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Skiing in New Jersey? Cool Places to Ski in New Jersey  

Skiing is one of the most iconic winter activities I can think of, well besides sledding, of course. Skiing is a great way to get outside and enjoy the outdoors while also getting in some great exercise. Whether you are looking for a fun winter getaway for the weekend or a day trip with your little ones, you don’t have to go far this winter to hit the slopes to ski in New Jersey!

There are plenty of ski resorts in New Jersey that are well worth the trip! These resorts offer everything from bunny hills to black diamonds, so there is something for every skier level in your party! If your family are expert skiers, I’ve included a section just for you too! Ready to hit those slopes? Here are the best places to ski in New Jersey.

2 kids ready to ski in New Jersey

Cool Places to Ski in New Jersey

Ski indoors at Big Snow American Dream

A lack of snow outside won’t stop this ski resort from letting in skiers! This indoor ski resort is indoors and can be found in New Jersey’s American Dream! There is 0.5 km of slopes, two lifts for guests, and a winter sports area for skiing and snowboarding. If the weather outside isn’t great, this can be an excellent option for families who don’t want to miss out on skiing just because of some bad weather!

Campgaw Mountain Ski Resort

This is the perfect little ski resort for anyone in the New Jersey area! It’s the only resort with a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline, and you’ll find terrains suitable for all ski levels. This is a great place to take kids or skiers who are just starting, but seasoned skiers can also enjoy the freestyle terrain park. This resort is also a great place for tubing, in case skiing isn’t everyone’s thing!

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High Point Cross Country Ski Center

Located at the northern tip of New Jersey, you can find the perfect ski spot for those looking for a snowy escape. You can go cross-country skiing or snowshoe through a landscape that is so beautiful there aren’t words to describe! There is even one trail that goes through High Point State Park! You’ll find terrain suitable for every ski level, and the low prices make this an excellent value ski center!

girl skis through a forest in New Jersey

Mountain Creek

About an hour and a half from downtime Jersey City you’ll find four mountain peaks and 167 acres of trail at Mountain Creek. This ski paradise is also home to the region’s highest skiable vertical and is one of the only dedicated All-Mountain Terrain Parks south of Vermont. When you’re tired of skiing in New Jersey, you can check out snow tubing, restaurants, the spa, or even go snowboarding instead.

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More locations in New Jersey with Cross Country Skiing

The list of places in New Jersey that offer skiing continues to grow. While we gather more details about them, we wanted to give you a brief list of them.

Ocean County Park System

  • Ocean County Park & Off Leash Dog Park: 659 Ocean Ave, Lakewood
  • Patriots County Park & Sports Complex: 483 acres, 483 Bowman Road, Jackson
  • Cattus Island County Park: 1170 Cattus Island Blvd., Toms River
  • Jakes Branch County Park: 1100 Double Trouble Road, Beachwood
  • Cloverdale Farm County Park: 34 Cloverdale Road, Barnegat

Skiing in Monmouth County, New Jersey

  • Cross-country ski trails are groomed at Thompson Park when there is enough snow and conditions are favorable. (Six inches or more of snow.)
  • Marked, ungroomed trails are available for cross-country skiing at: Clayton Park, Upper Freehold Hartshorne Woods Park, Locust Holmdel Park, Holmdel Huber Woods Park, Locust Shark River Park, Wall Tatum Park, Middletown Turkey Swamp Park, Freehold. There’s a small charge for renting ski equipment but no charge for accessing the trails. Get the trail map and learn more at

Advanced Skiers can take on Cross Country Skiing in New Jersey at these locations.

If you and your family consider yourself to be more advanced skiers, then you might want to take a look at some of these cross-country ski areas in New Jersey. These are places where it’s encouraged for only advanced skiers in it for the long haul! Since these parks are only good options for advanced skiers, they didn’t make the main list.

women cross country skiing in New Jersey

Remember that a lot of these intense ski areas aren’t going to have the same beginner lesson areas or assistance that the resorts on this list has, so only use these slopes if you are an experienced skier! (If you or your child needs to learn to ski, head on over to read our Best Places to Learn to Ski series.)

a family stands together holding ski equipment

If you are looking for a cozy winter getaway, you can’t go wrong with any of these places to ski in New Jersey! These are great for families of all ages, and this is a great staycation opportunity if you live in the New Jersey area! Whether you’re looking for a great spot to spend the holidays or an excellent way to escape the real world for a while, check out these places and go skiing in New Jersey.

Special Note:

Bookmark our 3 Ways For Your Kids To Ski For Less article. While many resorts have cancelled their programs for 2020, they will be back for 2021. It’s a great way to make skiing more affordable for families.

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