Station Park- Sussex County Parks and Playgrounds

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In full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post.


Station Park- Sussex County Parks and Playgrounds


Station Park


3 Reasons My Family Loves Station Park

  • There is so much shade! Most of the time when we go to a playground the sun is unbearable. I am always ready to leave after a few minutes because of the heat. This playground is surrounded by a lot of trees which makes it pretty shady. There are also a lot of shady places to sit and observe from. We could have stayed at this park for hours because the sun was much more manageable.


  • We love the imaginary ice cream stand. There is a wooden wall set up to look like an ice cream shop. It even has a door to walk through and a window to order at. We must have visited the ice cream shop 4 times during our visit to the park. My kids could not get enough of pretending to make the ice cream and being the customer.


  • My kids loved the see saw. The see saw actually looks pretty simple and not very exciting, but we were wrong. It is higher then most see saws and my kids loved it. They felt they were flying.


Station Park


What Station Park Offers

  • Several soccer and baseball fields
  • Large and small playground structures
  • Tire swing
  • 6 regular swings
  • 3 infant/toddler swings
  • Handicap accessible swing
  • See Saw
  • Bouncy horse
  • 3 small slides
  • Small rock wall
  • Spinning wheels
  • 3 large slides
  • Large climbing wall
  • Tunnel
  • Tic Tac Toe game
  • 3 sets of drums
  • Chimes
  • Steering wheel
  • Gazebo with benches


My 3 year old playing in the ice cream shop.

My 3 year old playing in the ice cream shop.


Station Park is located at 80 Station Road in Sparta in Sussex County.


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In full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post.

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