this website.


Road Trip! Three day weekend…..road trip… Off for a school vacation…road trip….a day of playing hookey…road trip. We love traveling with our kids. We love blogging about travel. So we spend A LOT of time traveling in our car. Whether it’s an hour to a local zoo, going into New York City for a show, or Philadelphia for a museum, we spend a lot of time in our car and a lot of time packing and unpacking and figuring out the best way to carry around the stuff we need. It’s through those experiences that we’ve come to learn what kinds of products can make our lives easier when taking road trips and family vacations. Take a look at what we’ve tested and are recommending as terrific travel gear for families. We hope you’ll find them to be as valuable as we have in making family travel easier and more pleasurable.


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Road Trip Must Haves ~ Terrific Travel Accessories for Families

The best travel accessories for staying hydrated

Contigo® water bottles and beverage containers. Whether your tweens play a lot of sports, will be taking family walks on a beach, or ice skating at a winter wonderland, Contigo has beverage containers that will keep your drinks warm or cold for hours. Bonus feature, many have newly designed tops that make them truly leak-proof. Contigo beverage containers are available on Amazon with this link.contigo® beverage containters

  • From left to right: AUTOSPOUT Ashland Infuser – $14.99 – infuse your water with fruit and spices! · Press to Refresh™ — The ultimate hydration companion just got better, now with the option to infuse on-the-go! Punch up your water with different fruit and herb combinations using the AUTOSPOUT® Straw Ashland’s removable infusion strainer, and then enjoy your concoction on the go using only one hand to sip your success.
  • AUTOSEAL West Loop – $20.99 – keeps your coffee and tea hot for up to 5 hours! · Drinks stay hot for up to 5 hours and cold up to 12 hours with Thermalock™ vacuum insulation.This larger capacity mug is spill-proof, will stay piping hot for hours and it’s easy to use with just one hand.
  • AUTOSEAL Chill – $22.99 – keeps drinks cold for 28 hours! · It knows when to close™— Keep your cool all day with the spill-proof AUTOSEAL® Chill. Your water will stay cold up to 28 hours, thanks to Thermalock™ vacuum insulation. Just press to sip and release to seal automatically, using the spout cover to help protect against dirt and germs when you’re finished hydrating.
  • Spill Proof Kids Tumbler – $9.99 – Your kid wants to upgrade from a sippy cup and drink from a tumbler just like you, but you’re nervous about spills. With the 14oz Spill-Proof Kids Tumbler, you both win! A no-spill valve in the straw makes it impossible to spill, and a seal around the straw offers extra protection against leaks. A soft grip bottom pad helps prevent this brightly-patterned tumbler from tipping over on the dinner table, and it also fits most car cup holders, making it the perfect companion. When you’re ready to wash it, the spill-proof straw twists apart for an easy clean; plus, the straw, lid, and body are top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • Contigo beverage containers are available on Amazon with this link.


The best travel accessories for staying comfortable

The Voyage Pillow

The Voyage Pillow is the most compact, versatile, and comfortable travel pillow for your next adventure. This is one comfortable pillow for your family traveling adventures. It is over 50% smaller than a traditional U-Shape travel pillow making it fit perfectly in any carryon bag or pull the strap through the loop of your carryon or just keep it in the back seat with the kids. It features a plush microbead pillow with a unique mutli-purpose poly/spandex band that allows travelers to customize how to use it – over your eyes, around your neck, against the window, on the seat in front of you, etc. You can buy a Voyage Pillow for you and the kids on Amazon with this link.

The Voyage Pillow



The Go Pillow is a portable, multi-use child care product. It can be used as a cradler, nursing pillow with a built-in privacy cover-up, changing surface, infant pillow with attached swaddle blanket, toddler travel pillow, and more! The Go Pillow is a wearable breastfeeding pillow that has the appearance of a tube that fits around the mid-wrist, elbow, and mid/upper arm. It provides a soft cushion for baby’s head during feeding while providing more comfort and support for nursing moms. A retractable blanket tucks neatly inside an invisible compartment. The blanket provides privacy during public breastfeedings, and doubles as a changing pad on the go. The Go Pillow is a portable pillow and blanket combination too! Small items such as diapers, baby wipes, etc. can temporarily nest inside the hidden compartment of the Go Pillow.  Flying with young kids? The Go Pillow can be placed on the armrest to become a cushiony pillow. The GoPillow is available on Amazon at this link.


The Airhook

The Airhook is a two-in-one solution for airplane travel comfort: a stable drink holder and a secure mount for an electronics device (cell phones to tablets 8.5 inches tall when horizontal) that attaches to the tray table in its locked position. Designed to elevate the level of convenience by allowing for maximum legroom, The Airhook uses the tray table in its vertical and locked position as an anchor, rather than horizontally across your lap as a platform. Passengers no longer need to sacrifice space with the folding down trays! Perfect hands-free entertainment for children too. Get an Airhook for each of your travelers on Amazon.

The_Airhook Best travel accessories


Great luggage options for families

Let’s start by making sure that no matter the luggage you bring that you’re not going to exceed weight limits.

AirScale, 2-in-1 Luggage Scale

Lightweight and easy to pack, this portable scale tackles two travel woes at once. It keeps you from paying overweight baggage fees and makes sure your phone stays powered up. AirScale has a streamlined design that can weigh up to 88 pounds. Charge it up before you head out on your trip, and it’ll also fully charge your device—twice. Get your AirScale at the


Cool, functional, and stylish suitcases for tweens and teens

As our children get older and become tweens and teens, having stylish luggage is just as important as having a backpack or suitcase that is functional. We continue to be on the lookout for teen luggage we think everyone will approve of.


Kids suitcases that are functional and fun

Kids love suitcases in fun designs like animals or their favorite characters. But parents want functional kids luggage that does more than look cute. As we find new favorites for kids luggage we’ll share our recommendations below.


Is it a suitcase? Is it a scooter? Well, yes actually, it’s both of them. Introducing Flyte, a brand new case scooter. Travel can be a pain, especially for families navigating the globe (or the road to Grandma’s house). But it shouldn’t be! Flyte is a compact piece of cabin sized luggage, that works as a pull-along case and then even has its own flip out deck so your child has their own scooter on-the-go! see the collection of Flyte luggage here on Amazon.


Functional, and stylish suitcases for parents

SkyRoll Spinner Carry-On Suitcase

Wheeled Carry-On Suitcase & Garment Bag in One. No more folding suits and dresses to fit inside because this garment bag gently wraps around the suitcase. The spinner wheels allow for easy rolling without tilting. The carry-on has an internal padded laptop/tablet sleeve. It includes a matching toiletries kit. The garment bag has room for long dresses. Visit this link to order yours.


Best Kids Travel Accessories for Keeping Kids through Teens Happy in Cars and Planes

Here are some of our favorite travel toys and activity books to keep kids happy and teens entertained on weekend trips and extended vacations by car and plane.


Activity Books and Coloring Books

The Children’s Travel Journal by Ann Banks with illustrations by Adrienne Hartman

Help your favorite little globetrotter create a masterpiece of memories. While on the road, this unique diary is a fun-filled work-in-progress. When completed, it becomes a treasured keepsake that vividly preserves memories of a special trip. The lined pages may be used to record impressions and experiences; there are words scattered throughout to give children some idea of what to look for and write about. The blank pages are for additional writing or for drawing, or for making collages. (There’s a pocket to keep mementos in.) Kids we know have collected postcards, maps, business cards, Do not Disturb signs in different languages, menus…the list is endless. Spiral bound, 48 pages, $19.95 retail price. This Children’s Travel Journal is available at a reduced price on Amazon. Visit this link to order yours.

Pages include:

  • Making Plans
  • First Impressions
  • Food & Restaurants
  • Money
  • Landmarks & Monuments
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Best Day/ Worst Day
  • I’ll Never Forget

The Children’s Travel Journal by Ann Banks with illustrations by Adrienne Hartman


Historical Heroines Coloring Book

Unique coloring books such as this Historical Heroines Coloring Book will have tweens and teens wanting to grab their coloring pencils and spend part of that road trip coloring. The Historical Heroines Coloring Book: Pioneering Women in Science from the 18th and 19th Centuries celebrates 31 women who passionately pursued their talents in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, often in the face of gender discrimination. Each woman scientist is featured on a double-page spread that includes exquisite illustrations by Kendra Shedenhelm and short biographies written by award-winning author Elizabeth Lorayne. Buyers can find it on Amazon, but if you buy directly from the illustrator  at this site ( it will be autographed and include a complimentary coloring postcard.

Historical Heroines Coloring Book: Pioneering Women in Science from the 18th and 19th Centuries

Travel Games

Card games are another great way to pass the time while traveling to a family vacation. Take a look at Blitz Champz in our Games Kids Play gift guide.


Gamevice Mobile Controller

The Gamevice is a portable controller that fits in your pocket and allows you to turn iPhone or Android phones and tablets into a portable gaming console. Gamevice features the same triggers, buttons, and joysticks as home consoles and supports more than 1,000 games including MinecraftThe Gamevice controller offers high-end features including: no latency, rubberized analog sticks, lightning cable pass through, an eight-way analog D-pad and a lightweight / ergonomic form that puts the console experience in the palm of player’s hands. Gamevice also brings these precise controls and comfortable design to users of devices outside of games including drones, robots, toy cars, and more.

Use this link to buy the Gamevice Mobile Controller on Amazon for about $99.


We think children’s music and children’s books can also be a great way to keep kids entertained in the car as well. Click over for our suggestions for children’s music and children’s books.


Best Kids Travel Accessories for Keeping Kids through Teens Happy Once You Get There

Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 two-way radios

Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 two-way radios are ideal for adventures when out of cell phone range and for kids, tweens, and teens who don’t yet have cell phones. Yes, two-way radios can be important for communication and safety, but we LOVED these for the fun and the functionality. For my tweens, having these Talkabout radios meant my husband and I could give the boys a little space to be independent on our last family trip. When the hotel ping pong room was across the hallway from our room, we let the boys go off to play radios in hand. We kept in touch with those same radios to make sure they were safe, while still having fun. It was a way we could give them some space to play without them feeling like we had to be with them every moment of our trip. On a family hike, I imagine these same radios will make us more comfortable if the kids want to walk behind or ahead of the rest of the group.

Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 two-way radios

The Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 two-way radios feature NOAA weather updates and alerts and the T605 H20 is completely WATERPROOF and FLOATS, so no need to worry if it accidentally falls off the boat or in the ocean or in a puddle on a family hike.  It also comes equipped with a handy water-activated flashlight, which includes a white and red LED (to preserve night vision.)  These are great for skiing, camping, boating, fishing, paddling, cruising and water sports! And, the T605 comes equipped with a handy car charger and carry case.

Use this link to buy the Motorola Talkabout T605 H20 two-way radios on Amazon or this link to learn more at the Motorola website.


Best Travel Accessories for Smartphones, Tablets, Electronics, and Valuables

Keep your devices always charged with these portable chargers as some of the best travel accessories.

  • Little Sun, Solar Powered Lights & Chargers, from B-Corp, are solar powered lanterns and power banks that are connecting the world to sustainable energy. Artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen designed their lanterns and power banks to serve you while also bringing clean, affordable power to underserved areas. For every one sold in a country with electricity, they sell one at a fair, locally affordable price to the 1.1 billion people without electricity in “off-grid” areas. Get your Little Sun solar-powered charger at or on Amazon.

Travel accessories to keep your electronics and valuables organized while traveling.

  • The Go Caddy is a slender tote that conveniently holds up to a 1.5-liter bottle of water, cruise ship pass, license, money, charge card, keys, camera, cell phone, maps and passport. I found this as a great tote for carrying my phone, wallet, and hotel room keys around hotels and resorts without needing to lug my purse. With the pockets, I could hold valuables and with the water bottle area, I could easily manage taking a water bottle with me. Buy one for you with this Amazon link. Don’t forget to grab a few for the kids if they have their own wallets and gear they’ll need to carry.

The Go Caddy back pouch makes a great travel accessory


  • Leather Cord Snaps by GUS (Great Useful Stuff) they keep all those charging cords tidy whether it’s inside a purse, backpack, suitcase or charging on a hotel nightstand. Crafted from 100% genuine leather with a silver snap for closure, these small organizers deliver big function so you can easily tame all cords and cables with no hassle. Grab them for your teen with this Amazon link. Sold in a set of four.

Cord Snaps


Best travel accessories for staying germ-free


ShowerPill Body Wipes

The ShowerPill Body Wipes: an extra-thick, individually wrapped disposable wipe that works like a washcloth to clean your entire body when you don’t have time or access to a shower. Plus, it’s anti-bacterial, so you’re not just masking sweaty germs, but you’re actually removing them (along with dirt and body odor). The individually wrapped wipes are safe for kids as well, and the perfect shower substitute (that fits in your purse/backpack) when you and the fam need a quick wipe down on the go. You can purchase yours with this Amazon link.

Sometimes the floor just isn’t an option; Heroclip allows you to hang anything, anywhere.  A 3-in-1 clip, swivel, and hook, Heroclip is designed to free your hands so that you can live life to the fullest. It’s compactable and sleek, yet rugged look makes it perfect for any occasion. Cut from aircraft grade aluminum, Heroclip can hold up to 50 pounds and it’s swiveling hook has a rubber tip which allows you to hang your bags from tables, railings, bathroom doors, fences, and more! Never weigh yourself down again, let Heroclip do the grunt work. Bonus: I love that I can use Heroclips to hang my son’s baseball gear from the fence, and out of the dirt, during practices and games. Get a Heroclip for each kid and traveler with this Amazon link.

heroclip best travel accessories



Disposable Airplane Seat Covers

Disposable Airplane Seat Covers are one-of-a-kind and create a barrier between you and the seat. Recommended for one-time use. It fits around the headrest like a fitted bed sheet.  100 % Recyclable -100% Polypropylene -2 Covers Per Box. Fits All Size Seats (Including First Class) Stock up on your disposable airplane seat covers with this Amazon link.


What is one travel accessory you MUST HAVE on your family road trip?


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