Stephen R. Gregg Park- Hudson County Parks & Playgrounds

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Stephen R. Gregg Park – Hudson County Parks & Playgrounds


Amazing sunsets and views at Stephen R. Gregg Park

Amazing sunsets and views at Stephen R. Gregg Park


4 Reasons my Family Loves Stephen R. Gregg Park


  • I’m always a fan of waterfront parks for the views. This park is no exception and along the 1/2 mile waterfront promenade we observed fisherman, sailboats and cargo ships, planes landing across the bay and an amazing sunset. Next time, we will bring our bikes and explore the waterfront of Stephen R. Gregg Park and the paths of the adjoining Richard Rutkowski Park.


  • Stephen R. Gregg Park has a diverse playground. I was honestly taken aback by the amount of playground structures in one spot, as well as open space so that you never felt crowded. All structures and swings appeal to different ability levels and there is metal fencing so that little ones are mostly contained. There were slides, spinning structures, swings, pretend cars and more.


Stephen R. Gregg Park


  • In the same area as the playground structures is a spray park! Your little ones will want to spend hours in this area, as there are buckets that dump, a dragon that sprays and sprinklers to run under. Our 8 PM visit found the sprinklers just shut off, so if it’s not summer or early or late hours you plan to visit, contact Hudson County Parks to find out open hours.


  • There’s so many fields and courts to play sports on, that if you bring the right gear you can spend a full day just in the one park. Across John F. Kennedy Boulevard, you’ll find ten tennis courts. There’s softball and baseball fields and a running track too. We watched a pickup game of softball and while we didn’t find boccie or horseshoes, the Hudson County Parks website says you’ll find them there. This park truly offers something for everyone, and with spectacular views to boot. Don’t miss out!


Part of the spray park at Stephen R. Gregg Park

Part of the spray park at Stephen R. Gregg Park


What Stephen R. Gregg Park offers:

  • Spray park
  • 6 playground structures
  • 7 baseball/softball fields
  • 8 soccer fields
  • Parking lots near waterfront
  • Playground
  • Restrooms
  • 10 tennis courts
  • Running track
  • Gazebo/fishing pier
  • Horseshoe pit
  • Exercise/cross country course
  • Football field
  • Boccie court
  • 2 lighted basketball courts
  • Half mile waterfront promenade
  • Summer Events such as movies and/or concerts


One of the many sports fields/opportunities at Stephen R. Gregg Park

One of the many sports fields/opportunities at Stephen R. Gregg Park



Stephen R. Gregg Park is located at John. F. Kennedy Blvd between 27th and 48th Streets  in Bayonne in Hudson County. 


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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