7 Reasons I love the T-Fal ActiFry Fryer

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I first learned about the T-Fal ActiFry from our friend, Joey Fortman of Real Mom Media. She was reviewing the ActiFry for her site. It only took a few minutes of watching her video and I was in love. Imagine then, how thrilled I was when I received one of my own to review, and even better I get to give you your own T-Fal ActiFry too.


ActiFry is not your typical fryer. It uses patented technology with pulsed hot air. It constantly stirs your ingredients with a paddle that allows the perfect cooking of food with little to no oil (1 tablespoon of oil). Check out our video below for more information.

7 Reasons I love the T-Fal ActiFry

The T-Fal ActiFry is so Easy to Use

In my older fryer, I always needed to fill the pot with oil and wait till it reached the right temperature. The T-Fal ActiFry has a shallow nonstick pan with a spinning paddle. Place the food in, set the timer, add oil (if required) and you’re good to go.


Less Oil = Healthier Food, Less Mess, and fewer costs

Most recipes in the T-Fal ActiFry do not require any oil. If they do, it’s typically one tablespoon. Less oil means your food is going to cook healthier while still remaining moist and delicious. It also means you are going to spend less on cooking oil. Our old fryer required a whole can of oil. At $10+ a can the costs of frying food can quickly add up. The T-Fal ActiFry gives me an option that makes meal time healthier and more affordable.


Makes Cooking Fun

It makes cooking fun again. With less mess and easier clean up, it makes me want to cook more. My boys and I are already scanning the cookbook, it came with, to see what recipes we would like to create together.


Safer around my kids

Yes, you still need to have your kids be cautious around the fryer, it will get hot. However, since the pan is not filled with hot oil you don’t need to worry about hot oil splattering when you remove the food.


Dishwasher Safe means Cleanup is Quick & Easy

This is the feature I love the most about the ActiFry. With my old fryer, I would need to soak the pan and scrub the basket to remove all the grease and it never felt quite clean.  With the ActiFry, the lid, pan, and spinning paddle are all dishwasher safe. I love that.


Long cord

My old fryer had a short cord that magnetically connected to the fryer. Move it the wrong way, power would shut off. After some wear and tear the magnetism in it would just stop working and I would be left with a fryer that I could no longer power up. The ActiFry has a long cord so I can easily move it around my kitchen countertop and it’s connected to the unit. No magnetic connections to go bad.


I get to give one to my readers!

Yes, you can win your own T-Fal Actifry. Just read below to see how you can enter. Then, read a little bit lower where we’ve shared links where you can visit other bloggers who are also giving away T-Fal ActiFry fryers. Good Luck! This was a 2012 Giveaway.


To view pictures of the T-Fal Actifry, visit our Facebook Gallery.


Ready to buy a the T-Fal ActiFry? Use our affiliate link and visit Amazon where the T-Fal ActiFry deep fryers are less than $140.00.

In full disclosure this article was sponsored by T-Fal ActiFry, who provided Jersey Family Fun with a T-Fal ActiFry to review and for this giveaway. We are receiving a payment to run this article and host a giveaway. However, all opinions are our own.


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  1. Nancy Vecchione says:

    Am working on winning one for my daughter so she can safely fry at home w/out supervision d/t her disability. She had some of the apples at my house and raved! T-Fal, this gadget is a winner! But will your recipes work if I cut them in half? Only two left living at my house (oops that sounds like I knocked them all off w/bad cooking!) nope the grew up and moved out on their own! Anyway husband and I don’t need extra servings of fries etc.

  2. Rachee says:

    Anything potatoes, fries.

  3. Rachee says:

    I found out through my social media group, psmm

  4. Heather R says:

    I would like to make some chicken strips for my daughter’s lunch

  5. Heather R says:

    I found out about your giveaway on Twitter

  6. holly says:

    i would make french fries :)

  7. holly says:

    i found out about this giveaway on twitter

  8. Jenn M says:

    chicken and some fish too.

  9. Jenn M says:

    I was searching T-Fal ActiFry

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    I found out on Twitter.

  11. Rebecca Shockley says:

    French fries and chicken

  12. Rebecca Shockley says:

    On Twitter!!!

  13. ellen says:

    I would make french fries that TASTE like french fries- I bake mine now.

  14. ellen says:

    I follow actifry on twitter and FB and saw it mentioned.

  15. Harmony B says:

    I’d cook chicken and french fries

  16. Rochelle says:

    I would cook french fries first.

  17. Rochelle says:

    I found this giveaway because someone tweeted it. Thanks!

  18. Margot C says:

    First thing I would make is French Fries, to see how they come out.

  19. Margot C says:

    I found you because I was Googling ActiFry

    The Rafflecopter calls me ‘Margot’ since it is accessing my facebook where I am ‘Margot Core’; the Rafflecopter connects to this

    email: annazed10 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  20. Meghan Finley says:

    I’d make french fries

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    I heard it from a friend on twitter

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    I would like to make sweet potato fries ;)

  23. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I saw it on Twitter–thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Maureen G says:

    My Twitter friends told me about this fantastic giveaway cause they know I’m trying to make healthier meals

  25. Natalie S says:

    Found out on Twitter!

  26. Angela A says:

    That chicken looks absolutely amazing! Yum!

  27. anne s. says:

    some yum yum fried steak would be my first try!
    annsavd at gmail dot com

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    I found this through PSMM

  29. Dana says:

    Found this through PSMM

  30. Cindy says:

    I would cook anything and everything in this thing!

  31. Deb K says:

    I would cook some shrimp and fries!

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    Saw it on Twitter

  33. Nicky says:

    Heard about giveaway from blogger friend!

  34. MAMOTTS says:

    sweet potatoe fries

  35. Laura Jacobson says:

    I would love to cook some gluten free fish for sandwiches! I so miss the fish sandwich as McDonalds!

  36. Laura Jacobson says:

    I saw it on twitter! My New Years Resolution was to eat healthier, and I think this would really be great. So neat you only need such a small amount of oil! Would be great to make some gluten free meals for us!

  37. Tabathia B says:

    I found doing a google search for tfal giveaways

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    I would start with fries, but I would try something different almost everyday!

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    Sweet potato fries!

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    I would love to cook some fried okra with the t-fal actifry. :)


  47. Vera S says:

    I found this giveaway through a friend. :)


  48. wendy wallach says:

    i would cook tortillas

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  49. Adrienne V. says:


  50. Adrienne V. says:

    I “googled” t-fal actifry giveaways and your post popped up!

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    I would make healthier French fries for the fam.

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    Found out on twitter and through blog.

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    I would like to try the french fries for my grandkids.

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    I’d like to try the Glazed Apple Wedges

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    I would cook chicken

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    I found it on Twitter

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    So many things I’d like to make, shrimp fried rice, chicken stir-fry….

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    My friend Jessica Mudrick from Delaware County Moms told me about it

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    i would make sweet potato fries

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    through twitter

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    would love to try chicken nuggets, fried chicken

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    through a friend :)

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    I would love to cook healthy fried zuchinni

  77. Laura V. says:

    I want to cook french fries!

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    Found it on google.

  79. Char W says:

    I would definitely make french fries, sweet potato fries (for me cause nobody else eats them), and chicken wings!

  80. Whitney says:

    I found you through Party of 5 and counting!

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    I found it in a search :)

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    FRIED CHICKEN!! looking forward to less mess

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  99. Crystal Rodgers says:

    Very excited about this, i have always wanted a fryer but would never get one because of the health factor, this is right up my alley.

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    I would cook homemade chicken nuggets and french fries!

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    I would like to make Chicken Stir Fry, French Fries, Roasted Potatoes

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  104. Barb says:

    Oh and I found you Jersey Family Fun on a post from ActiFry on my facebook page… :-)

  105. Barb says:

    I would love to have a T-Fal Actifry to cook our food in… my special guy has GI issues and loves his fried food, but it does’nt love him…. Wishing good luck to everyone who enters…

  106. David Holder says:

    I would probably cook wings first.

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    Oh, and I’d probably use it to make chicken wings and french fries — love them, hate hauling out the regular fryer.

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    Found this on your Facebook page – looks like it could be very handy!

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