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Ultimate Guide to Sesame Place Very Furry Christmas

To make this story about a Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place possible we were provided with complimentary tickets for admission.


Are you looking to start a new holiday tradition with your family?


Have a Sesame Place Christmas with a Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place!

Bundle up and head to Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania for A Very Furry Christmas. Sesame Place is located in a few minutes over the border in Pennsylvania and is full of fun for the whole family. On weekends and select weekdays from now until December 31, the Sesame Place you know and love becomes a Sesame Place Christmas wonderland with colorful lights, endless decorations, and even a few Christmas characters!


You’ll be treated to special Christmas-themed shows and parades, a special holiday menu, fun holiday shopping and of course, the dry rides are there for your enjoyment all during a Very Furry Christmas!


A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place Christmas


Can’t Miss Sesame Place Very Furry Christmas Attractions

  • Christmas Story Time with Zoe
  • Santa’s Furry Workshop
  • Christmas Light Display
  • Sesame Place Furry Express
  • Meet Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and some of his friends
  • 3 character dining options (Sesame Street Characters, Rudolph and Friends, and of course, Santa)
  • All of your favorite dry rides are still up and running throughout the Christmas season!

My kids are huge Sesame Place fans and we have already visited in the summer and during their Halloween Festival. But we hadn’t visited during Christmas time and my kids were so excited. Before we left, we checked out their website and planned all the things we wanted to do during a Very Furry Christmas! Even before you enter the park you are surrounded by Christmas spirit. The walkway to the ticket counter is filled with multicolored Christmas trees and there was a giant toy soldier Cookie Monster and Elmo greeting us. We couldn’t wait to get in the Christmas spirit with our favorite Sesame Street friends.


Have a Sesame Place Christmas with a Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place!


Sesame Place Very Furry Christmas Shows

1-2-3 Christmas Tree Show

When the sun had said goodnight, we all gathered around the giant Christmas tree at the front of Sesame Place and enjoyed a Very Furry Christmas musical light show. The tree lights twinkled and flashed in rhythm with the holiday music. We’re told that on other nights elves will lead guests in a sing-along of holiday carols.


Neighborhood Street Party Christmas Parade

We also made sure to see the Neighborhood Street Parade during the Very Furry Christmas! All of your favorite Sesame Street characters join in the parade, singing and dancing about Christmas. Even Santa makes an appearance in the parade. The “Neighborhood Street Party” parade, that maybe you’ve seen over the summer, becomes all the more magical during a Very Furry Christmas when the floats are decorated with garland and lights. Elmo, Ernie, Bert and friends sing and dance to holiday classics like  “Jingle Bells,”” Sleigh Ride,” “ Let it Snow” and “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer” as well as the regular songs they’ve had in the parade.


A Sesame Street Christmas Show 

Abby, still being new to Sesame Street and all, is not aware of Christmas and what it is all about. Through song and dance her friends show her the true meaning of Christmas and that the spirit of Christmas should live in us all year-long, not just one day. We loved this show, especially when Abby was able to make it snow.


Elmo’s Christmas Wish Show

We made it to the Elmo’s Christmas Wish Show. Elmo isn’t sure what to wish for when he sees the Christmas star, so some of his friends help him out by telling him their wishes. Cookie Monster wishes for cookies (Of course!) and Grover wishes to fly with the reindeer. Everyone shares their wishes by singing and dancing to some of our favorite Christmas songs. In the end, everyone gets a chance to make a wish on the Christmas Star!


Have a Sesame Place Christmas with a Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place!


Elmo’s World Live! Happy Holidays Show

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to see the Elmo’s World Live show, but if it’s anything like his show in the summer I am sure it is fabulous. In his Happy Holidays Show Elmo is trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gift to give his best friend Dorothy!  What will Elmo do? If you see this show, let us know what happens.


Sesame Place A Very Furry Christmas Activities

Our first stop once we entered the park for a Very Furry Christmas was to check out the giant Christmas tree in the center of the park. It was covered in lights and even though it was still light out the tree was impressive.


Which Sesame Place rides are open during A Very Furry Christmas?

Then it was time to check out some rides. My kids love all of the rides at Sesame Place but their absolute favorite is the roller coaster, Vapor Trail. So that was our first stop. We also found time to ride Elmo’s Free Fall, The Count’s Swing, and Oscar’s Rusty Rockets.


Have a Sesame Place Christmas with a Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place!


My kids could have spent the entire day on the rides but we didn’t want to miss out on all the Very Furry Christmas fun!


We rode Santa’s Furry Express. On this train ride, we got to watch the Twiddle Bugs make Christmas cookies for Santa.


What would Sesame Place Very Furry Christmas be without the characters? You can find character meet and greets throughout the park (we saw Bert and Ernie, and Cookie Monster), and of course Santa is there too. New to Sesame Place this year is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and some of his friends. We ended our trip to Sesame Place by watching the light show at the giant Christmas tree. It was so fun to listen to our favorite Sesame Street characters sing Christmas songs while the lights flashed to the beat.


Lastly, if it hasn’t become clear yet, you are definitely going to want to have your camera, here are just some of the

The Best Sesame Place Very Furry Christmas Instagram spots and photo locations

  • Entrance Alley with Christmas trees in various heights and primary colors
  • Ernie and Bert topiaries outside the front entrance next to the bathroom
  • The giant Christmas tree once you enter the Sesame Place park and in front of Vapor Trail
  • A backdrop to the left of the giant Christmas tree before you get to the lockers
  • Next to the back drop is a tall structure that uses building blocks to spell out Merry Christmas
  • Along Sesame Street characters pose for meet and greets
  • In front of Grover’s World Twirl Grover is decked out in blue lights
  • Towards the back of the park there is a sleigh the kids can climb aboard
  • Everywhere you look is another beautiful tree
  • At night, all of Sesame Street becomes aglow in holiday lights making the scenes and your pictures all the more magical.



We loved our visit to A Very Furry Christmas and plan to make it a yearly tradition. Our advice is dress warm since almost every attraction is outside. But you won’t notice the cold for all the fun you’re having! (Or take a Starbucks/hot chocolate break!) There are also heaters located throughout the park in case you need to warm up a little.


See more photos from our visit in our Jersey Family Fun Facebook photo album.


Sesame Place is located at 100 Sesame Road in Langhorne, PA. A Very Furry Christmas is open on weekends and select weekdays from now until December 31st.


Be sure to check their website for some upcoming special events, including fireworks on New Year’s Eve!

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