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Sparta Lanes ~ Bowling Fun in Sussex County

In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

3 Reasons My Family Loves Sparta Lanes

Winter means long, cold, snowy days stuck in the house. Eventually cabin fever sets in and you have to get out. But what is there to do in this cold weather that’s not going to cost your family a fortune? Bowling! Bowling is a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening together as a family without spending a ton of money. Sparta Lanes in Sussex county is a great bowling option. Sparta Lanes is located at 83 Woodport Rd in Sparta. It’s very easy to find, you can’t miss it.


Sparta Lanes

Sparta Lanes is clean and well maintained. They also have a lot to offer every member of your family. There are over 20 bowling lanes with the option of using bumpers or not. They have open bowling every day. The price changes based on the day and time, so check their website or call them for more information (973-729-61354).


Sparta Lanes also has a large variety of bowling ball weights and sizes. We were bowling with several small children and were easily able to find several light weight balls. Which was impressive because there were several other families with small children bowling at the same time.


Sparta Lanes also offers a variety of specials and bowling events during the week. We went during their weekend laser light bowling. The laser lights are turned on every Saturday and Sunday between 4-6 pm. There are also discounts on bowling/shoe rentals/ and video games on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If you have a family member who is really into bowling, Sparta Lanes has a variety of league options. They’ve got leagues for men, women, children, adults and children, and couples. They even have a full bar and grill in the alley and access to a neighboring bagel shop from inside. This expands your food choices from the typical snack bar at most bowling alleys (Sparta Lanes has a snack bar too, for people craving a traditional bowling experience.)


Getting ready for some laser light bowling.

Getting ready for some laser light bowling.

3 Reasons Why My Family Loved Sparta Lanes

  1. The staff was friendly and helpful.

We arrived with a very noisy and active group of 10 people, which included 4 children between the ages of 5 and 2. The staff happily took care of us and did not bat an eye at our rambunctious group. They didn’t appear annoyed at my 2 year old’s tantrum about the laser lights being scary, or the fact that my children continuously stepped over the foul line (I’ve actually had staff at another bowling alley lecture my 3 year old about the rules of bowling). When one of our lanes malfunctioned, they quickly got us back up and running again, despite being very busy.

2. There is so much to do besides bowling.

When you are bowling with a large group it means you will spend a lot of your time waiting for your turn. That can be very difficult for small children. Luckily, Sparta Lanes has a lot of other things to occupy you while you wait. The first thing I noticed were the several giant television screen on the walls at the end of the lanes. The screens were playing music videos for people to watch as they wait. There was also an entire room of arcade games.

3. The snack bar was awesome and reasonable priced.

According to my mother, it’s not bowling unless you get fries. The snack bar at Sparta Lanes had great fries at a great price but they had so much more. There were your typical bowling alley foods like fries and burgers. But they also advertised healthy options and several types of salads. There was a food option to please every member of your family.

Sparta Lanes was a great night out for our family and we will definitely be returning in the future.


There is so much to do besides bowling here.

There is so much to do besides bowling here.

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