The Story of the Easter Robin Book Review

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The Story of the Easter Robin

By Dandi Daley Mackall         Illustrated by Anna Vojtech


About The Story of the Easter Robin

This is a heart warming story about a young girl who finds a robin’s egg in a nest outside a window at her grandmother’s house. Each day Tressa goes to her grandmother’s house after school to check on the egg, and after 3 days, there are 4 eggs in the nest. Tressa is very concerned that the cold weather will stop the eggs from hatching. Gran explains to her granddaughter that God will take care of the eggs. To help distract Tressa, Gran teaches her how to make oschter-foggel, Easter birds. As the two make the eggs, Gran tells Tressa the tale of how the brown robin becomes a robin with a red breast. It is a story of how the robin tried to help Jesus when he was wearing the crown of thorns. It is wonderful story about compassion and faith. On Easter morning, Tressa went to Gran’s house to hang the beautiful Easter birds when to her surprise she found the eggs had hatched and 4 baby robins were alive and well!


The Story of the Easter Robin is best for children ages 4 – 7 years old.


Why I enjoyed The Story of the Easter Robin

  • It is a great introduction to the story about Jesus’ last days. It is often hard to explain the religious beliefs behind Easter, but this book allows children to be exposed to the story without too much detail or specifics. The story also helps parents use nature to expand upon the meaning of Easter. My favorite part reads as follows:

“The Robin’s read breast reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice and how much he cares. The robin’s song is the first sign of spring, helping us remember that after Christ died, he rose again on that first Easter.”

  • It is a wonderful story about faith! Gran keeps telling Tressa to trust God which she ultimately does. It helps teach children to believe in a higher power and have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.
  • It evokes curiosity! This story makes children question religion and faith which makes for a wonderful conversation. It allows children to think outside themselves and wonder about a greater power.


Why my kids enjoyed The Story of the Easter Robin

  • Beautiful illustrations! My boys loved the colorful and detailed pictures that made the story even more captivating.
  • The amazing Easter birds craft described and created in the story! My boys cannot wait until they can make these intricate Easter decorations.
  • Helped develop a better understanding of Easter. This story helped my boys understand why we celebrate Easter and how important this holiday is for Christians.


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