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In full disclosure this is a sponsored post on behalf of Super Wubble Brite.


Super Wubble Brite – Just what we needed for outdoor fun!

Super Wubble Brite


This summer my family moved just a few miles from the shore. This meant nights on the beach for concerts, movies or fireworks. While we waited for dusk to come the kids would run around playing, but without glow sticks or lighted balls it got a little worrisome. We searched a few times for a ball we could bring with us but just never found what we wanted.


A few days ago the Super Wubble Brite was sent to us to review and YES! It’s just what we needed. Our Water Wubbles gave us lots of fun playtime this summer, and held up through multiple hot days with water play. The Super Wubble which looks like a balloon but plays like a ball was on our list of toys to get, but the Super Wubble Brite is what we need for those summer nights AND these early sunsets! By 6:30 pm the streetlights come on, but with the warmer weather still hanging on, we aren’t ready to head inside.


If you have a Super Wubble or a Water Wubble, you know about Xpandium. It’s stretchy and squishy which allows the wubble to grow as big as you can get it to stretch. When we first tried ours out my kids warned me, “These get BIG mom!” but I stopped them at about 2 feet across. The Super Wubble Brite can get BIG for sure, but stays light and easy to play with.

Super Wubble Brite


How Does the Super Wubble Brite Work?

The Super Wubble Brite comes with a pump, the deflated ball, and some petroleum jelly. What? Hold on for the explanation! Make sure you have a qtip and 4 AA batteries (for the pump) so you’re ready to get your ball inflated. The petroleum jelly gets put inside the valve so that the pump nozzle can go in. You need to push far; we were unsure about making a hole but get that little hole going so the air can go in. Once you’ve inflated the Super Wubble Brite (only takes about a minute depending on how big you want it), stick a patch on the hole and your ball is ready for play.

Super Wubble Brite glow in the dark ball


The LED color changing light is connected to the inside of the Super Wubble Brite ball. Just squeeze the ball and let the light shine, flash and glow! It took us a couple tries to find the best way to squeeze and it lights for about a minute. A game of catch is fun with the Super Wubble Brite because kids can grab it by squeezing – makes it easier to catch for little hands. We didn’t have any trouble with any popping or tearing while we played.


The Super Wubble Brite, glow in the dark ball, is a fun outdoor toy for tossing or bouncing, however my kids can’t stop laying on the Super Wubble Brite! It might “disappear” into their rooms to lounge on when playtime is done. If it ends up being too big no worries – it deflates easily as well. I don’t think the kids will let us deflate it though!


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You can get yours at Super Wubble Brite is also available at Target, Toys R Us and more!

Watch the YouTube commercial below:


We’re also joining other bloggers in a Super Wubble Brite ball giveaway.  To enter follow the directions below. The organizers of the Super Wubble Brite will be choosing the winner.

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3 thoughts on “Glow with the Super Wubble Brite

  1. nicole bowers says:

    Would it be wrong of me to keep this fab toy for myself? LOl :)

  2. Kristen says:

    Would be sooo excited to win this for my daughter – she would LOVE all the changing colors :) Great idea!

  3. Jeff Steidl says:

    This would be sooo much fun to play with! Love the color blue, as would my daughter :0) We could have fun for hours with this!!

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