Terrific Reasons to Tune in to Terrific Trucks on Sprout

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Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks


Today, we had the wonderful pleasure of returning to one of our favorite places for Jersey fun, Diggerland. In celebration of Sprout’s new show Terrific Trucks we were hosted for a lunch and afternoon of play.


About the Sprout Channel’s Terrific Trucks

Terrific Trucks

Terrific Trucks is a live action series that features REAL trucks in a REAL world setting as they figure out the best way to tackle tough projects and simple everyday problems. Routed in problem-solving, each episodes follows the trucks from their morning meeting at their construction site homebase to actually doing the work on site and then home again for a wash-up and a recap of the lesson learned. With all the digging, lifting, and loading, Terrific Trucks is an active celebration of teamwork. The trucks come in all shapes and sizes. Common Sense Media gives it a terrific rating, which you can see here.


After the kids were done ‘digging’ into healthy foods they had ‘loaded’ onto their plates, their appetites were ‘crushed’. With some words from Amy, from Sprout, kids settled into the bean bags to watch two episodes of Terrific Trucks.


Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks

He’s ready for the premiere episode of Sprout Channel’s Terrific Trucks.


After a terrific viewing of Terrific Trucks we were in for a special treat, a Diggerland stunt show. Diggerland has them every day, but we recorded part of today’s stunt show live on Facebook.


Diggerland Stunt Show video


If the day wasn’t terrific enough… all the kids and their families continued their fun with an afternoon at Diggerland. So while the kids played I couldn’t help thinking about the show and some terrific reasons why you and your family will want to tune in to see it.


Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks


Terrific Reasons to Tune in to Terrific Trucks on Sprout

  • Let’s start with: Terrific Trucks debuts on the Sprout Channel Saturday, July 9, 9 am giving families a great new show to watch together all summer long.


Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks


  • Each story is 11 minutes and each episode is 30 minutes. That’s long enough for parents to attend to a quick household task while the kids watch quality programming.


  • There are 5 unique character trucks by the name of Tork (the red dump truck), Dug (the orange digger), Sparky (the green front end loader), Stotz (the silver semi), and Blinker (the pink scooper). Two of the character trucks, Sparky and Blinker, are female trucks! Woohoo! The Terrific Trucks writing team knows trucks aren’t just for boys.


Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks


  • In each episode the characters work together on real world problems, while developing problem solving skills.


  • Terrific Trucks shows real life real action. These are real trucks operating at a working quarry outside of Toronto, Canada. The eyes of the trucks are the only animated feature in the show. Real construction workers can be seen in the episodes.


Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks


  • With each Terrific Trucks episode, the character trucks will reinforce the idea of teamwork with each other and construction industry professionals.


  • Each episode introduces children to truck-related jobs and careers.


Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks


  • Terrific Trucks also has online options that help kids remember their favorite trucks and build school skills.
    • Play Terrific Team Match Up a memory game for 2-3 year olds at this link.
    • Build a Terrific Truck a matching game at this link.
    • Bill Board’s Memory Match is another memory game for 2-3 year olds at this link.
    • Home Base Maze is an action adventure game for 4-5 year olds. They can play at this link.
    • Job Site Dash is an action adventure game for 4-5 year olds. They can play at this link.


Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks


  • It reminds us of one of our favorite places we can go, Diggerland. Do the kids have a favorite episode? Is there a problem from the show they want to pretend to solve? Kids can act out their Terrific Trucks imagination at Diggerland with real equipment modified for kid play. To learn more about Diggerland, please visit our articles.


Click over to our Facebook album to see more photos from today. A preview is below.



Terrific Trucks debuts on the Sprout channel at 9 am on July 9. Can’t wait till then?

Download the Sprout Playground App to watch a special sneak peek of Terrific Trucks.


Sprout Channel Terrific Trucks

These kids all thought Terrific Trucks is terrific!


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