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Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari Returns!

Growing up the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari was pretty epic. It was something every family wanted to try at least once. We all had our stories of what it was like.

Years later the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari would close and visitors enjoyed it as a perk with their Great Adventure admission ticket.

These last few weeks you may have been wondering what fun things you can do this spring in New Jersey. You may be thinking about what your summer may look like. Perhaps you’ve even reflected on the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari in New Jersey. Did you make it there last year?

Did you want more time to experience it?

Were you worried that maybe the safari would go back to normal and driving through it would no longer be an option?

You can!! Because the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari is back for 2023!

a tiger in the water at the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari

Six Flags Great Adventure has its Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure as open for 2023 on April 1, 2023, and operating daily beginning May 19, 2023 weather permitting. It’s also open daily for spring break from April 5, to April 16, 2023.

Close up Sawyer, the Southern White Rhinoceros at Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari 2022
Close up Sawyer, the Southern White Rhinoceros at Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari 2022 Photo credit Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari is OPEN Again!!

Six Flags Great Adventure has reopened its Safari adventure as a drive-through experience. This year there’s, even MORE, to see as the Animal Care Team looks forward to welcoming an array of adorable babies, and new animals.

Six flags great adventure safari logo

About the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari

Six Flags Great Adventure’s Safari operated as a self-drive-through experience from 1974 through 2012. Since 2013, Great Adventure has offered guided truck tours of the Safari. Returning to a standalone, drive-through format enables guests to enjoy the Safari’s 1,200 exotic animals from the privacy and safety of their own vehicles while allowing for proper social distancing.

a giraffe approaches a jeep at the drive thru safari at Great Adventure.

How do I get tickets to the Drive Thru Safari at Great Adventure?

Advance reservations are recommended, but not required at this time for the 2023 season.

Active Members, Season Pass Holders, and single-day ticket holders can make reservations NOW at

Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari Drive Thru Adventure logo

How do I make a reservation to visit the safari?

Tickets are required. If you are an active Member or Season Pass holder, you do not require a separate ticket.

For those that need to buy a ticket, visit this Six Flags Great Adventure page on their site. Choose a date from the calendar that is available for your ticket type. Choose the ticket quantity. You will need 1 ticket for each person in the car. Then, enter your payment information and proceed.

When you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation. Please print this confirmation sheet if possible. A printed sheet is easier to scan through the car window than a phone screen. We want this experience to be as contact-free as possible.

Ticket sales are for individuals. No group sales are available.

When will it open? When will it be open?

The Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure will open March 19, 2022, and operate daily beginning May 5, 2022 weather permitting.

How much will it cost?

Each guest will need a ticket. The admission price for the Great Adventure drive thru safari is as follows:

  • General Admission weekends, holidays, & spring break — $19.99 to $24.99
  • General Admission weekdays — starts at $14.99
  • Admission is free to Six Flags Members, Six Flags Great Adventure and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey Season Pass holders.
Baboon and baby from the Great Adventure safari.

How long is the drive thru safari?

It’s a 350 acre safari with a 5 mile roadway. It will takes about 1.5 hours to 2 hours to drive through to see all the animals.

Can I stop to take pictures?

Stopping is not allowed. For the safety of all guests and animals the traffic flow needs to keep moving.

How can I take great photos and videos safely?

If you are driving through buy this dashboard cam with our Amazon affiliate link. With this dashboard camera and a memory card you can record video and take pictures throughout the drive thru safari and dinosaur experience SAFELY. You’ll never miss a moment or an animal as the Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder dashboard camera can catch everything.

This dashboard cam even allows you to livestream safely while recording. Take the grandparents with you on your drive thru adventures without them ever leaving home or show off to all your Instagram followers. You can also rotate the camera and do a little family caroake video.

Bonus… since we fully expect spring and summer and even Christmas drive thru events to continue, you’ll get so much use from your dashboard camera.

What kinds of animals are in the safari?

The Great Adventure safari has 1,200 animals from six continents including elephants, rhinos, tigers, giraffes and lions. They are separated into 10 areas. While most animals roam freely in the safari, predators are kept safely behind fences. All animals are clearly visible from car windows.

Guests can learn all about the animals and their habitats on the park’s website at During your drive through the safari, you can follow along the virtual tour on at to learn more about 11 sections of the safari, and the animals that reside in each section.

Safari Adventure Lands

  • The Americas – Explore the inhabitants of the Americas featuring Rhea, Fallow Deer, Bison, Roosevelt Elk, Llama and Wild Turkey.
  • Afrikka – A mix of exotic and endangered animals indigenous to Africa like Ostrich, African Elephant, White Rhinoceros, Asian Water Buffalo, Marabou Stork and Grant’s Zebra.
  • Wild Plains – Wild Plains are home to a large variety of animals including the Common Eland, Ellipsis Waterbuck, Southern Ground Hornbill, Beisa Oryx, Peacock, Dama Gazella, Red Ankole Cattle, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Reticulated Giraffe and much, much, more.
  • Serengeti Grassland – Take a trip through the Serengeti Grasslands and encounter Blackbuck, Addax, White Tailed Gnu and Aoudad.
  • Kingsland – In the animal kingdom there is one mammal that reigns the title of king, and in Kingsland you will find your pride with plenty of Lions.
  • Black Bear Ridge – Bear dens are plentiful in Black Bear Ridge, where you will find plenty of mamma bears and their cubs playing in the grass or relaxing in the water.
  • Terra Urus – European Brown Bear cousins to the Grizzly Bears.
  • Conservation Area – Travel through an untouched part of the safari left for NJ native species like birds, foxes, turtles and even the great bald eagle.
  • Didgeradoo Pass – Drive through the outback where you can come face to face with Red Kangaroo, Emu and Black Swan.
  • Tigris Asiana – There are plenty of tigers to be found in Tigris Asian and other animals to meet such as Nilgai, Yak, Bengal Tiger and Siberian Tiger
  • Baboon Village – Guests will be able to visit the Baboon Jungle prior to exiting the safari.
Male lions at the Great Adventure safari

What’s new at the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari?

Similar to 2022, there are new animals to see and new enhancements to the Six Flags Safari.

New animals at the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari

Here’s what guests visiting the drive thru safari this spring can expect to see.

Five Stunning Siberian Tiger Cubs 

  • Five Siberian tiger cubs turn one-year old in May and will be introduced to an exhibit in a new area of the safari.
Tiger Cubs at Six Flags Safari in Jackson NJ
Tiger Cubs at Six Flags Safari in Jackson NJ Photo Credit Six Flags Great Adventure

Young Animal Additions 

  • Adorable European brown bear cubs under specialized care, a rare newborn bongo calf and a sable antelope calf all join the safari in 2023.
Sable mom and baby walking at Six Flags Safari in Jackson NJ
Sable mom and baby walking at Six Flags Safari in Jackson NJ Photo Credit Six Flags Great Adventure

In 2022, these were the new Six Flags Safari animals.

Sawyer, the Southern White Rhinoceros 

  • Six-year-old (now 7 years old) Sawyer joins three adult female rhinos in the Afrikka section of the safari. Although grey in color, the southern white rhinoceros is the largest living species of the five species of rhino, averaging 4,000 to 6,000 pounds. At 3,800 pounds and growing, Sawyer has a youthful bounce in his step and enjoys human touch like scratches from a bristle brush. With a diet of hay and grain, Sawyer and his fellow rhinos are one the world’s last remaining “mega-herbivores” – a large animal that eats mainly plants. He lives side-by-side with other animals native to Africa such as elephants, ostriches and zebras.
Close up Sawyer, the Southern White Rhinoceros at Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari 2022
Close up Sawyer, the Southern White Rhinoceros at Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari 2022 Photo Credit Six Flags Great Adventure

Three Reticulated Giraffe Calves (now toddlers)

  • Three adorable and graceful calves were born in the safari this winter and join the safari’s “tower” (group) of 13 giraffes. Native to Africa, giraffes are the tallest land mammal on Earth. They can stand up to 17 feet tall and weigh from 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. A giraffe’s long neck measures up to seven feet long, and despite its length, contains seven vertebrae just like humans. Due to habitat loss, poaching, and other human-wildlife interferences, giraffes are considered “vulnerable to extinction.”
Six Flags Great Adventure Safari - Giraffe & SUVs

Two sable antelope calves (now toddlers)

  • This striking, horse-like antelope from Africa boasts a tufted tail, mane, and impressive, ringed horns that curve like a scimitar. Typically settling near water, the sable is an herbivore. In the wild, their beautiful horns are a highly prized trophy for hunters. Born in the safari, the pair of sable calves now reside in the Serengeti Grasslands section along with exotic hoof stock like addax, white-tailed gnu (black wildebeest), and aoudad.

Two red lechwe calves (now toddlers)

  • Identifiable by their reddish fur, white-ringed eyes, and tall horns reaching up to three feet long, this type of antelope is usually found near aquatic areas in Zambia and Botswana and are considered a “near threatened species” in the wild. The safari’s red lechwe calves, born onsite this winter, reside in the Wilde Plains section with a vast array of African species such as giraffe, greater kudu, ankole cattle, dama gazelle, white-bearded gnu (blue/brindled wildebeest), bongo and more.

Two Asian water buffalo calves 

  • Two adorable Asian water buffalo calves join the Afrikka section. While they bear some similarities to their African cousins, the Cape buffalo, these are domesticated animals. In the wild, they are commonly found on farms as beasts of burden. Their milk, which has more fat than that of domestic cattle, is used for making liquid butter in India. In the safari, they are true to their name and are often found submerged in ponds with only their heads visible above water.

Spring brings more baby animals to the Drive Thru Safari (now toddlers)

The Animal Care Team looks forward to welcoming an array of adorable babies including the exciting arrival of giraffe babies and scimitar calves.

Baby Brown Bear at Six Flags Safari in Jackson NJ
Baby Brown Bear at Six Flags Safari in Jackson NJ Photo Credit Six Flags Great Adventure

Safety improvements at the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari Made in 2022

  • Roadway Enhancements – Guests enjoy a smooth experience on an expanded, two-lane roadway with five newly paved miles of blacktop. The wider roadway helps to better accommodate guests who wish to enjoy the tour at their own pace and accommodates school buses for educational programs.

More Highlights for the 2023 Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari

  • Georgia the Giraffe celebrates thirty-one years of life, likely one of the oldest giraffes under human care and a grandmother to many giraffes on property.
  • Save an Icon Pin Program returns with proceeds benefitting the Wildlife Conservation Network. This 2023 collectible pin will feature both the Bald Eagle and Blue and Gold Macaw.
  • Monthly Safari Overnights Six Flags Wild Safari will host their popular monthly overnight camping adventures this summer, a unique experience for a lifetime of memories.
Safari overnight 3 at Six Flags Safari in Jackson NJ
Photo Credit Six Flags Great Adventure

Other enhancements to the Six Flags Great Adventure Drive Thru Safari made in 2022

  • Enhanced Safari Entrance – Six Flags’ expansive modernization and beautification efforts included a new roadway entrance and upgraded safari plaza to welcome guests;
  • Enhanced Mobile App – A new mobile app feature allowed guests to add their safari pass to their Google Pay Wallet or Apple Wallet expediting the admission experience and reduce wait time.
  • New Audio Tour – Guests can immerse themselves in the animal world with a new audio tour. Energetic narrators will showcase 11 simulated natural habitats featuring more than 70 different species of animals. Guests will learn fun and educational facts about the animals, hear fascinating animal sounds and music from around the world. At the start of their adventure, guests will receive a handout with QR codes that take them to the audio tour and safari map. The audio tour is free and can be streamed from any mobile device.
  • Volta Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Compatible with all electric vehicles, units are available in the safari parking lot.
  • Safari Off Road Education – This fun and educational tour on a giant, off-road vehicle features a personal tour guide and driver, and an opportunity to feed giraffes and meet small exotic animals up close.
  • Science on Safari – This contactless safari experience features a special Academic Adventure audio tour, grade-specific guidebook and optional visit with an animal educator.
Pippa kangaroo and Vet Tech Lauren Reina from Six Flags Great Adventure Safari
Pippa kangaroo and Vet Tech Lauren Reina Photo Credit Six Flags Great Adventure (2021)

Is it safe?

The safety of guests, team members, and animals is Six Flags’ top priority. The new safari journey will offer a contact-free experience.

A new list of safety requirements is available on the park’s website at and include

  • SLOW – 5 mph speed limit.
  • Maintain space between your car and others.
  • Animals always have the right of way.
  • Remain in your vehicle and on paved roadway at all times.
  • Windows and sun roofs must remain completely closed.
  • Convertible tops must be closed.
  • No pets, including service animals, are permitted inside cars.
  • Do not feed or touch the animals.
  • No smoking or littering.
  • No parking or stopping, other than yielding to animals.
  • All vehicles will be screened by Six Flags Security prior to entering Wild Safari.
  • No items are permitted in pickup truck beds or in vehicles with open storage.
  • Cars, SUVs and consumer pickup trucks only permitted – no buses, RVs, box trucks, commercial vehicles, pickup trucks larger than a consumer pickup allowed.
  • Plan ahead – no restrooms, food, or gasoline available (only portable toilets at entrance and exit).
  • Enter at your own risk.
  • Guests who violate the rules will be escorted from the park without a refund and may be prosecuted.
Bongo calf at Six Flags Great Adventure Safari
Bongo calf at Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Photo Credit Six Flags Great Adventure (2021)

What happens if my car breaks down?

If your car can still move, please drive to the side of the road (but stay on the roadway) and place your flashers on. If you cannot move your car, just place your flashers on. One of our team members will come to assist you. Do not exit the vehicle for any reason.

a car drives past an elephant in the drive thru safari at Great Adventure.

Are there any differences between the new drive thru safari and the old one?

The safari was renovated in 2013 for the opening of Safari Off Road Adventure, and some of the sections were redefined. That pathway remains in place. Plus guests will be able to visit the Baboon Jungle prior to exiting the safari. Camp Aventura will remain closed.

You no longer have to worry about the baboons. No. In 2003, fencing was added along the roadway to separate the baboons from the cars.

How long will the drive thru safari be available?

To ensure the safety of guests and maximize on social distancing guidelines, the safari will remain a self-drive-thru experience after Six Flags Great Adventure opens for the regular season. They do plan to reopen the Safari Off Road Adventure in the near future. No date has been set.

Will there be restrooms available?

There will be indoor restrooms available at the exit of the safari.

Will there be any souvenirs to buy?

Yes! There will be concession stands for souvenirs or refreshments at the end of the safari tour.

Stay tuned. This is a developing story and we can’t wait to bring you more details.

bear cub at Six Flags great adventure safari

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Saturday 26th of August 2023

Do I need to purchase a ticket for two years old baby?

Jennifer Auer

Sunday 27th of August 2023

You would need to check with Great Adventure. - Jenn


Friday 12th of May 2023

Do we need a ticket for Wild Safari for 6 months old babies?

Jennifer Auer

Sunday 14th of May 2023

You do not need a ticket for 6 month old babies. - Jenn

Colleen Carman

Thursday 20th of April 2023

I am a social director for seniors, we have a 13 seat bus.. is this allowed ? And do we pay per bus our per passenger

Jennifer Auer

Thursday 20th of April 2023

You would need to reach out to Six Flags Great Adventure. You have left your comment with Jersey Family Fun. - Jenn

Darlene Bennett

Thursday 28th of July 2022

I am bringing a 4 year old for the first time. What us the best time for him to have the best experience possible, he is such an animal lover!!! Thank you!

Jennifer Auer

Thursday 28th of July 2022

I think at dusk might be best, we've only been a few times. Perhaps give their reservation department a call and see if they have any recommendations. - Jenn


Friday 8th of April 2022

Is the safari open in the rain and do the animals come out in the rain?

Jennifer Auer

Friday 8th of April 2022

We believe the safari is open rain or shine unless weather conditions would make it dangerous to do so. - Jenn

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