Taking the No More Missed Moments Challenge with Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals

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How does a mom (me) who loves to take her kids everywhere deal with motion sickness?


At Jersey Family Fun you know we are always always on the go reporting on fun activities, events, and locations we believe you and your family will enjoy. We’ll go almost anywhere if we think there’s fun to be had, even if that means I’ll be battling motion sickness with symptoms of nauseousness, queasiness, or just feeling yucky. I’m not one to let motion sickness or the risk of it let me miss out on a moment. After all, I want to make memories with my kids not miss out on them because I’m car sick on the sidelines. I try to ignore it and just get through it.


Never was this more true than on our recent trip to Disney World. Not only did I have a 18 hour car ride from New Jersey to get through, but in the spirit of Disney I went on rides I had never thought I would. Roller coasters and simulation rides aren’t usually my thing and motion sickness is usually just one of many reasons I miss out on those moments, but on this vacation I went on them all and dealt with the sickness as best I could.


Here’s how I traditionally have dealt with motion sickness:

  • Deep breathing
  • Not eating ~ If there’s nothing in your stomach nothing can come out, right?
  • Windows down and me practically hanging my head out the window
  • Lots of stops so I can get out of the car to walk around.


Those car sickness cures can get me through a short trip, but there’s also lots of times when those motion sickness strategies don’t work or they really limit the fun I should be having with my family or friends. So when Clever Girls asked me to take the Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals No More Missed Moments Challenge I knew instantly I had to say yes. With summer fun on the horizon it was time to come up with a much better way to deal with my motion sickness.


Wouldn’t you know it that Disney would also play a role in my taking this No More Missed Moments Challenge?


Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go to New York for not one but two blogger events. It was a big weekend of firsts for me. It was my first weekend staying in Times Square…. make that New York City. It was my first time in Times Square at all, walking around and doing it on my own. It was my first weekend taking the bus there alone. It would be my first time at the New Amsterdam Theatre for the Disney on The Road event. There were so many firsts I needed to be ready for and I could not let motion sickness ruin those moments.  This was the weekend to be my first to take Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals and see how I would do in their challenge.




The easiest way for me to get to Times Square from Southern New Jersey was to take NJ Transit’s bus from Atlantic City to the Port Authority. While the bus makes the round trip a few times a day, it is about a 2.5 hour bus ride. That is quite a while to be on a bus especially if you are prone to car sickness. To make matters worse this particular trip, I had a very interesting woman sit next to me. I’ll spare you the story since it’s not a family friendly one, but I spent so much time looking down at my phone I was sure I was going to get very very car sick. But I had taken my Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals as recommended 30 minutes before the trip so I remained optimistic.


What do you know? It worked. When our bus stopped 45 minutes to an hour later for the Toms River stop, not only did the passenger get off but I was able to stretch my legs and smile because my normal motion sickness symptoms had not appeared. I was making my ride into New York City Times Square, super excited to for the adventures that were coming and that motion sickness was not going to make me miss any of the amazing moments I was to have. It was a FABULOUS weekend!


Here’s some of the moments I did NOT miss because of motion sickness!


Dressing up like Mary Poppins

During the Behind the Magic Tour at the New Amsterdam Theatre I did NOT miss dressing up like Mary Poppins.


I did NOT miss sitting on the New Amsterdam stage pretending to be a big star.

I did NOT miss sitting on the New Amsterdam stage pretending to be a big star.


I did NOT miss hanging out with Mickey Mouse.

I did NOT miss hanging out with Mickey Mouse.


Did you know women are more prone to motion sickness than men? In fact, Dramamine conducted a national survey to discover what moments women are missing out on due to motion sickness. They found

  • 53% avoid the highway for road trips
  • 51% avoid rides at amusement parks
  • 50% stay home instead of going on a cruise


That’s too many missed moments! Moments where we could be having fun with our families and loved ones. Consider this about Dramamine.


Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals, Dramamine®’s new first truly non-drowsy offering.

  • Contains the clinically tested ginger dosage required for preventing and treating motion sickness. Other sources of ginger, including candies, gums, or ginger ale, may not contain a full clinical dose.
  • Prevents and treats the symptoms of motion sickness (nausea and vomiting) without drowsiness.
  • Non-Drowsy Naturals is safe to use every day you travel since it’s made from natural ginger.

Available in an 18-count bottle. 


Now with a solution to motion sickness in hand, I’m done missing moments or suffering through them feeling sick.


 What moments have motion sickness or the fear of it caused you missed out on?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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5 thoughts on “Taking the No More Missed Moments Challenge with Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals

  1. Jenn says:

    ughhhh i hate my motion sickness, long car rides, bus rides, not so much on trains, but definitely on boats. I carry Dramamine with me at all times. I love this new natural formula.

  2. Christy says:

    this is great!! Hope we don’t ever need it but Im def going to pick some up!

  3. Nancy says:

    I always had motion sickness on small boats when I was younger so now I am always hesitant to go on family fishing trips. :( I definitely have to give Dramamine a try!

  4. JillianF says:

    I’ll have to get this for our next long car ride. I’ve always avoided taking Dramamine because I didn’t want to be drowsy and out of it.

  5. Took it for the first time last Saturday to go on a dolphin watch! Never would have ever tried that before but someone suggested I give it a shot. It worked right away and I enjoyed the trip with my kids! Priceless!

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