Sofia the First Party celebrating the release of The Curse of Princess Ivy

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In full disclosure, Jersey Family Fun received the Sofia the First party pack from House Party in exchange for an honest review of this service.
Sofia the First Party

Sofia the First party celebrating the release of the “The Curse of Princess Ivy”



Party Pack Arrives

The party pack arrived and there were plenty of smiles over the contents.


Sofia the First has become a character in our home that my children have enjoyed watching over the past few months on Disney Junior channel. The catchy music, unique and magical characters, and imaginative plots keep my children captivated during each episode as they learn valuable lessons. Of course my home was ecstatic to receive a party pack courtesy of House Party to celebrate the release of the movie The Curse of Princess Ivy. In each Sofia movie, she is faced with an obstacle and with the use of her amulet she has the magical ability to summon a princess. The movies are only an hour which is the perfect length for young children and contain lots of great songs.


After Sofia’s sister, Amber, learns of her ability to communicate with animals she steals her amulet in an attempt to wield its power. When she tries to summon the princess Rapunzel, Amber actually brings Princess Ivy to Enchancia the home of this royal family. Unfortunately, Princess Ivy is a villainess intent on becoming Queen and this is represented by her butterflies and dragonflies turning the entire kingdom black and white. Personally, I enjoyed the symbolism of Princess Ivy’s reign and the loss of color within the kingdom.  Sofia and Amber enlist the assistance of dragons and Rapunzel to help them end Princess Ivy’s tyranny.  Mandy Moore reprised her role of Rapunzel in the movie, Oliver Platt provides the voice for Everburn the oldest dragon and John Michael Higgins is the voice of Flambeau.  There is a good amount of drama, singing, and suspense for young children.


The Party Pack

There were so many fun things in the party pack it made planning very easy.


The Sofia the First Party Pack that we received included:

  • 1 Sofia the First book “The Curse of Princess Ivy”
  • 1 Butterfly Cookie Cutter
  • 3 Sofia the First Paper Crowns
  • 12 Sofia the First Paper Tiaras
  • Butterfly hairclip activity
  • 12 Sofia the First Placemats with activity
  • 12 Sofia the First sticker sheets
  • 12 Sofia the First posters
  • 20 Sofia the First Cup Wrappers
  • 1 Recipe card and activity sheet


The party begins

My daughter’s favorite item from the party pack was the Sofia the First book.


The party pack is great in that it enabled the children to have plenty of activities before the movie began. The girls arrived one hour before the showing of the movie wearing various shades of purple which is Sofia’s signature color. Some of the girls had Sofia dresses or shoes, while others were dressed in fluffy skirts. They loved playing with the sticker set and decorating their own placemats.


Since this was a viewing party, several parents that attended brought snacks such as chips and dip, fruit salad, and fruit juice. As the organizer of this event, I ensured that the decorations reflected Sofia and Princess Ivy. In the living room, we had black and white balloons as well as black and white throws. In the dining room, we had balloons, tablecloths, and supplies in purple. But the party pack contained several activities for the children to do which made it very simple and stress free for me to run the party.


The Sofias

The girls enjoyed their first girls night out for a movie premiere.


When the movie began and Sofia’s theme song began to play, it was great to see the children become quickly mesmerized by the movie. The highlights of the movie for this audience focused around the music sang by the dragons and the appearance of Rapunzel. My daughter and her friend enjoyed dancing to the song “Smoke, Wings, and Fire” as well as “Dare to Risk it All” as they wore their Sofia the First tiaras while snacking on purple cupcakes with candied pearls.


At the end of the night, each girl that attended the party received a Sofia the First poster courtesy of House Party as well as a coloring book. The girls walked out the doors chatting about their viewing party, Sofia the First, and the favorite parts about the movie. This small celebration lasted a short time that night but will be a memory for a longtime for them and their parents.


Check out our Facebook photo album for more Sofia the First party photos.

Plenty of tiaras

At the Sofia the First party, every girl became a princess and wore a tiara.


In full disclosure, Jersey Family Fun received the Sofia the First party pack from House Party in exchange for an honest review of this service.

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