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We received this children’s CD, at no charge, to review from The Squeegees. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about children’s music we think your family may enjoy.


Veggie Soup is the second album released by the Squeegees.  In the words of the band “This album was written in the spirit of happiness.” The songs on this CD address topics dealing with healthy eating, cleaning up, not giving up, musical instruments, and even a little Spanish. Each song teaches children about something while still giving them a catchy tune and music to dance to. The Squeegees’ band’s mission is to produce educational songs and they deliver with this album. The song “I Can! I Can!” is an uplifting and encouraging song. The song lists some of the things that kids can do from reading a book to touching their toes and blowing  kiss. The song encourages children to keep trying and never give up even if they feel like they want to quit. This is such a positive and important message for children to learn.


From the second the first song started I couldn’t help but bop along to the catchy tunes. Each song is so upbeat and fun.  It was hard for me to pick a favorite song. If I had to choose I think my favorite song was “Clean Up” because clean up time is always a difficult time in my house. But clean up becomes a little more fun when you have a fun song to listen to. My kids loved the song “Dancing.” It’s upbeat and fun to dance to, especially during the stop and go part of the song.
Veggie Soup is a good CD to add to your children’s musical library because it’s full and catchy songs that are great to dance to and teach important lessons to young children.


Learn more about the Squeegees at their site,


Squeegees' Veggie SoupThe Squeegees’ Veggie Soup Song List

  1. Veggie Soup
  2. Keep it Green
  3. I Can! I Can!
  4. Dancing
  5. Clean Up
  6. Let’s Count En Espanol
  7. Outer Space
  8. Rainy Day
  9. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet
  10. Los Instrumentos Musicales
  11. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  12. Hush Little Baby


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The Squeegees’ Veggie Soup

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