Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest – Be Scared If You Dare

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This is a sponsored post from Six Flags Great Adventure. We were provided with tickets and complimentary parking to make our visit possible. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about New Jersey Amusement Parks & day trips we think your family may enjoy.

Fright Fest 2015

Don’t Miss Fright Fest!!!


Six Flags Great Adventure is one of our most favorite family fun spots. We are season pass holders, but since our children are 10 and 5, we’ve never attempted Fright Fest after 6 PM.  We decided – THIS IS OUR YEAR! Grandma, who took me often while I was growing up, joined us and on a beautiful fall day, off we went!


Festive Fall decorations throughout the park

Festive Fall decorations throughout the park


Since many of our readers also have small children, know that before 6 PM there is very little that is scary! You can enjoy a full day without fright, so no reason to count your Six Flags day as done. As you enter, the fountain has been dyed red and is referred to as the “blood fountain” and there are some characters there, but nothing that jumps or scares. Continue on to the Trick or Treat Trail, where each child gets a bag of candy and the chance to pose with Looney Tunes characters. This is always one of our favorites, a relaxed special place that gets you into the Halloween spirit!


Trick or Treat Trail

Trick or Treat Trail


Some of the park decorations may be slightly visually scary, but nothing jumps out at you. There are non scary decorations to be found too, in displays of pumpkins and cornstalks. It all just gives the park that warm fall feeling. Great Adventure offers a great backdrop for your family’s fall photos! Web decorations are everywhere but aren’t threatening. If you’d prefer a spooky seasonal picture on your approach into or out of the park you can get a great photo op in the three empty coffins.


Scary backdrop!

Scary backdrop!


All the non water rides are operational (except for what might be shut for weather or mechanical reasons). As we’ve come to expect, the safari is the most popular ride and lines can reach a two hour wait. Arrive early and make that your first stop, because the animals are a sight not to be missed. We found that the park was less crowded before 6, and we got on the usual amount of rides for one of our summer day visits.


Looking for more family friendly Fright Fest stuff? Pick up a schedule and try the following during the day:

  • Six Flags Spooktacular Street Party
  • Spooky, Kooky Magic Show
  • Bad Bob the Bone Butcher
  • Just My Rottin’ Luck
  • Hypnosteria

We were treated to a media dinner where we had the “pleasure” of dining among zombies. Don’t expect them to break character! No diners were safe from their stares and shuffles, and a few even joined us while we ate. It was a fun preview to what we were to experience after 6 PM. There’s some top notch makeup and a lot of attention to detail. Mine were slightly spooked by the great acting and were relieved when the adults decided they were done with the yummy food! Bye to the zombies and back to the rides!


Zombies at dinner!

Zombies at dinner!


And then – it’s 6 PM. Scary music comes out of all the park speakers, and you know it’s time for The Awakening, a parade of 200 zombies! Since we got our fill of zombies at dinner, we decided to explore a different area of the park. We walked to the Boardwalk area and watched a fire eater, and found The Manor – a haunted house. My 5 year old got brave and decided to try it. Ghouls jumped out and other scary effects happened, but he loved it! Make sure you are toward the end of your pack and you’ll know what’s coming. There are a total of 7 Terror Trails and Haunted Houses that open after 6. An additional fee gets you entrance to all of these.

Some #frightfest #sfgreatadventure fire eating action! #ad

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If you’re not ready to commit to the extra price for the extra scary stuff, even without the pass you can see zombies walking the park and experience some special Fright Fest shows. Not all are terrifying either – these after 6 PM activities are listed in the guide as “a little scary”:

  • The Awakening (zombie parade at 6 PM)
  • Dead Man’s Party
  • Doc Swan’s Sideshow of Oddities
  • Circus of Thrills (motorcycle and other stunts)


Park decor

Park decor


If you’re not sure your family is ready yet, your Fright Fest visit can be more Fall than Fright! Focus on the pumpkins and the cornstalks and the trick or treating and say your goodbyes before 6. Though your children may surprise you with their bravery – mine did!


If you go to Fright Fest:

  • Costumes are allowed for ages 12 and under only.
  • It’s fall, so of course it gets cold at night. Pack your sweatshirt but don’t pack any food, as no outside food is allowed inside the park. But that means you have room for the special Ghoul Funnel Cake and Hot Chocolate with Peeps!  There’s even kettle corn near the carousel.
  • Don’t miss the Sky Ride for a beautiful overview of the park and all its decor.




Fright Fest is open weekends from September 19 – November 1 plus Fridays in October and Monday, October 12 (Columbus Day).  Terror Trails and Haunted Houses are an additional cost.


To see more Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest photos visit our Facebook album, here’s a preview.

In full disclosure we were provided with tickets and complimentary parking to Great Adventure. All opinions are honest and our own based on our experience at Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest.

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