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Part of the Flash Forward Series

Part of the Flash Forward Series

Snow White & the Seven Dogs

by Gilda and Melvin Berger


About Snow White & the Seven Dogs

When Snow White gets kicked out of a fancy shop she’s left all alone. It’s take a little help from seven furry new friends if Snow is ever going to live happily ever after…


Snow White can’t help being the prettiest thing in her stepmother’s chic boutique. But when awful Evilyn notices, she banishes Snow forever. It’s a good thing the mall is full of strange and wonderful creatures, because soon Snow finds a home with seven tiny dogs who save her from poison and help her live happily ever after!


Snow White & the Seven Dogs is best for ages 5 to 9


Why we enjoyed Snow White & the Seven Dogs

  • In the beginning of the book it re-tells a classic story tale and then says “That was then this is now”. This makes us curious about how they can modernize another classic fairy tale.
  • Instead of a magic mirror there is a magic screen that the step-mother in the story speaks to.
  • The step mother’s favorite color is purple so everything around her is purple: purple nail polish, purple guy in the mirror, and a purple outfit as well.
  • The Snow White & the Seven Dogs book is part of the flash forward series see the book review about Cinderella.
  • Instead of seven dwarfs Snow White has seven dogs. My girls love animals so of course seeing the different dogs was their favorite part.
  • Each of these books tells who the book is best for, within what age group and reading level. This book is a level two book for children from 1st to 2nd grade. Use these reading levels as a guide and choose what level works best for your child.
  • The drawings are colorful and whimsical. We loved Snow White’s outfit which had an apple on it. The apple reminded us of in the original movie and it also reminds us of apple picking.


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Snow White & the Seven Dogs

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