Should You Go to the Atlantic City RV Show?

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Atlantic City RV Show


This weekend is the Atlantic City RV & Camping Show at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Knowing it had the potential to be a family-friendly event, we decided to check it out and let you know if it is worth the trip.


We spent 2.5-3 hours walking up and down every aisle. I wanted to make sure that we had seen everything before we made up our opinion and did our review.


Did my boys have a fun time?



Did I think it was worth the time?

Honestly, and this is hard to say, but no.


But knowing that everyone’s opinion and point of view is different, let me our highlights and disappointments of the Atlantic City RV Show so you can decide for yourself.


Highlights of the Atlantic City RV Show

  • You can learn more about campgrounds in New Jersey and along our coast. The campground exhibit tables line the first aisle as you enter the exhibit hall and make your way to the RVs.  Most of the campgrounds came with great brochures, maps of their campgrounds, and their 2012 schedule of special weekends.
  • There are several RVs, pop up campers, mobile homes, etc to look at and explore. They are also available in different sizes and features from ones with just one bed to ones with 2 bunk beds.
  • The salespeople were friendly. Most did not seem to mind my boys walking through to explore their vehicles.  My boys especially enjoyed the ones with stairs. The mobile homes with lofts were a big hit too as my boys felt like the lofts would make for great play spaces for kids.
  • My boys also liked the lollipop tree at one of the campground tables where they got a prize based on the lollipop they picked.


The lollipop tree


  • I was able to get some cute pictures of my kids exploring the homes and vehicles and pretending to sleep in the bunk beds.
  • With so many RVs to see, my kids never did get bored or whiny.


My boys checking out the loft area in a mobile home. |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Disappointments in the Atlantic City RV Show

  • Other than going in and out of the RVs, there weren’t any activities for the kids.  That’s a huge disappointment. Considering how much fun camping can be and all the related activities to camping, I am surprised that no one provided activities. I think the campgrounds missed out on a great opportunity to make a real connection with families by not having a way to engage with the kids.
  • AVOID the bean bag activity at one of the first tables.  The prize your kid will win is a FREE estimate for some sort of service for you.  Really??? I don’t know any child that would be excited over that prize.
  • After awhile all the RVs begin to look the same. I know the interiors are slightly different, but the exteriors are different shades of brown, black, and gray. In a sea of them and without great signage it was easy to get lost. (If you go use the More RV sign at the opposite end of the room as your point of reference. You can see it from the center of each aisle.)
  • With no activities to engage me or my kids, I got bored. How many RVs can you look in after all?


That being said if you are in the market for an RV, camper, or mobile home, this is probably the perfect place to be.  There was a great selection on hand. It looked like there were some available for every budget. The salespeople were available but not to the point of being overly aggressive or making you feel uncomfortable. It was nice feeling like we could explore them without having to be in the market to buy one.


While we did not learn as much about camping as we hoped to, we came back with a great list of locations where we can begin to explore camping and no RV/camper is required. We know that our readers are as interested in camping as we are and we look forward to sharing more information about those campgrounds in the coming months.


View our pictures today from the Atlantic City RV Show in our Facebook Gallery.


In full disclosure this post was sponsored in part by the Atlantic City RV Show, who provided us with media passes to attend the event. All children are free to the show. Our opinions are honest and our own based on our experience with the Atlantic City RV Show.


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  1. Rebekah says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m looking forward to hear more about the camp grounds you got info on. We hope to get more camping in this year!

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