How to Make a Wocket in My Pocket Craft

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What’s in your pocket? Is it a locket, a socket, or could it even be a Wocket?

One of our favorite Dr. Seuss stories is There’s A Wocket in My Pocket. In true Seuss form the story combines real words with made up words in fun rhymes. We love to look through the book and find all the silly creatures hidden throughout the illustrations. After reading the book, we decided to create our very own Wockets for our pockets. Below, you will find the instructions to bring some Wocket fun into your home.


How to Make a Wocket in My Pocket Craft


Supplies to Make a Wocket for Your Pocket

  • Construction paper
  • Straws
  • Markers and Crayons
  • Printed Clipart of a Wocket (Found at
  • Tape
  • Stapler


 Directions to Make a Wocket for Your Pocket

  1. Color the Wockets that you printed out
  2. Cut out the Wocket and tape a straw t0 the back of it
  3. Draw a pocket on 2 pieces of construction paper: (we only drew one pocket then placed the papers on top of one another and cut out)
  4. Cut out the pockets
  5. Once the pockets are cut out staple the pocket along the sides and bottom leaving a small opening on the bottom to place your straw into
  6. Once the pocket is stapled together have fun decorating the pocket with markers or paper scraps
  7. Drop your straw into the pocket and you will have a Wocket in Your Pocket to play with.

The completed Wocket in my Pocket

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