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We received these books at no charge in order to host an open family story time during one of our 5th Birthday Parties at the Gateway Family YMCA. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to host this special activity with families.


Scholastic Story Time


We all know about Scholastic Books and their book fairs that come to our schools once or twice a week. But did you know how generous and supportive they are of our communities? In October, while at Social Media on the Sand, I had the opportunity to learn about the charitable efforts of Scholastic to put more books in the hands of children on the islands. I was impressed then, and I’m impressed now to see how their generosity has spread to New Jersey. A week or two ago Dillon, from Scholastic, shared with me about their ambitious effort to put thousands of books in the hands of Newark school children.


These two girls were super excited to take home these Scholastic Books.

These two girls were super excited to take home these Scholastic Books.


Last week we had a chance to show that generosity to families in Rahway. As part of our 12 Days of Service, Scholastic Books sent a glorious collection of books for our open family story time. What’s an open story time you might ask? Our open story time was a way for us not to just read to children but to also have families reading together. After writer, Jillian took time reading stories to children parents were then encouraged to take a turn reading with their children. Every child that sat down to read with a grown up got to then pick one of these Scholastic Books to take home. We’ve put together this list for you, so that you too can have more story times at home.


Scholastic Picks for Family Story Time (1)



Scholastic Books for Kids

Scholastic Books for Young Readers

Dirt on my ShirtDirt on My Shirt

  • Retail Price: $4.99

About Dirt on My Shirt

Best selling author and comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s book of silly poems written about familiar adventures in childhood. This book introduces young children to poetry while at the same time telling funny stories about family, friends and the joy of being a kid. Steve Bjorkman illustrated this book with beautiful and vivid artistry and children will have fun “spying” the characters from the poems in the busy pictures. The age range on this book is 4-8.



My New Teacher and MeMy New Teacher and Me

  • Author: AL YANKOVIC
  • Retail Price: $5.20

About My New Teacher and Me

This story is a  tale of a young boy Billy  with a wild imagination and his teacher, Mr Booth, who is orderly and uptight and believes all students must adhere to his idea of the ideal student. Once Billy begins to share his outrageous and vivid stories with Mr Booth the two begin to see eye to eye as Mr. Booth starts to appreciate Billy’s ideas. This book introduces young children to poetry with rhyming words and free flowing prose. The moral of this book is to be proud of yourself no matter how different someone else may think you are. The age range of this book is 4-8.



My Brave Year of FirstsMy Brave Year of Firsts

  • Retail Price: $11.00

About My Brave Year of Firsts

This colorful story teachers children that although trying new things is often scary , the more your try and explore the more experiences life will bring you. Familiar scenarios adorn this book such as riding a bike, making new friends, and getting a library card. The ultimate lesson learned from this fun book is that everyone has to start somewhere and that it is ok to be afraid at first. In the end young readers are encouraged to try and ultimately that will result in positive changes in self esteem and confidence. The age range of this book is 4-8 years old.



Blackbeard's Last FightBlackbeard’s Last Fight

  • Author: ERIC A. KIMMEL
  • Retail Price: $6.80

About Blackbeard’s Last Fight

A young Cabin boy Jeremy Hobbs has grown up hearing scary stories of Blackbeard the pirate. Jeremy is given the chance to go with a well known lieutenant to try to bombard Blackbeard’s ship. Jeremy’s nervous about taking this plunge. He hopes he will act bravely – and that perhaps the stories he has heard about Blackbeard are wrong. The illustrations in this book are vivid and readers will get lost in a story about the conflict between good and evil. The age range of this book is ages 9-12 years old.



DogGone DogsDogGone Dogs

  • Retail Price: $11.00

About Doggone Dogs

A hilarious story about 10 dogs and the silly antics they get into when they are let out of the house. The story is written in rhyme and many words exaggerated which makes reading this out loud all the more fun. Besides being so fun and colorful, this book uses counting and numbers as the main theme. The age range of this book is 2-5 years of age.



Mister and Lady DayMister and Lady Day

  • Author: AMY NOVESKY
  • Retail Price: $16.00

About Mister and Lady Day

This book introduces young readers to jazz singer Billie Holiday. This book lets readers take a peek into the ups and downs in Billie’s career and show that through it all her most prized possessions in life were her dogs. Even with all of the fame that Billie had, she was a person who preferred the company of dogs, especially her boxer Mister, over the company of people. The age range of this book is 4-8 years old.



ZOOM in on BugsZoom in on BUGS

  • Author: Graham Smith
  • Retail Price: $3.00

About Zoom in on Bugs

Science book about a variety of bugs. This book comes with a magnifying wheel which allows the reader to get up close glimpses of what bugs look like. Not only do readers get to see what bugs look like up close but they learn all sorts of fascinating facts.



Scholastic Story Time boys




Scholastic Chapter Books

DunderheadsThe Dunderheads

  • Retail Price: $7.00

About The Dunderheads

In this book a teacher who really does not like children faces a classroom full of underdogs. When she confiscates one of the children’s recent junkyard finds, the groups decides to rally together to get it back. each of the children has a talent that helps them to bravely go against Miss Breakbone. This book teachers children that teamwork is important and standing out from the crowd is not a bad thing. The age range on this book is 6-9 years of age.



The Big HouseThe Big House

  • Retail Price: $16.00

About The Big House

When the judge declares their parents guilty of embezzlement, sending them to the big house for twenty-five years, Ivy and Ray are sent to live with Marietta and Lionel Noland, their parents? accusers. As soon as they arrive at the Noland mansion, Ivy begins planning their escape . . . and trying to find a way to free their parents. The two collect evidence, including a shrouded portrait and a hidden document in Marietta and Lionel’s decaying wedding cake. Finally they bring Marietta to trial?with Ivy as the judge?and family secrets begin to emerge. Can Ivy and Ray put the pieces together to convict Marietta of lying? Will they be able to spring their parents from the big house? “The Big House” is multiple award-winning author Carolyn Coman’s first book for younger readers. The age range on this book is 8-12 years old.



DREAMDARK BlackbringerDREAMDARK Blackbringer

  • Author: LAINI TAYLOR
  • Retail Price: $7.50

About Dreamdark Blackbringer

Magpie Windwitch, faerie, devil hunter, and granddaughter of the West Wind, must defeat an ancient evil creature, the Blackbringer, who has escaped from his bottle and threatens to unmake all of creation. This book intertwines magic and mythology and fairies allowing the reader to get lost in the fantasy world of Dreamdark. The age range of this book is mature readers ages 13 and up.




Drop Dead GorgeousDrop Dead Gorgeous

  • Retail Price :16.00

About Drop Dead Gorgeous

A new girl at school gets a much needed makeover from a popular girl at school. However things take a turn for the worse when she finds out she may be a zombie! The age range on this book is 12-15 years old.






The Land of Eylon Into the MidstThe Land of Elyon Into the Midst

  • Retail Price: $15.00

About The land of Elyon

Science fiction meets fantasy in this fourth book in the Elyon series. Three adventurers go on a voyage that takes them to magical places.  The characters have to use their inner strength to fight the battles between good and evil. The age range of this book is 8-12 years of age.





Younguncle Comes to TownYounguncle Comes to Town

  • Retail Price: Varies

About YoungUncle

Two siblings have spent most of their childhood hearing stories about their father’s uncle. Imagine their excitement when he finally comes to spend some time with them. This story follows the two children and their uncle on magical adventures.  The age range of this book is 4-9 years of age.




Where the Red Fern GrowsWhere the Red Fern Grows

  • Author: WILSON RAWLS
  • Retail Price: $7.99

About Where the Red Fern Grows


This story is a classic and has been since 1961. It tells the story of a young boy and his goal to own and train  coon hounds. We follow the boy’s dedication and hard work as he trains and eventually wins a major award for his dogs.  When a fight with a wild mountain lion ends in tragedy, we see the loyalty between a pet and his master. For ages 9-14 years of age.



Prince of Persia, Walls of BabylonPrince of Persia, Walls of Babylon

  • Retail Price: $2.00

About Prince of Persia, Walls of Babylon

A story of adventure and mayhem as a Persian orphan boy flees his city in hopes of delivering a magical satchel to a rich king. The age range of this book is 9-12 years of age.





The Horse and His BoyThe Horse and His Boy

  • Author: C.S.LEWIS
  • Retail Price: $5.50

About The Horse and His Boy

This book is part of the Chronicles of Narnia series. It tells the story of a talking horse and a slave boy. Both characters are unhappy with their current living situations and hoping to find freedom. They run away together and encounter some amazing adventures. The age range of this book is 8-13 years of age.



Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary BoyThe Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy

  • Retail Price:$ 6.99

About The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy

Ordinary boy leaves in a superhero town and he is the only boy without superpowers. When Ordinary boy and his superhero friends are given the chance to help the Amazing Indestructo foil the town’s villain readers see that Ordinary Boy may have some extraordinary powers of his own after all. The age range of this book is 8-12 years of age.



Black Book of SecretsBlack Book of Secrets

  • Author: F.E.HIGGINS
  • Retail Price: $7.99

About Black Book of Secrets

This is a dark story which at times is a bit scary(but not too much) about a boy who flees his city for hopes of a better life. When he arrives in his new town he finds out that this quiet little town is full of secrets. The age range of this book is 9-12 years of age.






City of OrphansCity of Orphans

  • Author: AVI
  • Retail Price: $6.71

About City of Orphans

This book takes place in 1893, in New York City.  It is about a young immigrant boy who must take on the notarious gangs of the city in order to clear his sister’s name for a crime she did not commit. The age range of this book is 12-16 years old.


You can find these and other books at Which book would your child want to read with you?



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