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Over the last few weeks we have shared movie reviews of some great family films available from Redbox and Phase4 Films. Friday nights have been filled with movie nights at our house, I pick out three movies and let the kids pick one. I was thrilled when they chose to watch Smitty this week. As a family that has 5 dogs any movie with a dog has the potential to be an instant favorite for us, so we couldn’t wait to watch Smitty. The movie did not let us down, we can’t wait to watch it again.


About Smitty

Mischievous thirteen-year old Ben is sent to his grandfather’s farm for the summer, where he crosses paths with a lovable mutt named Smitty. With help from the unlikely canine companion, Ben learns the importance of friendship, family, and responsibility. When life gets tough for Ben, a friendly paw is all it takes to pull him through.




 The all star cast list of Smitty  includes:

  • Mira Sorvino
  • Peter Fonda
  • Louis Gossett Jr.
  • Brandon Tyler Russel
  • Jason London
  • BooBoo Stewart


About the DVD
  • 94 minute runtime
  • Rated PG
  • Special Features on the DVD include the making of Smitty and the official trailer


Smitty, Official Trailer


Smitty, was a great choice for our family movie night. The love that Ben has for his new friend Smitty made us cuddle our furry friends a touch more. Smitty touches on great moral values and shows how you can truly appreciate the things you have in life when you start caring about others and not just yourself. Smitty helps in teaching there are always consequences for your actions, that your family will always be there for you, and the values of family and friendship can have on your life. My kids all loved the movie, and i loved the good family values of the movie. We give it two thumbs up. This was a movie that the whole family enjoyed, be sure to have your tissues handy though because it’s definitely a tear jerker at some points.


Smitty is part of the Redbox Summer of Family Fun Series.

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In full disclosure, this is a sponsored post by Redbox and Phase 4 Films, who provided Jersey Family Fun with this movie, in exchange for our promotion of the Redbox Summer of Family Fun. As always, our opinions are honest and based on our own experiences with the movie.


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