Snowman Handprint Ornaments

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Like most parents, I enjoy receiving and giving homemade gifts during the holidays. And what makes a better gift than a keepsake ornament that can hang on your tree for years to come. Every year we make a new type of handprint ornament for ourselves and to give as gifts to grandparents. Not only are they simple to make (my favorite type of crafts) and affordable but they are also super cute!


In the past, we’ve made angels, Christmas trees and reindeer but this Christmas we decided to make Snowman Handprint Ornaments (the easiest and cutest so far!). This idea came from many pictures posted of this type of ornament on Pinterest (which usually overwhelms me but this craft seemed easy enough, even for me!).


Snowman Handprint Ornaments

A beautiful addition to our tree

A beautiful addition to our tree

What you need to make Snowman Handprint Ornaments

• Plastic or glass ball ornament (I used large 5 in. plastic ones from Dollar Tree)
• Black Sharpie marker
• Craft paint in white (and any other colors you would like to use)
• Paint brushes
• Smock


How to make Snowman Handprint Ornaments

1. Paint your child’s hand using a wide paint brush and white craft paint. Note: you will definitely want to do one child at a time as this part can get messy. Also, I have dipped their hands in paint before but find that painting their hands instead gives better quality results.
2. Set the ornament in the middle of the palm of each child’s hand with fingers spread far apart.
3. Have your child slowly close their hand onto the ornament (as if they are grabbing hold of it).
4. Slowly take their fingers off of the ornament and set it somewhere to dry (I set them on top of paper cups so they would not roll around).
5. Let the paint completely dry (overnight is best).
6. Have your child use a black Sharpie to add faces to each snowman (one on each finger).
7. Use a variety of colors of craft paint (or colored Sharpies, although we think painting is more fun) to create scarves, buttons and hats on the snowmen. My son drew everything with the black Sharpie first and then used that as a guide for his painting.
8. Add snowflakes with the white paint (if you’d like- my son chose not to).
9. Write (or have your child write) their name on the palm of their handprint along with the year.

My son painting scarves on his adorable snowmen

My son painting scarves on his adorable snowmen

Making handmade ornaments every year is one of our favorite traditions and we were happy to have our one-year-old join in this year. Not only is this a creative, fun and family bonding experience it helps us to create memories that will stay with us long past this Christmas. These ornaments bring a smile to our faces and the family members we will give them too as well. What an enjoyable and affordable way to spread Christmas cheer!

Adding his name and date  with a black Sharpie (should have written it on the palm of his hand but cute nonetheless)

Adding his name and date with a black Sharpie (should have written it on the palm of his hand but cute nonetheless)

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  1. Nicole says:

    Wow! What a great idea! I will have to do this with my son for a christmas gift for the grandparents

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