Stack Up! A Cooperative Play Game from Peaceable Kingdom

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We received the Stack Up!, at no charge, to review
from Peaceable Kingdom. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun
which allows us to share information about toys we think families may enjoy.

Stack Up!, a pre-school skill builders cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom.

Stack Up!, a pre-school skill builders cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom.


Stack Up! is our latest cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom that we are reviewing in our Family Game Night series.


About Stack Up!

Stack Up! is one of Peaceable Kingdom’s award winning Preschool Skills-Builder Games. In Stack Up! everyone must work together to Stack Up! the blocks before the Stack Smasher gets around the board to knock them over. Stack Up! is for ages 3-5 and 2-6 players.

My son stacking a block while using the wood ends of the stack sticks.

My son stacking a block while using the wood ends of the stack sticks.


How to Play Stack Up!

Spin the spinner. If it lands on a color, players stack a matching color block on the tower in the center of the game board. That’s where the 3 levels come in. Younger kids use their hands to stack the blocks. To make the game more challenging, Level 2 players use the wood ends of the stack sticks and Level 3 players use the foam ends.

Stack Smasher: If you spin the Stack Smasher, you move him one space on the game board.

Challenge Cards: Level 1 players stack 2 blocks and use their hands to put them on the stack while performing the challenge. Level 2 and 3 players work with the player to their left to stack a block on the tower while performing the challenge.


JFFStackUpContentsStack Up! Includes:

  • 1 game board (with 2 sides)
  • 12 blocks
  • 12 challenge cards
  • 2 Stack Sticks
  • 1 Stack Smasher and stand
  • 1 spinner
  • Instructions for 3 game levels (plus a bonus for 2 year olds)


What I love about Stack Up!

  • Peaceable Kingdom designed the game to grow with kids. There are 3 levels of play, to make the game more challenging for older siblings, but just as easy to play with the whole family.
  • They also included a special level for 2 year olds on the back of the game board to practice color sorting.
  • My 4 year old absolutely LOVES the challenge cards. Challenge cards include silly tasks for you to complete while trying to stack blocks, like singing Happy Birthday or standing on one foot.
  • He also loves the Stack Smasher- even when it wins and knocks down all of the blocks.


You can purchase Stack Up! an Award Winning Preschool Skills Builder Game from Peaceable Kingdom and other cooperative games on Peaceable Kingdom’s website, Amazon, or at your favorite specialty toy store for $24.99.


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