Sesame Street Live ~ Learning to #MakeANewFriend

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This post was sponsored by Sesame Street Live who provided us with complimentary admission. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about New Jersey events we think your family may enjoy.


When my three year-old found out that we were going to see Sesame Street Live at the State Theatre, she could not have been more excited. She loves Elmo, Big Bird, and the rest of the monsters just as much as the next preschooler, and couldn’t believe we were going to get to see “the real ones!”


elmo dance

Elmo and the Sesame Street gang put on a great show!


This was our family’s first trip to the State Theatre, and the theatre itself was lovely. The seats are spacious and comfortable, and we had no problem seeing the stage. The staff were great at keeping the rowdy toddlers in┬áline and making sure everyone sat in their seats so the kids could see the stage. The bathrooms were clean and the on-street parking was easy to find. Overall, it was a very family friendly place to see a show and we were very happy to visit.


abby hug

Abby showed the audience how to #MakeANewFriend!

Sesame Street Live was an amazing show. Not only were all of our favorite Sesame Street characters there, but they brought along a great message to share with all of the kids. They taught the audience how to “Make A New Friend”. They touched on topics like introducing yourself to new people and not to be shy. Through fun songs and dance numbers, they really engaged the kids into learning while keeping them entertained at the same time like only Sesame Street can.


From the seamless set changes to the characters repeatedly coming up and down the aisles to interact with the children, this show was one of the most kid-friendly ones we’ve ever been to. My daughter was thrilled when they shot confetti and streamers into the audience. It’s not easy to keep an entire room full of small children entertained but Sesame Street Live did it with ease.


Our Favorite Things About Sesame Street Live:

  • The show length was perfect – at just under an hour and a half (including a 15-minute intermission), it was just long enough to capture our attention without boring the little ones.
  • They used popular songs in their musical numbers. With a spin-off of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”, “Moves Like Bert” was my personal favorite.
  • Every single character that we love from Sesame Street was there, and then some. They each took turns singing and dancing, and we loved watching them all.
  • Man, those monsters can dance! It may have been a tie between Cookie Monster and Telly Monster for the best dancer title, but they were both amazing!


cookie monster

Watch out, Cookie Monster is feeling hungry!


We had such a great┬átime at Sesame Street Live at the State Theatre. We can’t wait to catch another show there in the future!


In full disclosure this post was sponsored by Sesame Street Live. As always our opinions are our own and honest based on our experience.

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