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snowmen at night

Snowmen At Night

By Caralyn and Mark Buehner


About Snowmen At Night

Ever wondered what snowmen really do at night? The sky is dark, the children are all asleep and the snowmen begin their winter fun! In this book a little boy stares at his snowman and wonders why he seems slumped over and just not the same as when he made him yesterday.  His new snow friend couldn’t have possibly melted so he must have been up all night having fun.  With each page turn the reader gets an inside look like never before into the life of a snowman. From snowball fights, to sledding and games the reader catches a glimpse of what snowmen do at night.



Snowmen At Night is best for children ages 3-8


Why I enjoyed Snowmen At Night

  • The creative story is written in rhyme which makes it fun to read (and listen to). The rhyming words and patterns found on each page make this a book adults will enjoy sharing with their kids. I was quite surprised when my one-year-old attentively listened while I read the entire story (that doesn’t happen often).
  • The clever use of humor along the way makes this book even more delightful.  The idea of snowmen playing ball, sledding, drinking cold cocoa made by their snow mothers and racing back “home” before the sun comes up is creative.  I even chuckled throughout the story and couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what these silly snowmen were up to next.
  • The illustrations were not only silly but breath-taking as well. I was captivated by the realistic facial expressions and details on the snowmen. The pictures made this story even more magical as you were able to escape into the imaginary world of snowmen at night.


Why my kids enjoyed Snowmen At Night

  • My kids enjoyed Snowmen At Night because it was creative and different from every other winter and snow themed book we read. Not since the story of Frosty the Snowman have my kids been so excited to read a story about snowmen. In the words of my five-year-old “I never knew snowmen played at night”. Both of my children have asked to read Snowmen At Night every night for the last week (which is perfect with all this snow lately!).
  • The illustrations wowed my kids as well.  They kept pointing out different features on the snowmen and my son even mentioned how it appeared that the snowmen were sledding right off the page.  The pictures were vivid and bright, keeping my kids engaged for the entire story.
  • The hidden picture game at the end of the book was a great surprise. My children loved looking for the hidden pictures along the way. After reading Snowmen At Night several times they are still finding new images like the snowman face in the moon.  What a creative way to keep the children interested after reading the story!


For your own copy of Snowmen At Night

  • Visit your local New Jersey library to borrow a copy.
  • Purchase your own at Amazon. Click on the ad to the right to locate the book.


Can’t get to the library because of the snow?

Snowmen at Night is available in a Kindle edition on Amazon.


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post. The link and ad to Amazon is an affiliate links. If you make a purchase Jersey Family Fun will receive a small portion of the sale towards our cost of running Jersey Family Fun.

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