Sharing Valentine’s Joy with your kids

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I recently stumbled upon this idea from a friend and I have to admit this one is a real keeper.  Create 30 hearts for each of your children.  They can be creative or simple cut-outs of construction paper.  On each heart write something you adore about your child.  Some examples I used were:  best hugs ever, smart, always tries hard.  Every day starting around 1/14 you tape a heart at night on their door.


The hearts are meant to be gifts of love you give to your kids as you show them how important they are to you.  Each morning when they wake up they will be greeted with a trait they have that makes you love them even more!  And as the hearts accumulate, you will then have a mini-wall full of the accolades for your child.  The simple act of a word can help your child to realize that you see their traits, their qualities and successes.  It lets your child realize that you see more than the everyday hustle and bustle of their lives.   Perhaps you recognized something they worked hard on that they believed when unnoticed.  Hearts of love help you show them that you are paying attention to who they are.


Show how much you love your child!

This can also be a family activity.  You begin with a grab bag so that each family member picks a name from the hat.  Each person then must make the hearts for only their grab bag valentine.  This activity is great because it asks you to think about what you love about your family.  This can help mend hard feelings, help bolster appreciation and even give siblings a change to show how much they care about each other.


The best part?  All it will cost you is a little time, some tape and some construction paper.  And you can make a great tradition for your family.  Save the hearts each year in a sealed bag with the date on it.  On a bad day you can always open up the hearts and read through all the reasons why life is wonderful!

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