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18 Snow Day Activities to Keep Kids Busy & Happy

It seems like they’ve been waiting for it all year. Kids will wait night after night of wearing their pajamas inside out, jumping on their bed three times, and saying a very loud prayer for snow. While kids anxiously await snow, parents search for snow day activities to help keep their sanity and help the kids burn off cabin fever. And finally, it’s here! Lots and lots of snow, piled up cleanly in the yard, just begging to be played with. Beyond the building snowmen and having snowball fights we have a collection of outdoor snow day activities and indoor snow day activities to make the day fun for everyone.


snow day activities


Here are some of our favorite Snow Day Activities to keep kids busy & happy (both indoor and outdoor) on a snow day off from school!


Outdoor Snow Day Activities

snowy day

From obstacle courses to the ever-popular snowball fight, these outdoor snow day activity ideas are sure to keep your kids busy – at least until their toes get cold!

  • What goes together like peanut butter and jelly? Snow and sledding! We have compiled an in-depth list of the best sledding spots to hit all across New Jersey. So dust off that old toboggan in the basement and finally put it to good use.
  • Create a snow obstacle course. We love to try to hula hoop in the snow, go down our slide into a pile of snow and even jump off of our patio into snow piles
  • Color your yard by painting snow. – Go outside and spray the snow with water bottles filled with water and food coloring. You will have a tie-dyed masterpiece in no time.
  • Snowball fight – Build a fort on each side of your yard with the snow and prepare for an epic snow battle of kids vs parents.


outdoor snow day activities

He’s building that castle.


  • Make a snow castle –  Castles building isn’t just for the sand. Get our your beach toys and build a snow castle with all your different buckets
  • Frozen bubble balls – Rumor has it that if you blow bubbles outside when its freezing temps or below that bubbles will freeze and land on the snow for  you to lightly toss around.
  • Pretend you are Snow Holmes – Have a scavenger hunt in the snow. Drop a few trinkets in different areas and have the kids hunt them down. Make sure your detectives have a magnifying glass and show them how no two snowflakes are alike.
  • Play tic tac toe – Grab a stick and create your board, use sticks to make x’s and pine cones or something else from your yard can be the o’s.
  • Last but not least – Lay down in the snow roll around, make a snow angel and have a blast. You could even turn it into a competition to see who can make the most snow angles in 30 seconds.



Indoor Snow Day Activities

Winter crafts for cold and snowy days

My favorite thing to do when it snows (besides stay in my pajamas) is to get busy crafting! My oldest loves any excuse to break out some paints and glue and get creative. Here are some of our favorite snow day crafts to try with your kids.



  • Create a winter icicle snowflake by freezing water in a bundt pan! Add a little food coloring for a colorful icicle. Who says kids crafts can’t be beautiful too?



Yummy winter recipes for kids

Get out your aprons and start cooking! We have some amazing snow-related recipes that will keep your kids excited about being home and stuck inside.

  • Did you know you can make ice cream out of snow? Google a recipe for Snow Cream.
  • Even the youngest of children will get the ultimate kick out of Snowman Pancakes. Don’t forget the bacon scarf!



More indoor snowy day activities

  • Bring the snow INSIDE! Who says you need to bundle up the kids to let them play with snow? They’ll be squealing with delight when you let them bring it in the house!


Pin our snow day activities for later or save it to your bookmarks now.


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What do you like to do on a snow day? Please feel free to leave us some ideas in the comments section below!


Searching for things to do on those not-so-snowy winter days? Check out our Winter Day Trips & Destinations Guide for awesome cures for cabin fever.



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