Soupy Island a Hidden Treasure of Gloucester County

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The history of Soupy Island is what makes Soupy Island a special place to go. It was a place for children to go during the Great Depression. Kids could still have fun while everything else was going on, ride some rides, and a get a free bowl of soup. The same stands true today. Children from all walks of life can come to Soupy Island to get some free family fun, and a free bowl of soup and a milk.


Come down to Soupy Island and have some Old Fashioned Fun

Come down to Soupy Island and have some Old Fashioned Fun


What Soupy Island has to offer:

  • Tons of swing sets
  • Indoor working bathroom facilities
  • Covered picnic tables
  • Slides
  • Tire jungle gym area
  • Small playground
  • Old fashioned carousal
  • Seesaw
  • Pool that is 6-feet deep
  • Kiddie wadding pool 2 feet deep
  • Giant slide bring wax paper or they will provide some to go more quickly


Soupy Island a hidden Treasure of


When we went to Soupy Island I had never been on a carousal as fast as this one! It was hand-cranked by someone and it played music. During the ride you can view pictures of all different cartoon characters that someone had painted over the years.


Soupy Island is completely free and run by volunteers over the summer. My son has even seen one of his school teachers there helping out. The children loved the smaller pool. They could run and splash through-out it. When it was time for lunch each of the children got a bowl of alphabet soup with chunks of carrots, potatoes, and chicken, a pint of chocolate milk, and some graham crackers. It was a great treat because I didn’t have to worry about packing a lunch, buying lunch, or trying to find a debit machine. It was like a park, playground, and small amusement park all in one and completely free.


My children have been begging me since last summer to bring them again. Soupy Island is only open for 6 weeks after July 4th so don’t forget to schedule this sometime during your summer fun. Listed below you will find a picture with the detailed operational schedule of the pool and facilities, because they are only open during certain time periods during the day. We went on a less crowded day. We went when it was overcast and drizzling there were only a few people in the park. Be sure to call ahead of time to make sure the park is still open despite in-climate weather.


This is such a fast slide and even faster with wax paper.

This is such a fast slide and even faster with wax paper.


Soupy Island Address:

Soupy Island is located at 1718 Front St. West Deptford, New Jersey 08086


Soupy Island Hours of Operation:

  • It is open for 6 weeks after the 4th of July on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
  • Soupy Island will close for the season on August 10, 2017.

The schedule of operation as updated for 2017:

  • Tuesdays (for children 8-years and under only, no teenagers) 9:30 to 3 pm (pool closes at 1:45 pm and does not re-open)
  • Wednesday (for children 12-years and under only, no teenagers) 9:30 to 4 pm
  • Thursdays (for children 12-years and under only, no teenagers) 9:30 to 4 pm

For large groups, please call ahead of time to 856-845-2430.


Soupy Island sign


21 thoughts on “Soupy Island a Hidden Treasure of Gloucester County

  1. Denise Keegan says:

    My father used to help coordinate work picnics for Mobil Oil (Saucony Refinery) annually!
    My siblings and I were allowed to enter the park very early and help set up.
    The picnic featured real bananas hanging from trees, tons of games and dance contests in the Gazebo To a band.
    We waited for this picnics ALL YEAR!
    The best part was most of my uncles also worked at Mobil so all my cousins would be there!
    Mr Softer was free all day as was soda, corn on the cob and hot Dogs!
    It was nothing short of MAGICAL!!!
    Wonderful Memories
    I m thrilled it is still open!

  2. Cory Crabtree says:

    I visited nearly every year as a student of Green Fields Elementary. Fond little memories. Hoping to go back with mine soon.

  3. Henry callaway says:

    I want there as a child i remember boading the ferry at oenat penn treaty park (pier is gone now) i remember the soup and crackers served on the ferry

  4. Sharon Taylor says:

    Is there a life guard for the pool?

    • Jennifer A. says:

      There were lifeguards when a reader went a few weeks back. I would recommend calling them directly to verify what the lifeguard schedule is. – Jenn

  5. Willamenia says:

    I was just informed about this place today, from another parent making plans for her daughter’s bday which happens to be the same day as my daughters
    I Read through all the reviews an I’m so honored to have read about all the good memories and great times spent at this place so I’m taking all my babe’s Wed just in time before it closes for the summer. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful post Live, Love & Laugh is what life is about. Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers and philanthropist that keep it running. God Bless you, the awesome works that you all do and bring forth and most important the hearts and lives of every child that you all have helped, fed, up lifted, made smile and left an impact on

  6. Cindy Tunnicliffe Guerin says:

    Woodbury Public Schools would go every year to celebrate the last day of school and back then Mom’s wrapped your sandwiches in waxed paper which we then used on the fabulous slide znd Mom would always get us our new bathing suits for that day!!!-now I will have to tell my 2 sisters it’s still open so they can take my Great nieces and nephews!!!!

  7. Marie Westfall says:

    In Red Bank elementary school, Verga School and Oakview School, our class would go to Soupy Island for a class picnic in May. I am 71 years old and still remember the fun we had at Soupy, especially the covered slide. Always bring waxed paper for a better ride.

  8. Mary Hartman says:

    I’m 55. I went there as a child. Does anyone else remember small monkeys? I remember feeding them peanuts.

  9. Jim Devlin says:

    I remember when I was a kid back in the 50’s. We used to ride a ferry boat over to the Island from Philly. They would give us soup and crackers as well as a chunk of cheese. I can’t remember much more than that.

  10. Jackie says:

    I took my children there when they were younger. My oldest is now 34. Can’t believe it is still there. What a wonderful place. It’s nice to know that places like this still exist. There is still a lot of good in America!!

  11. Gertrude Thornton says:

    My great grand told me today mom-mom we went to a park today that had a big big sliding board
    I told her when I was a little girl I went there from Philly on a boat I am 72 my my small world

  12. Diana Cruz says:

    Hello my father worked for Campbell soup for 42yrs n I’m now I’m 56yrs old n remember when he used to bring me n my siblings loved it then n still love it. Now I bring my grand children n enjoy every moment with them (building great memories) Thanks for great times

  13. Teresa says:

    Wow, soupy island, was the best when I was a kid my mom took my family and friends, there was a boat called the GOOD SHIP LOLLYPOP that took us over from Philadelphia, I never could forget the crackers and milk, wow , I have to revisit

  14. Siddiq says:

    I use to go every summer with the camp i went to as a child ,love the covered picnic tables and the soup was delicious my sister said my 2 yr old neice was going in july with her summer camp i was thrilled to hear it was still open been more than 35 yrs since ive been im making plans to take my grandbaby this summer,wonderful times spent there and beautiful memories

  15. Wendy Hacker says:

    Is Soupy Island still open?

  16. Duane Nesbitt says:

    I remember soupy island as a child…. I was in a group home and we used to come here all the time… I don’t believe it still exist… Its been 35yrs since i been there… Good memories and good times at soupy island. …

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