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Seven Reasons to Visit Your Local Library


I have fond memories of visiting the library as a kid. I remember my mom leading my brother and I into the children’s room and letting us wander and gather books. I would walk the shelves searching for the perfect books to bring home. We left the library with our bag overflowing with books and a sense of excitement knowing that our new selections meant new stories and adventures.


Those memories are one of the reasons I go to the library.



Recently, I’ve started introducing my son to our local library, and I wanted to share my reasons why with you.


Reasons to Visit Your Local Library


Seven Reasons to Visit Your Local Library

1. Programs for all ages.

Libraries offer programs year round, for all ages. From toddler story times to Zumba classes for seniors you will find a variety of activities all for free. You can find these activities advertised at your local library or by visiting the Jersey Family Fun Calendar.


2. Books, books and more books.

Books are the obvious reason to go to the library. You can take out as many as you want, as many times as you want. This is a great way to expose kids to new books without shelling out the money for a less than stellar story. It is also a wonderful way to indulge a child’s interests. My son loves anything that involves trucks this week, so we can take out truck books and when he moves onto something else, I’m not stuck with a bunch of truck books.


3. Movie Night Without the Rental fee

Did you know you can rent movies at the library? I recently discovered this and it is my new obsession. Every Saturday, we pick out a few new movies for the week, for free. The library offers a wide variety of movies and the selection for kids is great. I have been able to find Disney movies, Thomas the Train, and Elmo movies for my son. I love being able to share my favorite children’s movies with him, without the expense.


on computer library


4. Play Areas

Many libraries have a small play area in the children’s section, while some libraries have a whole room devoted to children’s activities. These rooms have toys, books, board games and even crafts for kids. All of these activities are free.


5. Online Resources

In school when I used the library to find a book, it required going through a card catalog. Now the card catalog is online. Through the library’s website you can search for books and reserve them from home. The library then calls you when your book is in. Also many libraries now support electronic reading devices such as the Kindle or Nook. This allows you to borrow a book via your device for free.


6. FREE High-Speed WiFi

Many libraries offer visitors not only computers for adults and children to use, but also free WiFi. Whether you prefer to bring your own laptop or use the computers there, your library can help you connect to the world wide web for no charge.


7. Museum Pass Program

Earlier this year we told you about the Library Museum pass that lets you visit your favorite local museum compliments of your library. You visit your library and sign out passes to take your family on your visit. Click over for more information about the Library Museum Pass program and the New Jersey libraries that participate in it.


Libraries are an asset to our communities and provide so many wonderful free activities, so what are you waiting for? Check out your local New Jersey library today.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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