Star Wars Cantina aka Restaurant Playset & Diorama – Made with Love Series

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Today’s Made With Love Series project is a Restaurant Playset & Diorama for action figures and super heroes. Inspired by the Star Wars Cantina, we customized ours to Star Wars, of course.


View from Above


Restaurant Playset & Diorama Supplies we used

  • Cardboard Box (It helps if all but one side are still intact.)
  • Adhesive Scrapbook Paper (You can use regular scrapbook or construction paper.)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Stickers (We used Star Wars Stickers.)
  • Jewelry gift boxes in different sizes
  • Glue gun and glue sticks


Directions for creating a Restaurant Playset & Diorama

Walls & Floor

  • I began by carving out a hole in both the right and left side of the box to be used as a doorway.
  • I cut the front panel down and laid it out as part of the Cantina floor and to make it easier to play with.
  • Next, I covered the floor and walls with scrapbook paper. That’s probably the trickiest part. One scrapbook paper will not be enough to cover the entire area. You will need a few sheets of the same color or come up with a pattern if using multiple sheets.

The bar

  • I created the back bar using a necklace box. The lid and bottom of the box were glued together to form an L.
  • I covered it in aluminum foil and decorated it with stickers.
  • Then, I used my hot glue gun to glue it into place towards the back of the Cantina. I made sure I gave enough room for the action figures to move around the bar.


  • The black tables (see below) were created from jewelry boxes.You will notice the tables do not have chairs. That was deliberate as most action figures do not have bendable knees. The tables were created at waist height so the action figures could stand at them. An added feature of these tables is I did not glue the boxes closed. They open up so action figures, can store their gear or weapons in them.




Hostess Station

  • The silver hostess station was created from an angled watch box and black jewelry box lid. The angled box gives our hostess station an angle like you might expect to see at some restaurants.

Wall Hangings/ Secret Hiding spots

  • If you scroll back up to the top picture you will notice two gold boxes hanging on the wall. They are glued to the wall. But the boxes serve a double duty. First, they are wall hangings adding details to the cantina but they are also a secret hiding spot for the good (and even) the bad guys to hide their weapons. Inside of the boxes I placed pictures of Star Wars weapons to help my sons get that aspect of it.

Other Details

  • Star Wars stickers were used to give the cantina more details. Stickers of Star Wars characters were added around the cantina to give the impression that it was already being used by Jedi, stormtroopers, wookies, and other.
  • On the outside I added additional stickers of some bad guys to give the impression that beyond the cantina walls danger lurks.



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